The Republican FOXNEWS Debate

   Well as fair and balanced goes that was an atrocious display of hypocrisy.  What Brit Hume and Chris Wallace did to Ron Paul was at best a telling reminder that journalists pack a lot of power in the political arena, and at worst was a violation of the public trust.  How they personally feel about Ron Paul isn’t pertinent, and their intolerance of his pposition and the attitude they displayed toward him was unprofessional and demeaning of the profession.

    That being said, what you are reading elsewhere simply isn’t true.  First, Ron Paul was asked 2 questions during the first half hour of the debate, and was given ample opportunity to display his stance on the issues that were presented in the debate.  The only question I didn’t get to here his response to that was important was illegal immigration.  Further, the moderators allowed him to enter into a debate within the debate with Mike Huckabee, and while I personally thought Ron got the better of it, the pundits bought into the apple pie and honor presentation of Mike Huckabee.

   Now lets get on to the fun stuff.  Biff Romney looked like a total buffoon.  After each of his answers, many that received no response from the audience, he nodded and made faces denoting how wonderful he thought his answers were.  His answers to all the major issues left people with the words “how will you do that” on there lips, and all things considered he was the worst of the crowd.  I didn’t have any feelings for or against Biff going in, but his performance ranked down around the bottom with Dr. Paul in my eyes.

    I know Rudy is getting slapped around some, but I was fairly impressed with him.  His response to why he made NYC an open city for illegals made a ton of sense.  You can only do so much at the municipal level without the aid of a malfeasant federal government, and I think he handled the situation there as well as could be expected.  His foreign policy positions are as hawkish as everyone elses, and all things considered he is likely the only person in the debates who has a record of success leading anything more important than a small southern state.

    I would die before I voted for Huckabee.  I thought he did well last night though, and took Ron Paul on head to head, which no one else seems willing to do.  He is erudite, charming, and corn pone witty, and is likely to do well down south where what beer you drink can sway voters.

   Duncan Hunter might very well be a psychopath.  His response to the hypothetical about Iran said nothing about diplomacy, but instead revolved around precision guided munitions.  I think they all showed their hypocrisy on the nuclear issue.  I’m somewhat doubtful that the Iranians could exhibit less control than the nation that lost 6 nukes for several hours the other day over America’s heartland.

   John McCain.  What a man.  He definitely stands out from the crowd, and if decency and charachter were the only issue he’d be my choice hands down.  That’s not the case though, and his stances are going to make him a somewhat marginal candidate in the long run

Brownback who?  Like my son said  ” a preacher in the white house strikes me as a violation of the seperation of church and state.”

    Ron paul yet again.  I’ve been being attacked quite openly on some blogs for saying this, but the fact is I’ve been telling his supporters for months that those that control elections in America (no, not the voters, but thats funny) will not let him get close.  This was proven last night by the FOXNEWS conspiracy.  Dr. Paul has had every chance to put forth a feasible and considered platform, and instead chooses to continue with his “sheer folly” approach.  You reap what you sow, and Ron Paul last night received the derision that he has so long courted.

    The debate wasn’t as broad as the democratic debates have been with well over half of the time spent on military related issues and immigration.  None of these people stand for any domestic reforms that will help anyone so it’s probably best that they don’t speak about them.

    Fred Thompson was the big loser for seeking the least common denominator vote on Jay Leno.  If I had to pick a big winner I’d say Hillary Clinton.  Not only do none of these people look like they could beat her, but Bill was on Larry King Live at the same time the debate was going on, and made it very clear that he would play a big role in the foreign policy and domestic agenda of a Clinton administration.

11 Responses to The Republican FOXNEWS Debate

  1. Thanks for the recap. I didn’t get a chance to watch last night.

  2. hi total…sorry not more details, but it was boring as hell except for the pissin contest, and you should go find the youtube of that

  3. Conundrum says:

    Based on your discussion, I’m even more sorry I missed the debate.

    >>>Well as fair and balanced goes that was an atrocious display of hypocrisy.

    The “fair and balanced” logo has been so disproved and ridiculed, I’m shocked they still use it.


  4. there are literally tons of youtubes up con. go check em out….it’s actually pretty good entertainment if you’re into politics and insanity.

  5. Soylent Ape says:

    The overtly partial Fox News handjob that they called a “debate” was a clear sham. Brit Hume showed what a corporate shill he truly is. Calling him a “hack jounalist” is an insult to hack journalists. Fox is about as fair and balanced as Pravda used to be.

    That being said, Paul took the bait that Hume served up and came off looking very un-Presidential.

    But, then, being “Presidential” is overrated. Seven years ago, I thought George W. Bush looked “Presidential”. I’m starting to think “Presidential” is a euphamism for “Megalomaniacal”.

  6. hi soylent. I know its heresy to the Pauliacs, but Ron Paul has more of Georgie in him than any of the candidates. Inability to accept being wrong, uncompromising religious values out of step with reality, and the inability to get laid without an oz. of coke and 3 $100.00 bills.

  7. Soylent Ape says:

    Yeah, he’s as obstinate as Gee W. Bee, but–at least in my opinion–his platform would right a lot of Neo-con wrongs. It’s all academic, anyway. The RNC will ram through its Golden Boy/Annointed Water-Carrier (probably McCain or Giuliani), at which point either Clinton or Edwards will promptly excise his balls and serve them to him in the general.

    Sure, Duncan Hunter probably has some hitch-hikers buried in his backyard and Ron Paul is as batty as Ross Perot on a lithium holiday, but it’s the GOP that’s the most out-of-touch with reality if they believe another Bush is the magic bullet for ’08.

    Thompson may be a wild card, but I doubt it.

  8. check this, the republicans are dead for 08. they have no chance at this moment. the only thing that will change that is world events, and I hear the dead turban boy has released another video.

    I like a lot of what Ron likes. Unfortunately he’s whacked in the head.

    Fred isn’t a cure, he’s a punchline

  9. Soylent Ape says:

    Yeah. I guess my (admittedly less-than-enthusiastic) support for Paul is less an endorsement of his candidacy than it is just my purchasing a clue for the idiots with the elephants on their pinstriped lapels. They’re so single-minded. If it means DOW: 15,000, they’d nominate Hitler, himself. No, seriously…

    When Al Gore made that “extra chromosome” remark about Republicans a few years back, I think he may have been on to something, after all.

  10. Soylent Ape says:

    Um… I just wanted to clarify: I direct that last barb at the GOP leadership, and not necessarily toward the rank-and-file among us. No offense was intended, unless you are one of the jaggoff moneymen that calls the shots for the Party, in which case, feel free to take offense, cock-drainer!

  11. I like Paul the best because he’s the funnest. If he really had a chance to do what he wants I would vote for him just for the change of pace

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