The Jena6…one perspective

   I’m not going to go into all the he said she said.  There are literally thousands of articles available by typing Jena6 into your browser window.  That name itself is part of the problem, and it says more about being human than it does about being black.  Which is allegedly what this is about.  Being black.  which isn’t a crime.  Fortunately,  knocking someone down and kicking them like a football while they are unconscious is.

    What you are likely to find should you type Jena6 in your browser window are a veritable avalanche of articles written by those who feel a grave injustice is being done to the young black men.  Not young men.  Young black men.  I have a difference of opinion with all of these people.  I think they should be punished, and severely, for the cowardly attack they perpetrated.Not because they are black.  Because they are criminals.

    I also feel that the antagonists in the white assaults on blacks should be punished severely.  Assaulting someone is in the worst categories of crimes.  Violence against a person.  The parents deifying their children, when apparently several of them have violent criminal histories doesn’t change the one over riding premise.  They kicked an unconscious human being for the sheer hell of it. 

   Is there a reason all this is happening? sure.  People are stupid.  That’s the nuts and bolts of the whole case.  People are stupid.  Younf Mr. Bell doesn’t think of himself as an individual, and apparently neither does anyone else in this backwater stretch of Louisiana.  The desire to belong to something bigger than oneself is not new, but when you can only identify yourself because of your race you have lost track of what it means to be human.

    It doesn’t matter if the whites in this purgatory on earth defined these young men as black.  It doesn’t matter that the rabble rousers now clamoring around the case define these young men as black.  What matters is how they define themselves, and reality dictates that they will go to prison alone.  They will need to make the decision at some point in their lives that they are men.  Not black men.  Just men.

   Had Mr. Bell and so many others thought of themselves as individuals this entire thing would’ve been avoided.  I picture myself in their shoes.  Looking up at those nooses hanging from the trees.  They took it as an affront to their collective dignity.  One of the ropes would;ve needed my name on it for me to even begin to think it was aimed at me.  Mr. Bell knew it was aimed at his group, and he began a crusade in defense of that group.   The group won’t be going to prison.  The reason for that is many in the group found a better outlet for their anger over the incident, or just understood that this act of ignorance was aimed at the collective, and not the individual.

   It’s unfortunate that the upbringing of these young men made their race more important to them than their own well being.  You can rail away all you want, but the facts in the case are sound.  No black men are going to prison.  Only men are.

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  1. Anita Marie says:

    “They kicked an unconscious human being for the sheer hell of it-”

    This happened to me too Criminy.

    Only no one was charged with attempted murder

    Just thought I’d toss that out there.

  2. hi anita…they are reducing the charges to second degree assault

    I’m sorry this happened to you, and kicking an unconscious human should be considered attempted murder. The damage you can do to an unprotected human body by kicking it is extreme, and you, or this kid could easily have died.

    I’m really sorry to hear this happened to you

  3. sorry…they are reducing the charges to second degree aggravated battery

  4. Anita Marie says:

    I think what bothered me the most here was that some kid in Louisiana had the entire Legal system behind him- they saw his life as so valueable that they were willing to charge the people who threatened it with attempted murder.

    I live in a Progressive and Diverse state and the people who hurt me had to spend the summer washing buses.

    It’s just not fair, that’s all.

    And I’m glad you brought this conversation out Criminy- people are either foaming at the mouth or using it for flyers, you know? No one will TALK about it.


  5. it is still sick and wrong that the justice system there is so out of balance, but two wrongs don’t make a right, and neither do a dozen.

    it sounds to me like it is as out of whack there as in Louisiana.

  6. Anita Marie says:

    My friends who live in the Southern states have pointed out that the Northern States seem to ‘get away’ with being intolerent.

    They ( down South ) get put under a mircroscope and have to account for their actions when there’s an issue and do you know what? I’d have to agree.

    Plus, I promise you, it is out of whack here to.

  7. I’ve lived in almost every area of the country. I think the midwest does a fairly good job once your in court. Prior to court we have the crookedest law enforcement in the world, and they will kill you for saying so.

  8. Brad says:

    “They kicked an unconscious human being for the sheer hell of it.”

    -No, they kicked an unconscious person because he harassed a kid who had just been ASSAULTED, “the worst category of crimes” as you say. They also used a veiled threat of murder, or an invocation at very least. It was to all black kids as a warning for stepping out of their place and sitting under the WHITES ONLY tree.

