Mail Call

  The reason I get an e-mail box is because it is required to sign up on websites.  It is rarely used.  The reason it is rarely used is because I don’t use it…except rarely.  I’ll open it once in a blue moon unless someone says “hey,  I sent you an e-mail.”  I open it seldomly for the simple reason that I am in  an advanced stage of “youth erosion,” and refuse to do anything that requires energy and isn’t mandatory to sustain life.

   So today I got a text message that said “I sent you an e-mail. ”  It was from a company doing business with a company I’m doing some consulting for.  Thusly, about 4 hours after I arrived home from work I rushed to my E-mail.  It was a missive explaining the piping that will be used on the project, and was very important to my finishing my work on the project.  I shall deal with it next Tuesday.

   Below it was a note from one of my esteemed readers.  It read;

Are you dead?  Was it painful? *hopeful look*

   Now normally I don’t answer e-mails unless I like the person…a lot.

This one however deserved a reply.

“yes.”  “and yes.”  “Now please quit emailing me.”

8 Responses to Mail Call

  1. Conundrum says:

    Not to add to your angst and ire but those of us who enjoy your historically daily+ messages are more than a little concerned that you have been ignoring us for at least a week. There has been a concern that something has gone awry in the life of our erstwhile yet honorable baghouse/tower painter.

    so glad to see that you have mustered the disdain of humanity to find a reason to give a message to us, the little people.

    God bless.

  2. hi con…i guess that would be called a snarky commment? I’ve been incredibly busy, and I believe still squeezedi n answers to comments..including from you.

    you little people mean the world to me.

    I did get to climb a 635 foot smoke stack on saturday…that was a hoot.

  3. Conundrum says:

    Not snarky at all…although I will concede that as a possible interpretation.

    I check my favorites link to your blog daily and when there is nothing new, I wonder. there was no 6 am hateful, nothing new from the ron paul campaign…

    Yes, of course you did respond to comments but you have conditioned us to expect no less.

    Glad you are back among the living. “we” missed you.

    And I bet Max has been wondering what has happened in the life of Roscoe.

  4. Deborah says:

    …..I did get to climb a 635 foot smoke stack on saturday…that was a hoot.

    you must have marvelous thighs. No wonder your ex-wives never leave you alone.

  5. hi deborah…only one ex-wife. the others are just ex’s, and I’m almost certain my thighs have nothing to do with it.

    thanks for coming by

  6. well con, with the kids, the pets, the job, the two consultant jobs, and FOOTBALL…plus a litany of maladies that would have you labelling me a hypochondriac, I just haven’t had the oomph.

    I got so busy I forgot to grocery shop, so when next I see max the report shall be that Roscoe was delicious. *g*

    good to see you.

  7. conundrum says:

    When you write FOOTBALL do you mean soccer?

    I ask only in the context that Beckham has been crippled by…crap. Are you filling in for him?

    Per madame Deborah – Lest I sound like a “friend of Larry Craig”, if not your powerfully thrusting thighs…what attracted all those ex’s back to your lair? hehehe

    I love smoozing with you.

  8. Well, Con, I would have to say it is the capriciously malicious nature of the female mind that causes it. i am in all ways a meek and mild member of the gentler gender, and can’t for the life of me figure it out.

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