Yep…still here…been busier than an altar boy servicing priests on good friday, and the net is always the first to go when life gets that way.   I just got over my “get Greg Ballard elected because that cocksucker bart peterson won’t get his fingers outta my pocket” hangover.  Kids are great, roscoe rocks, and mollie mooches…all is good in the world.

I’ll write something worth reading in 2036, but i’ll post something sooner here for those who have displayed curiosity.

5 Responses to g’morning

  1. Anita Marie says:

    Criminy …. YOU’RE BACK!
    anita marie

  2. max says:

    Ahem. Where is the kitten?

  3. cool…anita and max… Anita appparently glad to see me, and max in my ass about a cat. You two are obviously honest as well as you stay in charachter

    really happy to see you both

    and its a fukkin cat max…it is beneath mention

    mut its fine, and does terrible things to socks, shoes and ankles

  4. Soylent Ape says:

    Hey, Criminy! Glad to see you’re back. I was thinking you wouldn’t be back but…shows what I know. Huckabee is being set up for a fall, incidentally.

  5. nursemyra says:

    I’m displaying curiosity…

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