Ron Paul and supporters: How to broaden your base

August 9, 2007

   The tragedy is that after 8 months, and a lot of rhetoric, Ron Paul finds himself in a statistical deadheat with me.  Figure in the margin of error (which is always at least 3%) and his 2% is statistically the same as my 0%.  What is needed is a new outlook, and a new direction.  Here are some ideas.  Several of them pertain to expanding awareness on the net.  The reason for this is that it appears to be the only place his supporters ever go.  I’ve seen one Ron Paul bumper sticker, and that was on a car that had a driver doing 45 in the fast lane.

1.  Buy Ron Paul a cat.  I canhazcheeseburger folk are as rabid as ron paul bloggers.  Plus, there are one helluva lot more of them.

2.  Start all posts pertaining to Ron Paul with the words breasts, lust, sex, blowjob, orgy, or menage a trois.  Nothing is expanding interest so far based on poll numbers, and this will ensure a new group of people see your writing.

3.  Change his name to Ron Clinton.  That woman(bill clinton did not have sex with her either) is doing way better than Paul, and has given the American public every reason not to trust her.  It has to be the name.

4.  Photo shop some pictures of him with a babe.  Fred Thompson isn’t even in the race and he is kicking Ron Paul’s ass.  The hottie wife can’t be hurting him in the polls.

5.  get him some xanax.  I like him, but face it.  He was so strident in the last debate you’d swear someone had expanded the constitution to include protection for gays and gummy bear sex.

6.STFU.  You never say anything anyway, and your insane attack pauliac rhetoric is turning off the electorate.  He has some good ideas with some real dumbasses projecting them to the world.

7.  Drink less.  No, really.  It’s obviously a problem based on the drunken comments I get about how much his movement has grown.  I’m sorry…he has been at no more than 2% since day one.  Thats not growth. 

8.  Release a work out video…good god, the mans neck looks like a roll of dimes.  No sex appeal, no charisma.  Buying suits at the childrens section at JCPenney’s isn’t going to get the churchlady vote.

9.  Something new.  I’m sure you’re tired of hearing this, but we know Ron Paul.  We knew everything he had to say within 15 minutes….now what?  This is a contest, dingbats.  You are losing because it looks like you’re snoozing.

10.  hire me as campaign manager.   No forget that.  I’m not taking a pay cut, and getting my ass kicked by a mormon named Mitt, and a NYC italian that looks amazingly like Mussolini isn’t an attractive career move.

Stay mad.  Stay really mad, and never try to put forth a coherent thought when you comment toward the opposition, or even the undecided.   You guys are so pissed off even your moms won’t talk to you anymore.  I know…it’s because you are right and everyone else is wrong, but telling us that all the time just makes us want to kick your ass.

6 a.m. hateful

August 7, 2007

  I did not sleep well…this does not bode well.

that corpulent cretin would be well advised to stay the fuck away from me today. Jobs are easily replaced.  Not so larynx’s.

94 degrees with 12000% humidity…it’s going to be a golden day.