Ron Paul wins Alabama and New Hampshire straw polls

August 19, 2007

  And he won them huge with 81% and 73% percent of the vote.  Mitt Romney came in second, and everyone else pretty much failed to show.  It looks like Ron Paul is starting to flex that vaunted internet grassrooots muscle his supporters have been talking about.

   Sure, get real.  The two polls between them had less than 500 voters, and at least one of them was a taxpayers organization picnic. I can’t seem to find what the event was in Alabama so I’ll surmise it was the annual incest, beer, and bar b q get together at the Hog Waller saloon.

   These tiny straw polls work well for a grassroots organization.  It’s easy for the average militia or right to life group to overpower the vote tally just by getting blood reletives involved.  I’m not trying to denigrate the victories, but I’m curious as to why the awesome change in direction the campaign has taken since Iowa.  If numbers are to be believed Ron Paul is now enjoying a surprising polularity cushion over second place also ran Mitt.

The contestants had this to say:

   It’s rumored that Mitt, while in his  cups down at the leather room in Mistress Trina’s House of Worship was heard to

exclaim ruefully “all it takes is free food to get Ron Paul’s bloggers to vote.”

  A representative for the Tancredo camp, appearing to suffer from shock stated “To hell with Iran.  We should nuke Alabama. I’ve never seen more house shoes and mumu’s, and less teeth in my entire life.”

Fred Thompson:  In what appears to be a Christian Coalition inspired hypnotic trance “Straw polls are bad law and bad medicine.”

Mike Huckabee:  while sucking his thumb “but god’s supposed to be on my side, what a gyp.”

Rudy Giuliani:  “you mean I kissed all these dirty smelly little peasants for nothing”

so there you have it.  Todays straw poll with just the hint of reality they deserve.