my favorite search engine hits

July 6, 2007

  That little box on the left on the dashboard is just full of insight into the things people look at on the web.  Anyone who reads here knows whats here, and  for the most part it is  run of the mill stuff.   The search engines manage to categorize things in such a way that it really doesn’t matter what you write about, you’ll get found by someone that doesn’t want to find you. Here’s my top ten “how the hell did you get here” search terms, in no particular order

1.  mother’s lust stories – this is wrong on so many levels that until I get my prescriptions refilled I can’t even contemplate it

2.  roman candle jousting – ok, I did talk about it, but someone aactually sat down and typed that in their browser?

3.  how mush waght can i lose – I know what they meant was “much weight,” but how the hell did the search engine know?  It’s a little creepy to me that they interpret mispelled words.

4. cigar birgins legend  – again i did say it, but  i spelled virgins correctly.

5.  i just want to die – random chance? or is criminy’s little house of pathos not recognized for its incredible wit and timeliness?  “hey mac, we got another death wish”  “send em to criminy’s…that oughtta do it”  another thing that concerns me is was this on page one, or am I #367,821 on the list and this tortured soul came here anyway?

6. hairstyles – its not funny.  It’s just strange.  I’ve never mentioned hair in my life.  i have only two styles…too long, and cut off.

7. dog sex rabbit – Roscoe is now famous, but which sick bastard searches for that?

8.  crapping pants voices – wonder if this was an alli fan, or just someone that knew verbal defecation was available somewhere on line, and hit the jackpot

9.  jesus christian religion – ahem…talk about disappointment.

10.  girls night out – what better to do than swing by criminy’s? the only one that makes any sense at all to me.

   I think i’m getting a lot of hits from perverts.   which seems a little bit odd because roscoe is the only one ever has sex here.