Bush In Anbar; Ron Paul in visible

September 3, 2007

   So I’m doing laundry and cleaning house, (no I’m not female), with the news a constant barrage of inanity in the background.  When what does my wandering ear hear, but that Big George is in Anbar.  That just plain blows.  He’s doing the fun in the sun thing on labor day while I’m slaving for the man.  Granted the man I’m slaving for is me, but it still seems unfair that he gets to go globetrotting with that way hot shicksa Condoleeza while I’m stuck home like cinderfuckingrella.

   Anyway, his trip isn’t important…what happens this week in Iraq should be interesting.  You think he threatened to ground his bastard stepchild Nouri?

YAYE.  The Russians are getting ready to bring online a new intercontinental ballistic missile.  Those of you in your forties remember detente’ and the  term “mutually assured destruction.”  You also remember how much safer the world seemed then.  So lets nuke the middle east and get back to a little nuclear holocaust prevention.

   The American worker is the most productive in the world.  No kidding.  That’s what the report says.  You want a link?  Tough….go find it if you doubt me.  In a related story, we have the worst trade negotiators, the most overpaid management, and the dumbest politicians on the planet.  Those are heady stats when you consider that Fidel and kim jong il aren’t dead yet.

  I watched a plethora of sunday morning news shows yesterday, and while it was mostly about fags and abortion, the one common thread that I tripped to was that all of the Republican candidates are following John McCains lead on Iraq.  They are co-opting his stance.  All of them.  This is interesting since Ron Paul is a Republican candidate and doesn’t follow McCain’s lead at all.  I guess face the nation, This week, and all the other talking head shows have forgotten he’s running.  Hard to blame them.  So has everyone else.  He came in third in his home state, and rumor has it he was 4th at his own birthday party.

happy labor day….get really drunk and hurl on your friends.