6 a.m. hateful

August 7, 2007

  I did not sleep well…this does not bode well.

that corpulent cretin would be well advised to stay the fuck away from me today. Jobs are easily replaced.  Not so larynx’s.

94 degrees with 12000% humidity…it’s going to be a golden day.

6 a. m. hateful

August 3, 2007

not me…i’m groovie today…all those folks I work with.    I know what they’re thinking, and I know what they’re expecting, but they don’t know what I have planned in addition to.  I’m going to be a prick today.  I never do, not me.  Today though, just for the hell of it.  Ummm, it’s friday.  I’d even go so far as to call it Good Friday.  Last day of rebuild hell….y’all be safe, ornery, and objectified…it does a body good

6 a.m. hateful

July 31, 2007

While I sit here with thoughts of tied up tuesday tickling the back of my brain, I find it surprisingly difficult to be hateful

 one of you speak.  I just know if someone speaks I’ll get it back.

I just remembered what I’m doing today

thou shalt not kill….wanna bet

thou shalt not kill….wanna bet

thou shalt not kill….wanna bet

the voice in my head is being a pussy today

6a.m. hateful

July 25, 2007

surgeon generals warning:  the surgeon general has determined that starting smoking, drinking, using pills, white water rafting, sky diving, running with the wildebeests, crocodile wrestling, snake charming, and talking to Max today are all healthier for you than messing with me this time of day.

I will not choke anyone, i will not choke anyone, i will not choke anyone….later folks i will not choke anyone i will not choke anyo…