Yahya Admits Iranian Acts of War Against U.S.

August 18, 2007

   Well, he’s a smart little camel humper isn’t he?  Yahya Rahim Safavi,  The Leader of the Iranian Revolutionary Gaurds admitted to arming insurgents in Iraq today in a local Teheran Paper.  Since it wasn’t in the official state censored papers it was apparently propoganda aimed at the Iranian people, but was never the less an admission of guilt.  I personally have no problem with the Iranians involving themselves in the conflict, but feel they should be targeted for their involvement.

   The Iranian Revolutionary Guard is an extra-military organization outside the scope of Iran’s military.  They have their own leadership cadre and their own land, sea, and air forces.  They also have  the WMD program in Iran, and the Iranian surface to surface missile assets under their control.  Claims that they are part of the states military organization are absurd.  They are the enforcement arm of a rogue government that has been known to be a sanctioner of terrorism.

   The only thing Yahya’s (love the name) “recent successes” comment could be alluding to is their interference in the Iraq War, which is an admission of guilt.  No problem, but I bet the politicians that keep denying involvement are unhappy.

   While this is an open admission of aggresssion against the United States, it is not a declaration of war.  That would have to come from the Coward Ahmadinejad, and he’s to busy trying on womens clothes to find the time to contemplate an announcement.

the debate (the criminy perspective)

July 24, 2007

  Well, that was fun.  It wasn’t a debate.  It was a forum, but thats a semantic thing.  I have a few observations.  Some of them might even come off as intelligent.  We’ll see.

The I look presidential, I sound presidential, and I will be the next president award goes to (someone just shoot me now) Hillary Clinton.  She did look presidential…except for the female and we’ve never had a female president thing  I was pretty impressed by her.  I still don’t like her, but you have to admit the pantyline made her seem more human.  I would bet against anyone that underestimates her. 

Universal healthcare may be the hammer that destroys the democratic party.  How about limiting it to health care for the indigent, children, elderly and handicapped?

The I don’t really know how this works award goes to Barack Obama for saying he would directly meet with Chavez,Castro, Kim Jong Il, Assad, and Ahmadinejad.  Hillary and Edwards we’re quick to jump on the diplomatic faux pas.  It worries me a little that I knew all their names…my memory should be shot by now.

Who I could vote for award goes to – Joe Biden.  He makes sense.  He’s been around the block, he isn’t some rich fat cat looking to pad his fortune, and he’s been serving this country through a ton of personal strife.  I like the idea of partitioning Iraq, since there is no other idea that has any chance of working.  If it wasn’t for his voting record in congress he’d be the man.  I loved “If thats your baby, you need help” and the followup “I hope he doesn’t come looking for me.”  I also like his position on troops to Darfur

The “surprise criminy” award goes to Bill Richardson for not reciting his diplomatic resume no matter what the question was about.

The I not only look crazy I am crazy award goes to Dennis Kucinich for suggesting that people alive today deserve reperations for something that ended 142 years ago.

The I’m in control (anyone remember Alexander Haig) award goes to Anderson Cooper.  This is no Wolf Blitzer.  He handled things as moderator impeccably.  This guy really never looks bad no matter what he is doing, and I can think of a gazillion journalists(sycophants) that need to watch him and try to emulate him.  If you don’t believe me go over to you tube and get a copy of Sean Hannity’s interview with Huffington.  He is the only idiot on the planet that could make her look intellectual.

The whineass award goes to Mike Gravel…even though i really like this guy.  The reason you are not asked a lot of questions is because you are a marginal candidate.  I liked his firm stance on the died in vain controversy.  I know it’s hard to take, but if you die fighting for a cause, and have no affect on future events…then you probably from that perspective died in vain.