    If you have a herniated disk pressing on a nerve and its painful, do they give you drugs your entire life or decompress your nerve somehow? The underlying problem has to be treated in medicine as well as social analysis. That problem is not people recognizing their or each others race. The problem lies when the dominant group intimidates, segregates and denigrates the minority and that is exactly what is going on at that school. Stop ignoring the context of this case.

    Yes, someone deserves to be punished for a violent, indefensible act. At the same time, to understand the situation you have to consider the underlying factors.

  9. hi Brad….you’re wrong. these serial thugs kicked this kid for the hell of it. they attacked an unconscious body lying on the ground with their feet. You can make it societies issue all you wish, but what they did was inexcusable, and I do not care one bit what went on before.

  10. carmen says:

    Hi criminyjicket……. no your wrong! I have read ever last one of your responses on here and you are steady going around the issue. In order for something to happen like that, it had to begain witha cause. Which is the question you need to ask yourself. What caused these young men to act this way? They did not just kick that boy for the hell of it. Now I do agree that if someone does a voilent crime then they need to be punished, but this was a school yard fight. These boys should not be serving a sentence for murder. Oh and by the way stop calling names!!!!!! You are a reflection of what you call other people. Word of advise!!!!

  11. keisha says:

    Maybe you should get the facts and a true understanding of the order of events. The facts are that the black boys were assaulted first and no charges were brought against the white boys, the whites who hung the nooses were given an in school suspension for what in other states would have been deemed a hate crime, and the young woman who stated that one of the boys had kicked the other later recanted her statement. I agree that violence is bad and that those that commit such crimes should be punished. The punishement should be the same regardless of race, creed or color, and if the first aggressors (which in this case were white) had been punished for their roles, the battle between these two groups would never have escalated to this point.

  12. hi Keisha…thank you for agreeing with my major premise.

    as far as your if/then argument…what proof do you have that A + B created C? You don’t.

    thanks for coming by.

  13. Hi Carmen…even by conceding the premise that one event created the tableau for the next…it is not a justification for it.

    I also would beg to differ about the seriousness of the event. Our schoolyards have proven very dangerous over the years, and it is an inexcusable breach of responsibility to our children to make light of any of the events depicted in this drama.

    It is unfortunate what has occurred, and the situation should be rectified. Those not charged should be, and the system itself deserves an indictment for creating the climate where these events were permitted to occur. That in no way should lessen the seriousness of the crimes..yes….crimes committed.

    thanks for stopping by

  14. thomas smith says:

    it is obvious that you are new to america,
    any one that has been here more than 1 hour knows what goes on in white dominated a example did you know that the town borders were drawn such that there are no black voters in the town limits there fore there are no blacks in the jury pool.
    The message is a old message here in america, a black man can NEVER raise his hand against a white man, no matter what the circumstances ( shades of judge Tanney!)
    I congratulate those young black men they are bold heros whose example should be followed whenever the ugly head of white supremacy emerges.Historicaly and even now (Iraq), whites have used political, economic, psychological and physical violence when ever and where ever they have chosen , while hypocritically shedding alligator tears about the awful violence of the victims of white violence, and aggression.
    Some whites have to learn that people are not going to accept white domination any more.
    we would rather die as a man than live as a dog


  15. Hi Thomas. I’ve been here awhile. I’ve seen the face of racism in every area of the country with the exception of the pacific northwest, and what i can tell you is that with the exception of a couple of rural southern areas, not large ones, racists are a small minority of the population. Looked at anecdotally we can hypothesize anything, but the truth is most American’s are incredibly tolerant of each other.

    I liked your last line…so tell me a bit about you…where is your perspective of the issue derived from?

  16. Victoria says:

    First and foremost let me state that I do agree violence isn’t the best solution to a problem. However You have stated several times that you have lived all over and that racists are “a Small Minority”. I must say that I disagree with this so called fact.

    I am a Louisiana Native as well as a Military dependant. Racisim is alive and well in many parts of this country both rual and industrial. While you state that a noose should be disreguarded as an attack on the group and not on the individual it makes me wonder if you have ever expireanced the terror of racism.

    The fear of waking to a burning cross in the middle of the night. (yes it still happens) The KKK recruting door to door and in the streets. Being spit upon or blatanly told you cannot afford something due to the color of your skin. Being pulled over not because you were speeding or a tale light is out but because your in the wrong part of town or the car looks to nice for a black person to owm. I wonder if had you expirancied this first hand would your opioions change?

    Violance is wrong but when someone continually abuses you mentally and physically the human nature to survive will take over even if that nautre takes the form of violance. So in this blog please pay attention and deal out the same curel and harsh judgement on the other children that started and used both physical and mental abuse. Sream for their pushisment and justice for the families they offended as well.

