what will you do with your tax rebate?

   Well, its apparently an almost done deal that over 100 million Americans are going to get a tax rebate between 300 dollars and 1200 dollars.  In addition, another 300 bucks per kid per family so if you have 1000 children it could really add up.

I’m curious as to what people will do with this cash.  It’s such a stupid Idea I can’t decide whether to cash the check and stuff the money up my ass and shoot myself so I can take it with me; or turn it into pennies and melt them down and make friendship handcuffs out of them.

5 Responses to what will you do with your tax rebate?

  1. nursemyra says:

    friendship handcuffs? that sounds like something we could make use of at the gimcrack

  2. uberfrau says:

    clearly the friendship handcuffs!

  3. hi nurse…welcome…i’ve been reading you a bit…you’re kinda gifted…and not in the short bus way

    uberbud…good to see you

  4. nursemyra says:

    the shortbus way? oh I’ve seen that film….

  5. Anita Marie says:

    Hey N.M!

    Tell her the truth Criminy…okay I will then,
    The short bus is the bus that, er, the ” Special ” kids ride to school.

    As to the question- I’m going to Roswell for the UFO festival so I’m going to blow every dime on on that.

    For real.

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