More Sex in the News

  I’m going to lead off with this story because it is hilarious, sinister, and provocative.  Plus, it involves a short skirt and a sleek blonde.

and now we’ll remove some of the duds for this wonderfully ironic story about Vanessa Hudgens, who plays Gabriella in Disney’s “high School Musical”

Poor Pang.  For our adultery, death sentence, and multiple mitresses story we go to China.  These wives seem to have become upset over the death sentences handed their husbands, so they denounced their …concubine keeper?  Funny stuff.

in the tawdry affair section….so you’re the defendant…how would you feel if the prosecutor was creating the beast with two backs with the judge?  This here is just plain wrong, but apparently they are getting their comeuppance.;_ylt=AnVziJyXDTdrlR8lxbDord4Z.3QA

In the “I thought I was catholic story we have this scumbag teacher in Ireland cruising kiddie porn…pretty nice international job of punching his sex registry ticket

DAMNIT…Britney is going to wear panties…like I care, but some of you might so here’s the scoop on Britney…lingerie model…it’s from pop tarts

if you haven’t figured it out, my link thingie is messin up.

no gay story or animal sex story so I fug this out of the ancient archives…killing to birds with one bone so to speak.

4 Responses to More Sex in the News

  1. When, chronologically speaking, the antisocialist was a child, he several times caught Joe Ficco’s two male dogs having sexual relations. No one ever believed him. He swore up and down. Still, he was called a liar.

    You’re final link makes him feel vindicated.

    Thank you for that.

  2. “hilarious, sinister, and provocative” <– the link is wrong. It doesn’t goto ЯR. I am wounded. Not that we wrote about whatever that article was about…

    “Britney is going to wear panties…like I care”
    You should care. You might sit in a seat she’s been in. Nasty skank.

  3. webster defines narcissism by displaying your picture Bagel.

    I got some shots of your ration reality stickers…i’ll send em to you, and you can poost em if you wish.

  4. hi anti…somehow your comment fell through the cracks…probably cuz i post to much to keep track…anyway..they say people who picture gays everywhere as children grow up to become eunuchs in arabic Harems.

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