  17. yes, and if you say this often enough Victoria it may make the problem look worse than it is. I differ with your claim, and would like you to cite me a number of how many racists there are? Then compare that to the number of people in the population as a whole, and I think you’ll find that my claim is a sound one. I did say that I thought all parties should be punished, but your sensibilities were probably clicked over to “outraged” by the time you got there.
    I find it funny that a post that recommends individuality, and eqwuality is thought so heinous by so many.

  18. shane says:

    I notice that most folks want the issue to be the boy who was knocked unconscious. That’s just like turning on the TV in the middle of the story. The issue is that this town is and has been drenched in a solution called “Jim Crowe ” for years. I’m told that one of the officials is asking that the cases that the Judge has tried be investigated. This is not the first time an incident like this has occurred. This was just the boiling point.

    Those of you who say those boys should have been punished…well, what about the young Black man who was beaten at the party???? What about the white guy who drew the gun on the Black kids??? Why was he charged with light battery and they with theft when what they were doing was saving a life by taking the gun away from them. Why the young man who was knock unconscious charged when he was found with a rifle and 16 rounds of ammunition???? Is there Justice in America? If so for whom???

    I long for a day when people will stop hating one another because of skin color. People we all have the same color of blood running through our veins. And when the Lord comes back he’s not coming back for a Black race or a White race or a Yellow or Red race. He’s coming back for those who have asked him to come and reside within their hearts. He’s coming back for a people who have learned to truly become color blind. He’s coming soon. If you read the prophetesies in the Bible, then you’ll know that he has warned us that before the end of time that Love in the hearts of man would grow cold toward one another. You’d know that some strange and wicked things would begin to take place on the earth. The weather patterns would become unnatural.

    You would know that America is in Big trouble!

  19. Hi Shane…you all seem to skip right over the part where I said they all hsould be punished. It’s ok. this type of issue makes people a little irrational. Especially when skin color matters to them

  20. michael baggett says:

    the following is an excerpt from a chat i had today on yahoo instant messenger with my wife. it is unedited (except sharpton’s name)and sent as i received it myself. there’s usually 3 sides to every story, this side, that side, and the truth. this chat was concerning the so-called “Jena6” story being egged-on by big media in America. read what she told me carefully. it shows another side of the “poor oppressed child” story being rammed down our collective throats.

    my wife was at walmarts in jena this afternoon, and spoke with the defendant’s sister-in-law.
    she wrote to me………………..
    Ms. Jean: big trucks were driving the streets of jena flying big big rebel flags the klu klux klan got a permit to march thursday
    Ms. Jean: i talked to michael bells sister in law for about 15 min a walmart she said he is bad news and needs to go to jail

    Bag: dang
    Bag: there’s a black kid with me, i just told him

    Ms. Jean: it really aint got nothing to do with black and white it is between right and wrong

    Bag: gone smoke some coffee baby
    Bag: be back in 10-15

    Ms. Jean: ok finished my chicken i sent u a suprise now this is what bells sister in law told me she said she was in the court room when reed walters said bell could get up to 20 yr. she then went to the rally martin luther king the third held in jena he explained to them that reed walters had to follow the law he had to tell bell that he could be charged up to 20 yrs. he told them that he in no way said at any
    time that this was going to happen. he is bound by law to explain the maximum sentence. she told me that king was very fair to both sides and said he found no hostiliy between the blacks and the whites in jena. she told me that after that a lot of the blacks refused to get involved wiht jackson and sharpano (sharpton) because they were only here for the publicity for the money


    sent by michael g. baggett

  21. Rhoconda says:

    I hate it when someone tries to get an uproar from a crowd just to be noticed. Stop trying to get noticed noone really cares about you or your opinion!!! Fact of the matter is wrong is wrong and I hope justice prevails in the end for these 6 young men. Of course you would think of them as thugs because of the sterotype for young black men but I assure you in the small town of Jena it would be hard to really find “thugs”. Get a life and join the fight against racism!!!

  22. Hi Rho. No uproar desired. It was my opinion, hence the word “perspective.” You disagree, and I couldn’t possibly care less. As far as stereotyping? It actually comes from the public record, as you would know if you read anything about the case other than the drivel formulated by the crime apologists.
    I sincerely hope justice prevails as well, but I see little chance of that. The whites involved aren’t to be punished so likely as not these 6 won’t be either. Once again…two wrongs attempting to make a right.

