How could they fuck this up?

September 6, 2007

   They had complete surprise.  Nobody had any idea what was going on.  Yet once again the Commander-in-Chief, and the U.S. armed forces failed to take advantage, and failed at yet another mission that would’ve gauranteed the security of America’s heartland for decades to come.

   On several occassions over   the last 8 years I’ve had several disagrements with the current administration, but believed they were doing their best with the somewhat limited intellectual resources at their disposal.  I’ve made allowances for the fact that they botched up the war in Iraq because I understood it was about personal enrichment, and it’s hard to concentrate on killing people while your stuffing your pockets full of cash.

   This however is unforgiveable.  I will no longer make excuses for these cretins.  They obviously have no idea how to protect the American people, and should be impeached or skinned alive

How in the hell do you fly 6 nuclear weapons over South Dakota, Iowa, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Louisiana and not drop one in every single state along the way?

note: I’m not really a member of the republican party nor do i advocate any damage being done to the scurrilous bastards currently working out of 1600 pennsylvania avenue.