so, anyway

  I’m not going to finish my conversation with Smiley right now.  It involves the contemplation of the last week, and having lived it I couldn’t possibly more disinterested in the travesty of reason I’ve engaged myself in.  I do however have a few comments about things that havbve no fucking affect on me whatever.

You have to admire the ruthlessness required to kill buddhist monks.   Well, I do anyway.  I also admire the courage of the monks.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Blackwater for bringing to light the plight of mercenaries everywhere.  I would also like to express the opinion that if they were less successful at protecting diplomats this war might already be over.

The annual early October retchfest has occurred.  I think cleaning up barf is gods punishment for those of us who procreate.

Has anyone copped to the fact that we will be in Iraq longer if the Democrats win than if the Republicans do?  When was the last time a democrat got us OUT of a war?

I haven’t really checked the blog spin machine yet, but is it really a good thing that Ron Paul raised $3 million?  Thats like what? 3 nationwide television ads?

I was going to go back and read all the wonderful things on the blogs that I’ve missed, but y’all are far to prolific.  I’m going to just pick up from your last post.  If there is a problem with that send me a memo telling me which missed posts are must reads, and I’ll ignore them just for you.

 I rue the day I decided beating my children was counterproductive.

I’m supposed to be at an Alzheimers fundraiser but I forget where its at.

I like Hillary’s laugh.  She should have practiced more since she hasn’t done it in 40 years.

I got a call from one of my exes at 3 a.m.   She wasn’t drunk.  It reminded me of a line I heard once where an executive said his employees could drink anything they like at lunch except Vodka, because he would prefer his clients think them drunk rather than stupid.  I should point out that my ex isn’t stupid either.  Psychotic.  self absorbed.  megalomaniacal but not stupid.

Hello anti, Max, anita, bagel, kaleidoscope, bagel, conundrum, et al.

Breaks over.  I think i’ll go kill something.

12 Responses to so, anyway

  1. max says:


  2. I’m not. I would be, but I’m not a hot babe like you so i have to try harder. *g*

    nasty cough you have there. I recommend a medium sized jug of robitussin and a qualuude.

  3. conundrum says:

    “I couldn’t possibly [be] more disinterested in the travesty of reason I’ve engaged myself in. ”

    exquisite prose senor.

    Now….my dear young man, what the hell are you talking about?

    I can only react like the dreadful dichotomy of the eager inquisitiveness of closely examining a car wreck yet with the angst of concern over a person who is utterly unknown but feels like a good friend.

    Are we left to assume that the adventure in planning for the successful remainder of your life did not pan out as hoped? Sorry if that long trip to Michigan didn’t work out.

    Through your writing, you’ve caused us, your beloved readers, to care about you.

    Damn it – I’m sounding maudlin. I hate that part.

  4. uberfrau says:

    I know a place you where you can get cheap valium.
    Luckyily, I am not sensitive, otherwise, I’d be crying as I am lumped together with the “et al”. Is that Latin for fuck you?

  5. Anita Marie says:

    Hi Criminy I’m BACK
    Had a rough couple of weeks…but I’ve come back with this happy thought for you…

    Is it true that cannibals don’t eat clowns because they taste funny?


    It made me laugh.

    C Ya In The Funny Pages
    anita marie

  6. ethel says:

    >>>Hello anti, Max, anita, bagel, kaleidoscope, bagel, conundrum, et al.

    I feel diminished being a part of “et al”.

    Where the hell have you been? More importantly, why have you abandoned your loyal readers?

  7. I know a place whereon the wild thyme blows….

    Welcome back.

  8. I rue the day I decided beating my children was counterproductive. <–how dare you insult my life’s work!

  9. Braden says:

    So I’m thinking… what are some potential things Ron Paul would vote against?

    Federal ban on beastiality
    Federal ban on gene-splicing
    Federal ban on incest

    What else? This might make a funny blog someday…

  10. conundrum says:

    It has now officially been one full and complete Gregorian calendar month since you favored us with your musings.

    We are left to assume that you have been captured by evil satanic (possibly Idaho-Republican) Martians, probed extensively (not sure if it was painfully-dry or blissfully-with-lube) before being successfully rescued by Mr. “Dick” Cheney and the US Marines (who did not get 5 war-time draft deferments) and are being held in a secure undisclosed location for de-brief-ing by Mr. Ron Paul who is trying to brainwash you into becoming a strict constitutionalist…or possibly by Mr. Larry “Wide-stance” Craig – given the probing and de-brief-ing nature of events (Please note “possibly-Idaho-Republican Martians” reference above).

    Is there any hope that you will either:
    1 – be released from the safety of your undisclosed location and returned to educating and elucidating us – we, your adoring fans, or
    2- be given unfettered internet access in your secured location to accomplish said educating and elucidating duties.

    What say ye?????

    Inquiring minds need to know.
    Remember The Alamo…no, no, that’s not what I meant (typing tourrettes). I meant – Remember “Con worries”.

  11. uberfrau says:

    Hey, how are you? Are you coming back? I miss you.

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