  23. Kevin says:

    I have a question that I believe speaks volumes about the state of affairs in this country that I love so dearly. Being from the West Coast, I did not understand what sitting under a tree had to do with attempted murder until I read the whole history of the case and thought seriously about it.
    What does it say about the social “progress” of America when a person should have to “ASK PERMISSION” to peacefully utilize public property based soley on their racial profile? As I understand it these young men apparently brought about this unfortunate turn of events when they had the “audacity” to request permission to sit under a public tree,….just sit,..not carve their names into it or chop it up into kindling for campfire.
    I will say that I do not condone the extent to which the current victim was apparently beaten. I have a hard time rectifying the justification for continuing to beat someone after they have already been rendered defenseless. If such is the case, it is an inexcuasable act and deserves severe consequences, especially considering that the odds were 6 to 1 or greater. I understand that tensions were high and words exchanged, but ganging up on someone like that just reinforces the stereotypes that so many of us have tried to dispell. You cannot become upset at being considered an animal if you choose to act no better than one. I could have better understood if they had beat up the person who brandished the firearm and actually threatened their lives.

  24. hi kevin…I wondered the same thing. About the tree. watching it now it strikes me also as ironic that 3500 strangers are being a far better example to these young men than their friends, family, and neighbors.

    thanks for your comment

  25. shane says:

    This is a sad state of affairs for America. How can we possibly go to another country and encourage them to create a democracy when we are not capable of doing so in these United States of America.

    I was always told that you wouldn’t want to go into some of these southern towns which are outside of I-65. Seems that many of these towns are doing things just like they did during the 1950’s. And what makes it so bad is that they are able to justify their everything they do. I kn

    ow that you Crimininyjicket stated that all should be punished which is only right. But for some reason most people just can’t seem to get past they kid who was beaten. Wait a minute! I’m not saying it’s ok. But from the stories I keep hearing over and over this beating stemmed from another beating of a Black kid which took place at a party. Seems that one evil thing led to another here, but none of the White folks are facing any jail time. Seems to be this way all over America. I have friends who live in the surburban area of Wisconsin and I’m told that many of their kids are reeking havoc in their neighborhoods, but the police will come out pick the kid up and bring him back home. But when the 6’oclock news comes on they’re focusing on the Black areas of town which have an abundance of guns and drugs, but where are the drugs and the guns coming from??? Sure a kid is not too smart if he is tempted to participate in this activity…but White boys on drugs do not go to jail. I’ve seen it with my own eyes–they go to counseling and they get out and they go back to conseling and not to jail…

    Really scary how people are being exposed for things they were able to keep under cover for years in America!

  26. Amber Hicks says:

    I think that this is wrong they are being racist! tell me why the white kids hung a rope from a tree and got nothing but in school suspension? To me that was symbolizing a hatred crime that the white man have been doing to our ancestors in the past for many years… they were obviously trying to say something, and multiple fights took place where the white kids jumped a black boy, and vise verser but the african american kid held strong it is not our fault that the white kid was strong enough well he should have not been charged for murder if anything i think you all are being racist

  27. Amber Hicks says:

    if the white boy would have knocked the black kids unconsious it would have not me so serious think about it and yall no its true

  28. duval says:

    partner i couldnt agree with you more.i went to stilwell middle school in jax fl.were just being white could get you jumped and if you was to stand on your on two you had to fight 2-3 always a 1-1 white vs. black fight was rare at best.for some one to say that people have to be provocted to do like this didnt grow up on the west or north side of duval county jax.fl. im not saying nothing should be done to the white kids that hung nooses around the school but only that if the n.a.a.c.p. or sharpton want hate crime charges pressed press them on all parties!! no one ever came to tthe aid of white kids in duval county nor did anyone ever do anything about the infamous cracker day,where all the blacks ganged up on the whites .no third party or any legal aid came to help us!!

  29. tj says:

    nice post. i pretty much agree with all of it. are people actually arguing that it is ok for 6 people to kick the hell out of one unconscious kid? i’m generally all for violence but i honestly can’t believe how ignorant people are. jesus.

