Sunday is for random thoughts

September 5, 2007

1.  anyone who thinks we’re not heading into an inflationary cycle hasn’t been grocery shopping lately.

2.  I only have one minor issue with Islamic Fundamentalists….they want me dead.

3.  Which is exactly the same problem I have with my Ex’s.

4.  The best way to ensure yourself a place in the kingdom of heaven is to kill your cat, and get a rabbit.

5.  Booze and drugs are just like people.  It takes years to build up a tolerance..

6.  the law and society are wrong.  Some people need their asses kicked.

7.  Don Quixote tilted at windmills…I talk to Pauliacs.

8.  a two day weekend isn’t long enough.  There is barely time to get drunk and recover from the hangover.

9.  On its two year anniversary, let me just say that Katrina is what happens to people who decide to live below sea level on the coast.  It is not the governments fault, nor my responsibility to rebuild this monument to the stupidity of some people.

10.   I would think Larry the Cable Guy were funnier if I hadn’t known so damn many of them in my life.

11.   fags and abortion, abortion and fags.  The morning news shows were back to normal. 

12.  At least twice a day I have the desire to choke someone until they turn blue, and those little bubbles start popping on their lips.  you know what I mean.  You don’t?  Then you are way to fucking tolerant.

13.  Approaching 3 moths blogging, and what I’ve learned is that the breakdown of totally incomprehensible fuckwits is about the same as in the population.  I think the difference is I don’t have to look at them while they try to sound out the words. None of them read me…more than once.

14.  I didn’t kill any millwrights today.  I wanted to, but I hate prison food.

15.  I can’t decide whether Bill Brady is dumber than Jack Reacher, but I’m working on it.

16.  I wonder if Mohammed ever fucked a sheep.

The Ron Paul library, and the war on drugs

September 5, 2007

   People keep saying go to the Ron Paul library and see what he says.  You’ll be inspired, you’ll change your tune, you’ll have a bluebird on your shoulder…its the truth…its actual…everything is satisfactual.   Uhhhhh…wrong.   I went, and perusing just one issue I find more of the nonsense that I’ve come to expect from this radical right wing, my-cronies-are all-that-matter zealot.

   The above link takes you straight to an article about the governments war on drugs, but if you hit the little X up in the right hand corner of your screen it will take you to the homepage.  What really sickens me about this article is that I’ve dealt with chronic pain.  i had a doctor shovelling pills at me till they were coming out my ears.  When he broke out the 40mg Oxycontin I decided I’d had enough.  I switched doctors.  While he had no miracle cures, he used non-drug methods for dealing with the pain that eventually restored me to a somewhat healthy existence.

    In any group of people you will have those that are inclined to break the rules.  No hippocratic oath is going to change that, and the DEA should be going after these doctors that work like vending machines to put painkillers in mass quantities on the street.  His anecdotal evidence of wrongdoing on the part of the governent is the same old  “look here, don’t look behind the green curtain” trick that politicians are always playing.  There are criminally negligent pill dispensers disguised as doctors all over the country, and the health care system is so rife with fraud and corruption that, wow, we’re getting clobbered by health care costs.  Your almost free market health care system at work.

   I’m sorry Ron.  Your continued efforts to make everything fit in your little idea of government is tending to sicken me, and your rabid defense of all doctors is disturbing as hell.  You can’t see the problem, and since it’s your professional peers that must mean there isn’t one.   You may be as honest as the day is long, but at least in this article your integrity isn’t the issue.  Your ignorance is.

God you suck

September 5, 2007

  Well, Whoopi Goldberg took the chair on The View today, and immediately defended Mike Vick.  Wonder how long it took the producers to come up with this.  Whoopi never struck me as stupid, but her Uncle Tom credentials are a mile long and growing.

Britney and K Fed.  This is the best reason I can find to explain why some parents strangle their children.  With any luck the lawyers will get all their money, and they can live out behind Goodwill in a dumpster.

    This just keeps on being funny as hell, and I intend to wear it out.  The Wolverines suck, and fall out of the poll.

Chinese toy manufacturers, American toy distributors, and everyone involved in the product safety arena suck.  More lead infested toys.  The Chinese are well aware lead makes kids stupid.  So is Mattel, and iunless they’ve been avoiding the news they also know chinese manufacturers have used leaded paints for decades. 

The Gay (fag) and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation sucks.   Now Jerry Lewis has to apologize for a joke?  Fags are obviously to fucking sensitive.  You’re gay.  So what.  You’re fags.  so what.  Get over your oversensitive dick sucking selves.  Most people really don’t care.  I’m not Jerry Lewis, but I am joking a little.  I’m not apologising though, so go find something to lick.

Theo Shaw sucks.  sure we beat whitey down and stomped him while he was unconscious.  Just drop all the charges and let us go on with our lives so we can do it again.v  Asshole

   James Seale and the justice system in the south suck. Sure we killed those young black fellers.  Let us live out our lives, then try us when we’re old and need the free healthcare.  I hate to say it, but I can’t read about the south without snickering.  what a warped pack of  animals  these are.  I’m thinking we should build a fence just north of kentucky, not on the Rio Grande.

  I barely scratched the surface.  Genocide looks really good from over here.

The Jena6…one perspective

September 5, 2007

   I’m not going to go into all the he said she said.  There are literally thousands of articles available by typing Jena6 into your browser window.  That name itself is part of the problem, and it says more about being human than it does about being black.  Which is allegedly what this is about.  Being black.  which isn’t a crime.  Fortunately,  knocking someone down and kicking them like a football while they are unconscious is.

    What you are likely to find should you type Jena6 in your browser window are a veritable avalanche of articles written by those who feel a grave injustice is being done to the young black men.  Not young men.  Young black men.  I have a difference of opinion with all of these people.  I think they should be punished, and severely, for the cowardly attack they perpetrated.Not because they are black.  Because they are criminals.

    I also feel that the antagonists in the white assaults on blacks should be punished severely.  Assaulting someone is in the worst categories of crimes.  Violence against a person.  The parents deifying their children, when apparently several of them have violent criminal histories doesn’t change the one over riding premise.  They kicked an unconscious human being for the sheer hell of it. 

   Is there a reason all this is happening? sure.  People are stupid.  That’s the nuts and bolts of the whole case.  People are stupid.  Younf Mr. Bell doesn’t think of himself as an individual, and apparently neither does anyone else in this backwater stretch of Louisiana.  The desire to belong to something bigger than oneself is not new, but when you can only identify yourself because of your race you have lost track of what it means to be human.

    It doesn’t matter if the whites in this purgatory on earth defined these young men as black.  It doesn’t matter that the rabble rousers now clamoring around the case define these young men as black.  What matters is how they define themselves, and reality dictates that they will go to prison alone.  They will need to make the decision at some point in their lives that they are men.  Not black men.  Just men.

   Had Mr. Bell and so many others thought of themselves as individuals this entire thing would’ve been avoided.  I picture myself in their shoes.  Looking up at those nooses hanging from the trees.  They took it as an affront to their collective dignity.  One of the ropes would;ve needed my name on it for me to even begin to think it was aimed at me.  Mr. Bell knew it was aimed at his group, and he began a crusade in defense of that group.   The group won’t be going to prison.  The reason for that is many in the group found a better outlet for their anger over the incident, or just understood that this act of ignorance was aimed at the collective, and not the individual.

   It’s unfortunate that the upbringing of these young men made their race more important to them than their own well being.  You can rail away all you want, but the facts in the case are sound.  No black men are going to prison.  Only men are.