The Lobbying Conundrum/Canard

   I’m pretty sure there is an election going on because the politicians are bad mouthing the lobbyists.   They’re an easy target, and therefore are front and center when the nitwits give their speeches. Tonight it was Barack, but they all do it, and like lemmings headed for a cliff we follow along never bothering to contemplate what a lobbyist is.  They aren’t the modern day equivalent of the flying monkeys in the Wizard of Oz.

    All a lobbyist is is someone paid to get some face time with our congressional representatives to ensure that our particular special interest isn’t ignored when it comes time to dole out the cash  our government so egregiously squanders.  Believe it or not each of you probably has a lobbyist working for you.  If you’re old, the AARP has your back.  If you have a union job the AFL/CIO is working every day to ensure that your voice is heard.  If you like chasing down Vicodin with nyquil the pharmaceutical companies have trained monkeys in suits trying to keep the good times rolling for you.

     Everyone is represented.  Every splinter of our society has someone taking care of them in one way or another on capital hill.  The truth is lobbyists are to politicians what candy is to children, and they no more want to see the system changed than do you or I when you think about it.  I’m almost certain my congressman can’t fit all his constituents into his busy schedule what with working on his golf game and all.  I’m glad someone has his ear.  Maybe what we should do is expect our elected representatives to listen to our lobbyists, and then do what is best for the country.  Our lobbyists aren’t the problem.  Our politicians are.  Without their tacit and sometimes overt agreement, the corruption and wholesale fleecing of the populace couldn’t occur.

One Response to The Lobbying Conundrum/Canard

  1. kaliedoscopeeyes says:

    Finally, I’ve found someone who can write about politics, the election, or campaign details without boring or confusing the hell out of me.

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