  30. Tony Barrillo says:

    Hanging the nouses from the tree just meant stay away from our hang out spot…. In school and in public life different clicks hang in different areas… In didn’t mean death to the black kids.. If the kkk “adults” hang nouses and burn crosses in your yard… That is a hate crime and I would believe the people would be in eminit danger…
    Blacks have their territtories too… The “hood”,,, neighbor hood…. You step in my hood and see what happens… Alot of rap songs talk about this… “Represent”… Go to Miami “Liberty City” and ask for directions… Long Beach Crenshaw . Latino Gangs have their turf… The “Hells Angels” have their turf… Walk up in there and see what happens…. The Cafateria in school had the cool table, the preps, the outcast, ugly non-fitting people, the average people……

    Saying all that…. Everyone should get equal justice…. It wasn’t attemted murder… However , when six people beat up one person .. People should step in as “not fair”.. Whether they are white or black.. The young man could have die if he was left uncouious…

    And racism is all over the world . It’s not just white and black…. North Korea don’t like South Korea… Pakastans, cannot stand Indians… Israelis/palastienians East Germany/West Germany… “Tare down the Wall” remember… The Great Wall of China… What is it for…
    Maybe we should separate the USA… Blacks can have there own states, their own rules, their own laws… Then they will be happy… Move from Jena if its unfair… Can’t afford too right… Go to Atlanta… Neighbors move because the don’t like the new neighbor… Black or White… That’s what Whites do when the don’t like changes, overcrowding, dangerous school dangerous convience store, dangerous grocery stores… White move to the suburbs…

    Africans don’t like African Americans.. African Americans say Africans think that they are better than us. I work in a very mixed environment….. I deal with Africans, Latinos, Chinnese , Koreans, Blacks…….

    I’m White… Black people don’t hear what other black people say about black people… Black people are racist against black people… Everybody is racist and looks out for there own… I didn’t want it to be this way…. The Jena6 protesters are “Pro-Black. Anti White.. Everything bad or negative thing that happens to blacks is not racism.. It’s economics too…. Poor people , white or black or gonna have trouble renting an appartement.. Ugly people have a harder times then blond, blue-eyed women…

  31. Tony Barrillo says:

    P.S… everybody stay a distance from me in the check out line at the grocery store… I hate when people or choking up on you and are anxious… How many altercations are done at wall mart fitting for the front parking space… Stay off the cell phone in line at the check out… Have you ever notice that people just agure on the cell phones….

    What progress…

    I believe in America… Its not perfect but we should be as one.. Americans.. But no, we have to have black and white…. What are the black leaders doing to brings us together… Just showing up when an black person has a problem…

    If the Duke Lacrosse team didn’t have money, They would have been sent up the river politically…..If OJ simpson didn’t have money back then .. He wouldn’t have had a chance…

    New Orleans residents have been treated unfairly economically, Fla, Missippi…

    The tree has been cut down now.. the tree that the nouses were hung from…. Were are all the tree avocates… Now there are no shade trees at the school… The school should have planted five more trees so everybody, black , white, asian, korean, ugly, outcast, preps, drop-outs, pot -heads, thugs, gansters, iraqis, tal a ban, everybody needs a tree to chill under…..

  32. linda says:

    thank you for sharing this perspective with the rest of us. for what it is worth, the color of my skin is brown but i define myself as being part of the human race — if others must needs assign me to a group for their own reasons, then feel free to do so

  33. Shan says:


    First may I say that this is the most mind blowing site I’ve seen regarding this matter. I am currently working on a race relations article and needless to say, this incident has captured my full attention. I am indeed angry as hell about this and appreciate a place to speak my mind.

    IT’S 2007 FOR GOODNESS SAKE! When will the stupidity end? Never! There will always be ignorant people; caucasian american, african american, asian american etc…
    The happenings in Jena, LA are just a reminder that racism still exists.

    Whether you (criminyjicket and you other idiots) agree or not the nooses on the tree should’ve never happened.

    This just goes to show that the people that run that town are bigots and should be hung their damn selves. Who said it was okay for these kids to have a ‘whites only’ tree? What the hell? Who ever overlooked the little ignorant KKK meetings held under that tree should be the one on trial.

    The fact remains that two wrongs don’t make a right, but if no one is there to protect the innocent, then the innocent must protect themselves. By any means necessary!

    I’m tired of these people saying that the black kids didn’t have to ‘beat’ the white boy like that. The hell they didn’t! A point needed to be made and it’s not that white is better than black or vice versa, but that no one should be subjected to this Bull Shit! The black kid should’ve never been ‘beat’ for sitting under the tree. A tree that God created, not some white kids who think that since they’re 85% of the town they should own the damn place. Well I say they can have that hick, red-neck, hell hole… FREE JENA 6…

  34. Tease says:

    The problem is that ‘whites’ don’t want to talk about what went on before hand. They want to over look it, sweep what ever they’ve done under the rug and ignore the FACTS! Just like criminyjicket says, ‘he doesn’t care what went on before the white kid was beat up’. This is ignorant! You have to know the entire truth before you can form an educated opinion. No matter what the outcome may be, your kind think you’re getting away with this type of behavior and treatment. However, GOD sees all, knows all and HE is the last to judge all.

