Taser….it does a body good

   I think weve found the saviour of our society.

    So a loud mouth stands up and disrupts an event.  When assmuffin is appproached by the police, rather than do what any sane person would do under the circumstances (the circumstance being several armed officers approaching an unarmed human equivalent of a three toed sloth), and obey instructions, dimwit decides to play frisky.  Loudly asking what he has done he resists arrest for what seems an interminably long time.

Then it changes to a bitched up plea of “don’t taser me, as he continues to resist.


all over but the cuffing.

I have to say this was a delightful advertisement for the taser.  A bunch of wussyish squealing like a pig, and no permanent damage.  They should do this to virtually all college students.  In fact, I think everyone should be given a taser at birth and be mandated to use it liberally and injudiciously.

It just occurred to me how useful this would be against bad poets.

9 Responses to Taser….it does a body good

  1. conundrum says:

    In times when I’ve been accosted by idiots suffering (hopefully) terminal road rage, I’ve literally ached to become pyrokinetic.

    In my imagination, I could then focus my mental energy on setting the backseat of their car on fire and let it smolder until they suddenly see smoke and a wall of flame in their rearview mirror. My joy is unlimited in thinking of their shear terror and agony. Yippee. WooHoo.


    On the other hand a taser would be almost as good in an up-close and in-your-face kind of way. I could live with that.

  2. blacktygrrrr says:

    You nailed it!

    Well done! I might steal this later this week, giving you proper credit of course.

    eric 🙂 http://www.blacktygrrrr.wordpress.com

  3. Chris Roach says:

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who is appalled by this sentimental bullshit defending this guy. I wonder if even one of these critics has thought for two minutes in his entire life when it’s appropriate to taser someone or not.

  4. I think watching the guy tends to make people wish to kick his ass on principle.

    thank you all for commenting.

    was that Anita? I thought she had been put in some maharajah’s harem or some such?

  5. Anita Marie says:

    Trust me Criminy, you’re closer to the truth then you know.


  6. hi anita….excellent…i want harem stories.

  7. Soylent Ape says:

    I think that’s the ultimate expression of a “self-regulating society”!

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