Osama Bin Laden video appears recent

  Well apparently I was wrong.  This goat humper isn’t dead after all.  He don’t look so good though.  

   His requirements for ending the war in Iraq seem entirely reasonable.  I’m thinking he has been talking to Ron Paul, and decided the guy needed a little Mohammed in his diet.  This lends the lie to Al Qaeda only fighting us because we are there,

There are two solutions to stopping it. One is from our side, and it is to escalate the fighting and killing against you. This is our duty, and our brothers are carrying it out,” bin Laden said.

“The second solution is from your side. I invite you to embrace Islam,” he said.

   Appparently Dr. Paul leaving won’t fix this.  Apparently we all have to convert to Islam Mr. Paul.  So, you first.  Embrace Islam big fella, because it’s the only way this war ends.

21 Responses to Osama Bin Laden video appears recent

  1. Robert Micheal of the Saints says:

    LOL actually for having kidney disease with no Dialosys and living in a cave in Pakistan, he looks pretty damn good. Look at GWB pictures from 7 years ago and how he looks now. He looks like crap.

    In Reality it is a Phsy-op to attack Ron Pauls position. All of a sudden bin laden does a 180 and says no no no,,my Original reasons of troops in the holy land, bombing and sanctions on Iraq, and support for Isreal are no longer my position for the 911 attacks.


    You are actually buying this crap, my god just enlist there and go kill muslims, please,,,,

  2. Conundrum says:

    Mr. O b Laden has obviously become either a capitalist or a womanizer, or maybe both.

    I say this because he has evidently been watching the Just For Men beard dye commercials and concluded that getting rid of the gray was a good decision for his image and necessary if he was going to go to a bar to pickup the hot burka-wearing ladies.

    Also, he seems to have found some male hairdresser to trim his beard & eyebrows and fluff up his coif – I say male since he couldn’t possibly let a woman touch him as a devout muslim. I wasn’t stereotyping…they would have killed the gay hairdresser for being gay no matter how well he could do his job. I’m just saying…

    They are a peaceful religion – except for the killings and bombings and stonings and, well you get the idea.

  3. Robert Micheal of the Saints says:

    Um,,I just watch Faux news,,actually he said, want to know why we attack america, read Imperial Huberous,, That’s one of the books on Rude-e’s reading list courtesy of Ron Paul,,,

  4. hello Robert…i went that rout years ago. It was the correct thing to do then, and by god it’s the correct thing to do now.

    only the dumbest Americans don’t understand that that we are hated for our way of life, and our lack of a belief in Allah.

    please say you aren’t one of those.

  5. there is only one reason supported by a myriad of justifications Robert. He hated us while we armed him as well.

  6. I’m thinking its died because its all whiter now, and I’m thinking its wrong to kill homos when banging goats is a way of life

  7. Robert Micheal of the Saints says:

    why isnt he attacking say Denmark, or Sweden, or Swizterland,, which are the TOP 3 Countries that are the freest, we are no. 40. Why arent they gatting attacked,,,THEY ARENT IN THE MIDDLE EAST,,what a moron

  8. maybe because he isn’t a dumb camel humper and understands that attacking us is the biggest game in town. Al Qaeda has attacked numerous countries….did you really just call me a mormon? you’ve met my wives I take it.

    By the way, less than a year ago Denmark was high on the al qaeda shitlist, and in fact many are saying the al qaeda, radical islamic isue runs far deeper in Europe.

    you, you….hare krishna

  9. thescoundrel says:

    He does look bad, but my guess is that his kidneys are not as bad as let on or he has received new ones. My mother was on dialysis for over a year before she died, even good days were bad days. Maybe one of his suiciders sacrificed a kidney before going ballistic. I also heard someone say that it was not uncommon for them to dye their beards. MAybe so as they look less grizzled to the younger members of their harem.

  10. evanescent says:

    You’ve got admire the blatant hypocrisy haven’t you? Isn’t Islam called the religion of peace? Well, yes, yes it is! Peaceful, that is if everyone accepts it, otherwise you’ll all be killed!

    Brilliant. Bin Laden also goes on to talk about human intellect and human rights and freedom. I wonder if he even listens to himself when he talks.

    I’ve just posted my own short article about this new video. You’re welcome to read it here:


  11. Conundrum says:

    I guess Bin Laden has decided to support Ron Paul. HUH, you say?

    Well, he’s talkin’ about the no taxes position of Islam and how Americans should all become Muslims for that reason.

    The only people talking “no taxes” are Ron Paul and ancient republicans who remember what the GOP used to be ever so long ago before it was hijacked.

    Who knew that the Islam was the true religion of the GOP before the bible thumpers went sneaking in and took over.

    I was sure you would have jumped on this like wihte on rice.