  35. Shan says:

    Hi Tony Barrillo,

    You are the reason for the people of Jena, LA acting so ignorant. How dare you say the things you posted on this site! You should’ve just put in big, BLACK, bold letters; I’M A BIGOT! WHITE POWER! KLAN MEMBER!

    The nooses were a symbol of ‘death to blacks’. Why would you hang a rope in that fashion and not mean for it to refer to a ‘hanging’ and/or ‘lynching’.

    ‘The Hood’? Are you serious? Whites live in ‘the hood’ too, ghettos, trailer parks, homeless, rich and poor; we’re all one people and the world would be a much better place if you and all the ‘people’ that think like had your own states. This way all of us civilized people; black, white, red yellow etc… can live in peace.

    So when you say that blacks, latino’s and other races have their turfs, you’re saying that it’s okay for these kids to have a ‘whites only’ tree? And why bring up Atlanta? You are a bigot: saying that the blacks can’t AFFORD to move out of Jena…. You’re parents must be KKK members or better yet, Bush believers. Have you ever drove up to a group of blacks or latino’s and asked for directions and been shot? How do you know this? Where are your facts, besides what you see on T.V and hear on CD. So what hood are all these white rappers from?

    When you beat up some one because of their skin color it becomes a hate crime. When you beat up some one because they sat in your seat in the cafeteria, that’s a childish, adolescent incident.

    Who stepped in and said ‘NOT FAIR’ when the tree was declared ‘whites only’. NOONE therefore more bad things happened. Maybe the black kids didn’t handle the anger of being in a town full of BIGOTS the way some would have, but something had to be done.

    The ‘black leaders’ do not just come around when a black person has a problem. You only see them when ‘you’ cause a problem. There are countless things being done behind the seen to help ensure equal opportunity. WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO BRING US ALL TOGETHER? Besides post ignorant comments????

    What do you mean; black people don’t hear what other black people say about black people…. That’s absurd! Just like some blacks a republican, some are democrats, some are light, some are dark, some are upper class and others are low class… Don’t white people have the same differences?????

    Why should we have several trees for different races to sit under at that school? The rational thing is to have one tree for all!

  36. hello Shane, Amber, Duval, TJ, linda shan and tease.

    The nooses was a heinous act, and quite possibly should have been punished more severely. As were all the other incidents along the way.

    At any point along the way, someone could’ve done the right thing. Color didn’t matter. They all responded incorrectly.

    some questions…where was the church> they don’t do parenting programs in louisiana? These are violent at risk teens, and society…again, black and white, neglected its duty.
    no youth groups? no effort at all to teach these children that what they were doing is wrong?

    What kind of parents are these?

    what kind of society defends the indefensible rather than address the underlying problems?

    For those of you choosing sides, you should contemplate joining linda in the human race.

    I appreciate your comments

  37. libertyforall says:

    People like YOU are the ones perpetuating violence. I appreciate your effort to be all objective but you have missed the point with this article, and you might want to think about removing it from the Web, as it is offensive and naive. You can’t claim that the punishment that these high schoolers (who get in fights all the time, and who were severely and naturally agitated) was just. The boy they “almost murdered” was out and about that night. The justice system is corrupt, and you won’t be bandwagoning to denounce it.

  38. Mark says:

    What about this crime. I didn’t see Jesse Jackson supporting the white kids after this attack. What about the justice here? The Jena 6 is all about black vs white not right vs wrong. Everyone involved should have been punished.

  39. Tony Barillo says:

    Sorry, I’m just saying if I walk in the hood being white I will get looked at and stared at… Just like a african american might be looked at and stared a white neighborhood.. I just want to keep it real… If you say.. “Shan” that this don’t happend. If you’re black, you know the code and if you’re white you know the code.. We may have started it ,but vice versa… “What does it mean to be black” that’s another one… What does black sound like” It sounded like a black man on the phone. “What does sounding black mean, what does looking black mean… What does sounding white mean… “She sounded like a white girl, He sounded Chinnes, He sounded Mexican… ” I bought this car from an older white man” therefore ………… I bought this car from a little old lady…….

    Do you really think the kids wanted to “Hang Someone”… I not saying they are not racists, they obviously are.

    The Jena6 should get equal justice .. What happened to another case were as a gang(more than one person). of whites kids beat down another white kid . This is the sentences these young men should receive . They should not be in jail period…

    And I’m not a racisit… “My best friend is black.” I got you on that one….. And , it’s true . Real racisit would not have a friend that is of another race… So… Why can”t white people have a best friend that’s black, and be proud of it….
    It seems like that at a Chineese Restaurant there are only Chineese working there… But that’s just me..

