Sunday is for random thoughts

1.  anyone who thinks we’re not heading into an inflationary cycle hasn’t been grocery shopping lately.

2.  I only have one minor issue with Islamic Fundamentalists….they want me dead.

3.  Which is exactly the same problem I have with my Ex’s.

4.  The best way to ensure yourself a place in the kingdom of heaven is to kill your cat, and get a rabbit.

5.  Booze and drugs are just like people.  It takes years to build up a tolerance..

6.  the law and society are wrong.  Some people need their asses kicked.

7.  Don Quixote tilted at windmills…I talk to Pauliacs.

8.  a two day weekend isn’t long enough.  There is barely time to get drunk and recover from the hangover.

9.  On its two year anniversary, let me just say that Katrina is what happens to people who decide to live below sea level on the coast.  It is not the governments fault, nor my responsibility to rebuild this monument to the stupidity of some people.

10.   I would think Larry the Cable Guy were funnier if I hadn’t known so damn many of them in my life.

11.   fags and abortion, abortion and fags.  The morning news shows were back to normal. 

12.  At least twice a day I have the desire to choke someone until they turn blue, and those little bubbles start popping on their lips.  you know what I mean.  You don’t?  Then you are way to fucking tolerant.

13.  Approaching 3 moths blogging, and what I’ve learned is that the breakdown of totally incomprehensible fuckwits is about the same as in the population.  I think the difference is I don’t have to look at them while they try to sound out the words. None of them read me…more than once.

14.  I didn’t kill any millwrights today.  I wanted to, but I hate prison food.

15.  I can’t decide whether Bill Brady is dumber than Jack Reacher, but I’m working on it.

16.  I wonder if Mohammed ever fucked a sheep.

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