  12. alisbasement says:

    Bin Laden doesn’t speak for all Muslims, he actually speaks only for himself and his few stupid followers. That region will calm down once we leave and stop occupying their lands. It’s an illegal invasion and we never had the right to go there in the first place.

    Answer me this, where were the hijackers of 9/11 from? A) Iraq B) Afghanistan C) France or D) Saudi Arabia. The correct answer is D, so why are we in Iraq and not Saudi Arabia? You know why, b/c Bush and the Saudi Kingdom are in bed together and have been since Bush Sr was VP.

  13. Hi Alisbasement… the only fact being most of the hijackers were Saudi Members of al qaeda, Al qaeda contains members from an untold number of countries in the Middle East and throughout the world. The rest of that gibberish is conjecture, innuendo, guilt by association, and ignorance.

    thanks for stopping by.

  14. alisbasement says:

    You didn’t answer my question, what did Iraq have to do with 9/11?

    Also, no one hates you because you don’t believe in Allah, in fact, you already do if you’re a Muslim, Christian or a Jew. Allah is just the Arabic word for God. All monotheistic religions believe in the same God. So, all of us believe in the same God, whether you like it or not. Get your facts straight before you spit that garbage out your mouth.

  15. hi Ali…I didn’t answer your question? ok, I think none, but don’t know and don’t care. Thats the past, and whether involved or not we had to start somewhere. Radical shithead islamists are sweeping the globe and desperately need to be annihilated. I am none of those religions. I’m what is known as an “infidel.” Which means one of the sister-killers at least wants me dead. As far as garbage…i didn’t order you to speak here you illiterate goat fucker, and don’t need you to tell me what to do. Happy?

    I can be so fun in the morning

  16. alisbasement says:

    You stated earlier “only the dumbest Americans don’t understand that that we are hated for our way of life, and our lack of a belief in Allah.” I came on here to clarify your mistake. Allah is Arabic for God, most Americans believe in God, therefore your statement is wrong. That’s all I came here to do, there is no need for insults. I’m hoping to help bridge the gap between two worlds, because there is a lot of misunderstanding and miscommunication. I believe it’s better to tolerate one another then to spread hatred, we don’t need to love each other but we can live side by side in peace. I am neither illterate or a goat fucker, please don’t share your dreams with me, I’m not interested.

  17. hello ali…hows the fatted calf? You can make all the semantic arguments you wish. radical Islamic leaders require either our conversion or our demise. argue that point. From now on to allow for less confusion I will refer to allah as shithead…will that help

  18. alisbasement says:

    Look, I was clarifying the fact that Allah is not some strange being, Allah = God, so if you want to put down Allah, then you’re putting down the God of all monotheistic religions. That’s on you. You’re also buying into the propoganda that these people care about what you do, they just want to be left alone. All these videos are doctored to say whatever our Govt wants them to say. I’m just not going to believe any of this. I understand that you’re heavily opinionated in your views, but do understand there is a beautiful religion called Islam and it does not promote these radicals. They are a few bad apples in the bunch, and every religion has its own radicals, but they do not speak for everyone. You need to relax, your hatred will not improve this world, it only makes it more intolerable.

  19. hi Ali…yes, that’s the exact God I’m aiming at, and could care less what he is called. Hard to worry about a fictitious being. You really bring out the worst in me because you consistently cite liberal apologist dogma in defense of a psychotic regime, and a psychopathic belief structure.

    Since you are flapping your gums, how do you feel about Israel? Maybe it’s possible to receive some educational value from this conversation. The last time though it turned out the Iran defender was just one more anti-zionist spewing his hatred on my blog.

    thanks for stopping by.

  20. alisbasement says:

    I am not going to speak badly on Israel or an entire people. I have nothing against Jews, we all believe in the same God and have common beliefs. I will say this, their history is very similiar to our own. There was a country, a govt, a people who lived in that land and there was a peaceful coexistance. But in 1946, Palestinians were forced out of their homes like the Native Americans which was followed by ethnic cleansing. I do not agree with suicide bombing, but these folks have been robbed of their land and homes and their backs are against the wall, so I can understand why they react the way they do. I’m not condoning it, I’m just saying I understand. Neither of us can put ourselves in their shoes. What are your views on Israel, Jews, and Zionist?

  21. alisbasement says:

    Check out these posts I found, very interesting stuff:

    The Real Jews – http://davron.wordpress.com/2007/09/01/the-real-jews/

    If Americans Knew… – http://davron.wordpress.com/2007/09/02/if-americans-knew/

    There is a clear difference between a Zionist and a Jewish person. True Jews and Muslims want to work together to build a future in Israel/Palestine, unfortunately I fear the Zionists don’t want the same.

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