    Indians (East) have all the convience store in there possession… Are is that just me..

    Guess who controls the casinos in Vegas… But that’s just me…

    You “Shan” allready have a mental pictrue of what I look like, and I bet you think I”m fat and poor with jack-up teeth… When you think of a mexican person everybody can describe this..

    You didn’t comment on the North Korea/ South Korea, Pakistan/india East germany/West Germany Palasteine/Israel racial problem… You go set under a tree in Iran and see what happens……

    I feel sadden when I see a reble flag, reble tag on some one truck… some old man , it’s a shame.. God forgive us… I would cringe to see nooses too….

    P.s. I don’t think that Al Sharpton has many whites at his Thanksgiving dinner… “I’m just saying” And I not saying he has too…. That’s really what I”m sayin…

    See you all at Wall Marts…….

  40. Tony Barillo says:

    P.S. Those of you all that have handid cap signs on your rearview and are not really handid cap…. Just feel priviledge and deserve front parking please go see Michael Moore… Did you all here that he owns substantial stock in ammunition/gun weapons companies…

    But thats not happening either… Guess who owns the taxi cap companys… They are really diverse a rainbow of diversity… But nobodys racits right…..

    “The world is but a stage / we are mere actors” How does that go??

    Star Jones needs to gain her weight back… And I’m the only one that noticed right…. It’s just me right…

    That Valeri Burtonelli that’s what I’m talking about . Isn’t that cool to see her again…

  41. Tony Barillo says:

    IS there a such thing as sounding briitish, sounding austrialian , sounding Hawaiian, sounding northern, sounding black… “God forbid”.. how the hell does that sound.. What a streotye… nobody really sounds black … What’s a black person look like… That’s another one . Look at them white boys trying to be black… What does that mean…. Look at Shanda.. she thinks shes a wite girl now… How does a white girl look? How does a white girl act?

    I agree with you Tease… You are right….

    If we all went to a mixed church it would be good..

    I took my date “no race mentioned” out and she wanted to go to a soul food restuarant… And I said I wanted somenthing different than “chicken and ribs”… I was really trying to say ” I wanted a more fine dinning experience ‘something different from the normal,,, to try something else besides chicken and ribs…
    Apparently after twenty minuets of heat debate on her part…. “It was racial to say that a soul food resturant sold chicken and ribs… Imagine that: You can’t “really” get chicken ribs and a soul food restaurant…… Imagie that, who would have thought…. And a soul food resturant can be fine dinning ,fast food, or medium dinning….

    Let’s just not talk about the menu of a soul food restaurant… That’s off limilts I guess.. They had Mexicans in the back cooking too… I’m just saying…… I’m not making this up..

    I call those people , them you know,, .. I don’t call them Mexicans… All call them Spanish myself..

    Amigo: Is that the only word you all know… I’m sure they are tired of us, we guys, saying ” He Amigo,,, What’s up Amigo…

    Learn a liitle bit more spanish people..

    Have you ever notice that there are not many spanish people eatting at Taco Bell…. Imagine that…. All this time we thought we ,, us theyums,, thought we were eatting authenic Mexican food….

    See you all at Wall Marts…..

  42. Tony Barillo says:

    I watched Windy Williams first time ever… I guess she is shock radio, tv like Howard S tern.. Anyways, she is wide open…. She was interviewing Tikki Barber… “keep f**kiing them white girls” She said… Yea, that’s our reperation ” the co-host said… “She’s Asian” Tikki said… “That’s even better” co-host…

    But, nobody is racist right…..

    AND what did Don Amus do??? I never watched the guy… I thought he was boring and not entertaining.. Except to truckers maybe… “What ever that means, form your own opinion : no streretype implied……

    But I believe his explanation… WHich noone heard that:

    He said that he was trying to call the girls rough and tough in the western since… Yea Right someof you all say… He was saying : “those girl s look like some tough brods..

    Nappy Headed Is that a racist term…. I only herd it by black people calling other blacks hair nappy….

    I should have apoligize to the ladys if they were offended.. They weren’t offend until they were told to be offended by peer pressure… It wouldn’t have made an impact if the media wouldn’t have sensationlized it..

    But, If the ladies herd it and were offend and they wrote the show or called the show then they should have decided the punishment for Imus.. not Al Sharpton tring to tell everybody how to live…

    I don’t think that Imus has alot of black friends, he might not want to associate with other races… But I don’t think he going for a racial attack on black lady atheletes..

