The more things change…

     Having been on this planet longer than most dirt, I’ve come to realize that in the short run very little changes.  We expand on theme’s, throw our effort into perfecting the imperfectable, and chase dreams that defy all logical purpose.  We have this incredible need to know more, to do more, and be more than the generation that came before, and to be honest im many ways we fail at it.

    Politics, as you’ve probably figured, is one of my favorite areas of this failing, and the answer to why we fail here is so obvious it’s almost derivative.  In so many things, there really isn’t a litmus test, but I have one that I use on myself.  Would I fire me?  Seems trite, but you’d be surprised how often I find that I would.  It’s a test that we should apply to our politicians.  If you performed at the level that your elected officials perform would you expect to be fired?

   If your answer wasn’t a resounding hell yes, go soak your head.  Now here’s the rub.  It is almost never the Presidents fault, and that includes this time.  Seldom is a president charismatic enough to move things through sheer force of will.  The most disingenuous thing in politics right now is the democrats whining “he lied to us.”  I’m sorry, he can’t lie to you if you were to lazy to read the official reports, as Hillary Clinton has admitted.  I’ll grant that there are several thousand pages, but it also seems sort of important, and maybe she should have took a look, so to speak.

    It was brought to my attention today, that of the last 27 years of presidents, only George Bush senior hasn’t obviously violated either the constitution, or the criminal code.  Ronald Reagan and Geroge Bush were both knighted, ostensibly a violation of the no foreign titles clause, and Bill Clinton is a confessed perjurer.  This doesn’t mean they were failures.  George Bush has performed well under difficult circumstances.

authors note:  i consider being a hand puppet and brain dead difficult circumstances.

He has however kept the nation afloat during a war, and fighting an economy that was declining, and altogether shattered by 9/11.  Do I like him?  Nope.  Do I hate him?  Nope.  I occassionally pity him though.

   Bill Clinton managed to sign into law most of the Contract with America, made it very difficult to receive welfare, signed NAFTA into law, and made big business and special interests a full partner in running the country.  In short, he was a heinously deficient liberal that still commands massive popular support with that party.  The Republicans should make him their honorary lord and master, but getting oral sex demonized him with the party that should have loved his policies.

    George senior fought a war, won a war, and left a war on the table.  4 years isn’t a long time to make a huge mark with a divided congress, and he didn’t.

    Ron was charismatic.  He was also really well coached, and he changed America, and the world .  Very few presidents can say that they changed the country they led.  He was probably the most productive president of our time, and whether you like him or hate him it’s hard to dispute.

  In other words, for 28 years we’ve enjoyed presidents doing what they do.  For that same 28 years we have watched congress flounder around like a piglet runt seeking hind tit.  Other than a couple years with Newt Gingrich at the helm, congress has been rudderless for 3 decades.  The current batch may be the worst.  I’m willing to bet the rest of this years pay that the democrats don’t end the war in Iraq this year.  Why?  they don’t believe it is the right thing to do, and they lack the balls to do what they told the people they would do.

  You wish to fix it?  Vote for Ron Paul.  Heh-Heh.  I was kidding.  If you want your country back.  If you want a government run based on compassion for the populace they serve, then refuse to vote for any incumbent.  Refuse to vote for any currently seated official running for higher office.  “pour les encouragemant des outres”  To encourage the others.  The next bunch won’t perform like this bunch if they know you won’t vote for them.

   Elected officials are only responsive to the public if it pays attention, and takes responsibility.  Your responsibility in this matter is to fire non-responsive employees, and to replace them with those who will enforce your will.  Based on the track record of the organization in question, not a single person should retain their seat past their next election.  The ball really is in your court.

5 Responses to The more things change…

  1. I may well vote for Ron Paul.
    Thing is, I’m not as politically inclined as I once was, and wading through all the bullshit to find where someone stands on the issues makes me miss my days as a junkie.
    So, what’s this Ron Paul guy all about?
    Abortion? Gay marriage? War? Imminent Domain? Sterilizing ugly people?

  2. Hi Bagel He is a strict constitutionalist….states rights, dismantle most of the federal government…anti abortion, anti gay from a personal perspective, and I’m not sure how he would seperate that from his political station.

    I think he’s a bit of a nut based on the fact he has no link between feasibility and his wish list.

    that said, if he advocates sterilizing ugly people I’ll be on board

    where yuh been, tart?

  3. Been busy ruling my queendom, CJ.
    I do visit alot, but I never know what to say to most of your posts. Also, I don’t usually know WTF you’re talking about. I’m usually more up on the politics, but this time there doesn’t seem to be any candidate I’m particularly interested in. I expect, as the election nears, I’ll have some cramming to do.

    Putting the bureaucracy on a diet is always a win. Pro-life is the ONLY choice (bet you didn’t expect that from me, did you?).

    I’m touchy on the gay thing. I’m socially quite liberal (remember when you called me a homophobe?!). It’s difficult to find someone who shares my other views and doesn’t hate on the homos.

  4. on abortion I’m for an individuals right to choose….on guns i’m for legal and massive background checks…gay rights? another it’s not my business, but I see no reason they shouldn’t have the same rights as anyone else. I tend toward being a conservastive, but can’t buy off on the parties social agenda.

  5. I should clarify that I am politically & fiscally conservative.
    As for abortion, I am pro-life BECAUSE I believe in the individual’s right to choose. Adults choose (most aborted pregnancies are not a result of rape) to make babies. Babies aren’t able to make the decision to die for mommy’s convenience.
    Ignore that if you want. I don’t wanna threadjack your blog into a debate.

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