6 a.m. hateful

August 14, 2007

 first day of school here…teenagers clunking around the house, destroying my tenuous grasp on early morning sanity.

the clamour is deafening, since I’m used to the only sounds being mollies toe nails and roscoe’s grunting.

Have to get used to this again.  No arguing…that’s one good thing about morning.  They’re too tired  to interact.

It’s my protege’s birthday, so no work for him, and its going to rain so I’m going to hide…so no work for me.

i think justifiable homicide is a lot easier to buy into before morning break.

of course not…i would never…but if I don’t ever write here again…that’s what happened

6 a.m. hateful

August 9, 2007

last night someone was being mean in my dream.  Turns out it was me.  I know this because when i smacked myself in the head with a flashlight it woke me up.

it’s gonna be a beautiful 97 degree day heathes.  The silver lining is at least its my friday

6 a.m. hateful

August 6, 2007

god I fucking hate bagpipes. Also the sound of rain hitting the air conditioner.

I’m not to fucking fond of garden gnomes either so you might wish to just leave quietly.

6 a.m. hateful

July 30, 2007

  beats 4 a.m. hateful all to hell.  I awoke to Roscoe using his battering ram head to force mollie out of her territory.  I’m not sure what the fight was about, but maybe roscoe is not a morning rabbit.

Today we tear apart the reverb furnace and the slag caster.  I know you may not know what these are.  That’s part of being hateful.  Not explaining shit to the ignorant.


6 a.m. hateful

July 24, 2007

rising before the sun is what i call “hell practice.”  If everyone gets there own personal hell mine will include a lot of alarm clocks.

6 a.m. hateful

July 20, 2007

lolololol  bwahahahahahah snort

uh…sorry…those really were hateful sounds.

i’m so in love with life this morning i couldn’t be hateful on a bet

some shit is to funny to believe

have great days, and whatever you’re doing…

good luck with dat…