Oh Those Clever Catholics

  the San Diego archdiocese settled a lawsuit concerning abuse claims for $198.1  yes, thats almost 200 million.  It brings to $2.3 billion (that’s not a typo, that’s billion with a “b”) the total payouts from the catholic church since 1950 to cover abuse cases.  Just in the U.S.

   this raises lots of questions for me.  Why haven’t more of them gone to jail?  they are pedophiles, and it’s not exactly a rare occurrence.

    Believing in god is one thing, but giving your money to an organization so tainted by pedophiles seems sinful.

How does one square a pedophile registry, and support of the Catholic church?

Are  catholics so bereft of decency that it really doesn’t matter to them?

Do Catholics understand that their donations to the church are going to pay for the coverup of crimes committed by these sexual parasites?

How does one tell their child that they have to be an altar boy? 

How does a parent answer the question “but what if father Mike makes me put his peepee in my mouth?”

How often does a parent answer the question “but what if father mike makes me put his peepee in my mouth AGAIN?”

It’s really hard not to be disgusted by parents that would raise their children in this environment. 

7 Responses to Oh Those Clever Catholics

  1. Conundrum says:

    Interesting observation and interpretation.

    I agree wholeheartedly.

    Daddy why does father mike keep showing me his peepee? Do I have to like it since he is the priest?

  2. bgraef says:

    I would answer you, but then Id become like you.
    Extremely wise in your own conceits.
    And Im not Catholic.

  3. hi BG, I guess since you are offended, and you’re not a catholic…are you perchance a pedophile?

    you could never be like me. you lack a 12″ appendage of love. you also appear to be pulling the old I’m better than you, and that doesn’t impress me much.

    hi Con…hard to see it any other way really.
    come by anytime

  4. Conundrum says:

    Some of the “faithful” have chosen to agree with you.

    >>>Thousands of Austrian Catholics have formally renounced their church affiliations in recent years, citing disgust with clergy sex scandals and displeasure over a highly unpopular government-imposed church tax.


  5. hi con…I have long advocated taxing the church. they mess in my government…I see no reason my government shouldn’t profit off of them.

  6. Soylent Ape says:

    If you think the Catholic church gets away with a lot here, you should go to one of the Latin countries, where the the Church is central to nearly all areas of life, culture and government. Priests, bishops and cardinals often have de facto immunity from prosecution. One of the reasons why they pay so much to settle lawsuits in the US is that they rarely have to do so in places like Spain, Portugal or Mexico.

    (A few years ago, I would have lumped Ireland in with the rest, but the Irish seem to be opening their eyes to the truth about the Roman Catholic Church.)

  7. there are a lot of ways to God soylent, and apparently in catholicism the pearly gates means juniors shorts.

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