another candidate quiz

  Here is another one of those quizzes designed to tell you which candidate most agrees with your values.  My Top Republican was Mitt Romney, and my top Democrat was Chris Dodd.  The Romney thing had me choking the hell out of myself.  It really is true.  You can’t choke yourself to death.  I did achieve unconsciousness though.

The most gratifying part of the quiz was that Barack Obama came in dead last…right behind Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich.  Apparently I can still spot a whackjob a mile away.

3 Responses to another candidate quiz

  1. conundrum says:

    heavens help us.

    It had me closely aligned with Chris Dodd with whom I have no rapport. It had me at total odds with Mccain who I’ve historically believed had some intelligence although of late I’ve begun to think he is suffering from senility.

    It reported me as having a close second with Kucinich (who I find to be an excessively odd little man) and a very close third with Mitt Romney who I can’t stand.

    Yes, this quiz is a farce. sorry.

  2. Hello criminyjicket,

    You can’t choke yourself to death?

    Maybe, maybe not, but the antisocialist does, for the record, know a guy named Cedro who sure gave it one hell of a try.

  3. hi Con…go easy cowpoke…it had my bottom four t perfection…it just sucks at the top

    hi anti. nope….you pass out first. There are a couple of wondrous litle knots you can tie and choke yourself to death that way, but you can’t do it by hand…maybe if you have a heart condition?

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