    Black people tell derogatory jokes about white people all the time… Nobody says a word… What is is “Sisters” the one girl is married to a short white man… He gets dogged all the time… Why’s he got to be “short”…

    THat’s what she calls him by the way ” Short white man”…

    But, if you say that its white peoples turn….. Then you have an agurment…

    What goes around comes around…Then you have an agument…
    You reap what you sew… Then you have a point..

    There is nothing wrong with our cultures being different… Everyone should have an equal playing field… And that is what the Jena6 case should be about… THose kids should not be charged with attemted murder…

    Al Sharpton said that Barrach Ubama is’nt black enogh … Did You all hear that????

    Thank God Oprah is backing him..

    Thank God for Oprah… The most honorable lady that the USA could be bless with.

    50 cent don’t like Oprah because she didn’t envite him on her show…”She just caters to middle aged white women” he said..

    Don’t “hate” 50 start your own show and help out in New Orleans…. Missipppi and Fla… Alabama…

  43. Braden says:

    Can I say some controversial things in a comment on a Jena6 blog post? I can? Great.

    When any group of people gang up and beat the crap out of somebody, I’m sorry but that’s against the law. Black, white, asian, hispanic, makes no difference.

    It isn’t racist to punish them for a CRIME, is it? Granted, I thought the initial charges were a bit excessive.

    While I think the nooses thing was downright evil, racist, and completely morally wrong, there is no law against it. But ironically, it’s free speech.

    Why aren’t white people protesting in Jena that a group of black guys beat up a white guy? That’s the real controversy!

    This is a FAKE controversy and it makes me sick.

  44. tsaal says:

    Theres more black on black crime and black on white crime then white on black. You can argue all you want thats the statistics. Both sides are racist and feed off each others hate because its promoted thru the media. You never here nothing good about white people there always demonized in the media for the same things the blacks get away with freely.

  45. Latoya says:

    Okay, I feel that you are the stupidist person to say that people are pretty much defending those boys cause they are black. First I would like to say more than most of my friends are white and my best friend is white, so obviously her daughter is white and she stays the night at my home for play dates with my daughter and i have other white people that can’t stop F***king staring at me like something is wrong( like i kidnapped her or something). I even had a women follow us like it was a crime for me to be alone with a white child. So DONT SIT THERE AND ACT LIKE THE SHIT DON’T EXIST. If you watch the news you could see that nooses are being hung every where and constantly. You know what stuff like hurts because the way thing are going time repeats it’s self and maybe everything will come back to that same state back when we were slaves and people will stop hanging them just for laughs and insults. Yes two wrongs don’t make a right but there have been many racial incidents that have taken place before the jena6 case. okay question if some pull out a gun out on you and your friends you come to tell me that you are not going to anything? Yeah they didn’t have to keep kicking him but in many other cases where people have shot someone and they are already dead and they continue to shot them( like women who are in relationships of domestic violence) and you know what they get off scout free. you just have to think man society is not squeeky clean. OH LIKE HOW MANY WHITE BOYS PLANNED AND SUCCEED TO PEE IN A GATORADE BOTTLE IN GYM CLASS AND HAD A BLACK RETARDED HANDY CAP CLASSMATE DRINK IT.

  46. Latoya says:

    CONT’D what did those students get suspention of 3 days. I feel that everyone who sitting on this website giving negative feed back is crazy cause I cry for all of our children that have to grow up in this world with diease and low education and not enough role model to leed the path to the right way. You all are worrying about the wrong thing. Maybe you don’t have kids but you need to be fight and using your negative comments againist the government to fight for a better life for our kids. if you have not noticed we are loosing schools, bus drivers, parks, government ass., after school programs over stupid shit like the war. yes they are wrong but if they are going to something to one they need to handle everyone in the situation. to have and point a loaded gun on anyone it 12-25 years. so like trying to say it with one pull of the trigger on his gun lives could have been taken, one kick too many could have been a life taken but the only lives that are being taken is those 6 boys.

  47. Latoya says:

    WE as adults need to grow up and realize that our kids of every race should not be afraid to go to school for any reason and we as parents are letting this happen. WE have children who are being teased and shooting up our schools we have much bigger problems. I just feel like it’s a tragic time and they need not to take away those kids lives. because i just feel anyone’s life could have been taken and that tragic point of time. There are many cases where women have been beaten for years and their men find the anger to kill her far past sleep where she doesn’t have a good time that same night. you what and that man only gets 1 or two years.

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