What to do with illegal immigrants

  Lets see, Mexico’s president is enjoying 65% favorability even though he is using his military to fight crime in Mexico, an unpopular move to be sure.  President Bush is enjoying less than 30% popularity.  Do you think it may have something to do with how Mexico deals with their Illegal immigrant problems.

Quite likely not, but when I hear people cry about how evil our immigration policies are, I tend to remember that they are some of the most liberal on the planet, and far less stringent than any of our neighbors.

Thanks again George.  Fucking idiot

10 Responses to What to do with illegal immigrants

  1. Conundrum says:

    When all the desenters have gone to El Norte, the popularity of the Mexican president rises.

    It seems that what Bushie needs to do is find a way to encourage all the illegal aliens to continue their migration on up to Canada – since he and his cohorts in the Congress can’t seem to find the backbone and intelligence to protect our own borders.

  2. Anita Marie says:

    ” You know what I think? Look, three boats show up with a bunch of people from Andalusia and the next thing you know the place is crawling with ” Illegals ” from all over the damn world. Well, what can I say to the U.S. Government besides you reap what you sow.”

    Quote from a Native American Tribal Leader to me at lunch.

    Yeah Well, it’s a thought.


  3. couldn’t agree more Anita. Now it’s up to our government to protect that which was stolen. Balless bastards haven’t got a chance. Let’s face it, being latin and catholic places a heavy burden on breeding, and caucasians, while enjoying all forms of perversion, still find procreation filthy.

    good to see you…

  4. naw Con, what we need is America hating assholes to understand that like it or not our immigration policy is incredibly lenient and inclusive. Unless you are from canada. If you’re from Canada you are totally fucked.

  5. Anita Marie says:

    I remember right after Sept 11 some waitress misunderstood a conversation being held between three Arab Students in a Diner in Georgia and our Government managed to track them down in like 72 hours as they drove cross country.

    I can’t help but to feel that if anybody anywhere in our Government was serious about ” National Security ” they could make it happen.

    But you’re right Criminy they lack the er, you know ‘equipment’ to make it happen.

    ps check your e-mail

  6. wellp ut anita…me thinks it’s all a scam.

  7. A scam indeed. It used to be said, without irony, that “immigrants make the best Americans,” and the antisocialist, for one, thinks that this was perhaps true. But along the way, something seems to have changed.

    Still, the antisocialist loathes (as his most recent post makes clear) that our borders can no longer safely be open. And yet …

  8. hi anti…if this came off as an anti-immigrant post it shouldn’t have. It’s more anti-establishment fuckups post.

    done right this whole problem could be fixed. I’m jst about as bright as a stump and i’m sure i could come up with a 10 point plan that would at least make it better. Why can’t all these allegedly smart crotch jerkers do that?

  9. in2thefray says:

    Tracking ? The govt. tracked the cow and calf that was mad cow disease no.1 yet finding 12-20 million illegals is out of reach.
    Assimilation. This forgotten concept. Previous immigrant populations and that includes Latin America came to the States with many hopes and dreams. They also accepted that they LEFT someplace to be HERE and became Americans.

  10. Hey, G.W. is a little too busy with all his nefarious plots to take over the world to actually put any thought into his immigration policy. 😉 OR maybe, even worse, it is a part of his diabolical plot take over the world.

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