I’m not giving chris dodd an award.  I’m just going to say that I was wrong to judge this guy by his behaviour in senate hearings.  He’s lucid, earnest, and has a reasonable vision for the future if you remove all the stupid I have to say this to please my base rhetoric.  Nice job Chris.

minor notes:

I think it’s cute how they all rail against special interests and corporations.  I particularly liked the corporate carbon penalty idea.  What I think a lot of people don’t realize is that the more we regulate our industries, and force them to pay the costs…the less able they are to compete in the global market that these same public officials created.  I know it sounds good, but we are flat getting our asses kicked in global trade, and it’s because the countries that are eating our lunch are not being regulated the way we are.

Bill Richardsons 40K minimum wage for teachers.  That sounds nice don’t it…ok…i have a confession…I’ve been working at my current job since January.  I will make substantially more than 40K this year.  Here comes the good part.  I’m a painter.  I don’t know about you, but I think a society that pays its teachers less than it pays its painters deserves whatever fate hell can dream up for it.

I want to find fault with healthcare for illegal aliens but i can’t.everyone should receive medical attention if they need it, and under current law, believe it or not…you do.  Hospitals can not refuse to treat you.  They can transfer you to another facility, but you have to be treated.  Insured or not.  In theory.

   The gay marriage issue I’m going to do a flip flop on.  It’s not governments business.  I think what Obama said was right.  If churches wish to honor gay marriage thats fine.  It is a civil matter.  I do think that they should have all the same rights and privileges as married couples, but think they should have all the same costs.  Once entered into a civil union they should have to get a divorce to break it, and pay all the appropriate alimonies child support etc that the court deems appropriate .  Thats what I call getting kissed before you get f%$ked.

I thought it was nice of all these wonderful religious people to think it’s okay for people not to be religious, and to think they should still have a voice in our society.  It was very inclusive of them. *smack*

All in all it was entertaining.  Some of it was funny, some of it was sad, some of it was just plain stupid.  A typical presidential candidate forum.

Ron Paul Did Not Warn of Staged Terror Attacks

July 14, 2007

  The way the question was asked allows that misconception to leap onto the pages of blogs everywhere.  What Ron Paul did was not address that point at all.  The interviewer should be basted with liquidated lard and beaten with rubber truncheons for his incredibly bad interview style, but Ron isn’t guilty of that offense.  He did spazz out and warn of an Impending “Gulf of Tonkin” style incident involving Iran. 

Iran is problematic.  Their president is a former member of the student group that kidnapped American Embassy employees in 1979.  They slapped the Carter administration around for over a year while playing “gunpoint” politics on a world stage made possible by liberalisms almost kneejerk reaction to coddle any group of psychopaths.  Their desire to let extremists suckle at their bosom has long propped up terrorist organizations, and now it appears the libertarian movement has joined the crowd. 

  So, what we have is a candidate for president lending cover to an islamic-extremist government.  He can say he is against our government interjecting itself in foreign matters, but he appears to be doing exactly that.  There is little doubt, even in the extreme left wing media that Iran is investing itself heavily in the war in Iraq.  They have long sought to attain oil rich areas of Iraq, and in fact fought a war over disputed territories with the former Hussein regime.  They failed against Saddam, and now are salivating all over themselves in anticipation of an American withdrawal.

    Ahmadinejad is no fool.  Ron Paul might be.  He is aiding the enemy when he acts like Iran does no wrong. He is propping up his political ambitions with fear mongering rhetoric.  It is likely to backfire, because Iran has no desire to enter into open conflict with the U.S., and the Bush administration is very unlikely to initiate open hostilities with them. Ron’s claim that we are setting up a Golf of Tonkin style incident has two huge flaws politically. First, while the Gulf of Tonkin incident was overblown, the Maddox was attacked, so the initial reports of the incident did occur.  Iran is not going to openly attack a U.S. warship. They are not as stupid as the pauliacs want them to be.  They are just psychotic, a much more dangerous animal, it’s true, but easier to understand. Second, the U.S. has to attack Iran for Ron Paul not to look like a raving spank monkey, and they just aren’t going to.

   So for all you pauliacs that want to do the semantic arguments about that interview, go snuggle up to your conspiracy theories, and watch as your fearless leaders drags his candidacy into oblivion with this nonsense.