Ford’s hydrogen fueled prototype does 207mph

August 20, 2007

   Now were talking.  I know nobody likes to hear it, but George Bush has been pushing this type of vehicle for years.  He talked about it in his state of the union addresses, and its now nearing reality.  Fords Fusion race car performed admirably on the salt flats, and according to the news report they have 30 of these prototypes being tested in the U.S., Germany, and Canada.  The 30 vehicles have 500,000 miles logged between them, and have a fuel cell that will take them 350 miles; roughly the same as your gas tank takes your current vehicle.

It has no carbon footprint.  None.  Zip. Zero.  Sometimes even a Republican can get it right.  Sometimes though you don’t realize it they are working toward what they said they were working toward.  No word yet on when it will be publically available.

Thanks for the push this technology needed George.  Now get us to hell out of Iraq.  I still don’t like you, but this was good work.


August 18, 2007

  I finished reading Deathly Hallows.  I know its heretical to complain about “the great she,” but am I the only one that thinks she was looking at her watch toward the end?  She seemed to tie up a lot of loose ends in a really quick hurry.  Might of had a date.  Book was ok.  Better than the others in the overall.

I have not finished painting the baghouse.  It’s large, and I’m small.  I’ll win, but its kicking the shit out of me doing so.  I’ve been working that grinder so much this week I’m stuck on vibrate mode.  Probably a good time to get laid.

Messing with the painter(s) being all the rage at work, i have declared myself an industrial coatings specialist.  It shall take several weeks for them to learn to pronounce each of those, and that will allow me to again take the upper hand in at work word wars.  friggin changos de turdbiters.

I’m doing a tune up on the kids car tomorrow, and changing his front brakes.  Working on cars makes me cuss, so if you need some new words, drop on by…the neighbors will go shopping about 10 minutes after i start.

Roscoe the wonder bunny is shedding his long fur.  He is doing this from front to back.  For a visual perspective, imagine going on a diet and losing weight top to bottom.  In a related story, he appears to dislike being laughed at.

Ever go through one of them stretches where you couldn’t get laid if you were an egg?  You haven’t?  Yeah….well….ummmm…me either

I’m a pretty good cook.  Tonight I made lasagna, and it was really quite good.  Easy to.  Peel back plastic.  Nuke for 6 minutes.  voila. 

I was a little alarmed when I turned on The Daily Show.  I don’t watch often, because he isn’t very funny.  WOW….John Stewart looks ollllld…45 must be the new 60.

It’s a little unfortunate that so many feel the sanctity of life is more important pre-birth than post.  I found this at Sobiop’s, and found it to be incredibly scathing.  I like the way this human convey’s a thought so I stuck em on my blogroll.

This one needs some raving lunatic spray.  His posts are always lucid and well written, but his commenters are not.  Which adds a little spice.  I added him to my blogroll out of sympathy.  I think his blog only gets a few million hits a day, so I thought i’d try to help him out.

  Now this one is a new blog.  I found him when he responded to one of my 7 minute thinker posts with a 4 page dissertation on chinese trade policy complete with links.  I thought the effort showed moxie, and while it’s still quite possible that he’s a bonafide Pauliac, he appears to be a high functioning pauliac and thats good by me.  His comments were incredibly well written and if he knows half as much about anything as he does about trade policy he should be read by all…good luck Barry.

   I’ve been reading this one for awhile, and his absence from the blogroll is an oversight.  Intelligent, aware, and occassionally witty life forms are rare, and he is one.  A blogger thant makes you think.  this is original.

this week for me.

July 20, 2007

  What an interesting week its been. I’ve changed cars almost as often as socks, I’ve lowered myself to the level of a nitwit economist, I continue to distill a high level of either antipathy or apathy amongst my readers, and I’ve been called names again.  Hell, I even called a couple.  Work has been somewhat of a hoot, and the kids are grounded for intransigence above and beyond the call of duty.

   The much ballyhooed return of MDVP.  Not a moment to soon either.  I was annoying the hell out of some people while I awaited the return of the ultimate compassionate conservative.

Antisocialist has been added to the blogroll.  Another of those I don’t always agree with, but if I agree with anyone some of the time I find that to be an amazing achievement.  He does an incredible job of sourcing his articles, and has some excellent posts on his blog.

  I’ve also added a screed apart.  He writes some intriguing stuff about the shape our society is in.  He even uses charts and pictures so I don’t have to work to hard for it.

anita of whacked out, tormented stories without endings fame has a journal as well.  She intentionally hid this from me so that her friends wouldn’t know she reads my blog. she is a smart person.

   Other than that I’ve found the usual intolerant nonsense for the most part.  I think I’ll do a blog soon giving links to places that will make you piss your pants laughing.  Amazingly they aren’t all pauliac blogs.  I met an economist who flat rails against the use of knowledge, instead offering numbers as a reasonable option.  The problem is all his math is flawed. I actually like people like this.  You can go to there blogs, say anything you wish, and have a good argument.  You can even change your point several times (i know because I did this with the economist) and they won’t even notice.  They are so busy trying to convert you they have no clue what you are saying.  Blogging is a gas.  Of course reading these blogs is like watching two monkeys bang a football.  It’s all wasted effort.

The rum is chilling, the lime is sliced, the coke is new and therefore fizzy, and it is almost time for cuba libres’…

and the Harry potter book is 7 hours away

My 3 car day.

July 19, 2007

   Ever have one of those days where getting out of bed was precisely the wrong thing to do?  That’s not what happened today.  Had I not gotten up I wouldn’t have had one of those days that make me appreciate the mundane mediocrity of the rest of them.

    The menagerie was in fine form.  Mollie had to be let out three times before she could decide whether she wished to relieve herself or hang out staring at me while I shaved.  Front door, bathroom.  bark bark bark. front door bathroom. bark bark bark.  you get the idea.  I still managed to complete the morning ritual consisting of the most invigorating urination experience imaginable, shower shave brush tooth and head for the door.

    I stopped at the refrigerator because I’m on a fruit kick.  Not for health reasons, but because they don’t make you feel like you ate a Buick when you’re trying to work.  Plums, these wierd plum apricot hybrids that I think are going to make me grow a third eye in the middle of my forehead, a mess of grapes, a banana, and a bunch of blueberries.  All I need is a haircut and a latte and I’d be the oh so metrosexual MDVP’s midwestern soul brothah.

   Still right on time, but then I tried crossing the living room.  Roscoe was lying in wait.  He latched onto my foot, and no matter how I petted, treated and cajoled the fuzzball wouldn’t release me.  It appeared almost as if he was trying to tackle me.  I’m not what you’d call large, but the wonder bunny was seriously deluded if he thought I was going to play along.  I snatched him off and sent him on a little two yard roll across the carpet, and WHAM, before i could even straighten back up I again had a bunny shaped tumor on my foot.  This went on for several minutes before he finally gave up and wandered over to watch TV.  He sits sideways in front of it.  If he sits face on to it he can’t see it and is therefore either sleeping or plotting death for his infidel owner.

   And so it was off to work.  The sky looked like this Dali painting, and about halfway to work it decided to rain like hell.  I was doing the usual 60 in a 40 and doing commentary on my fellow commuters inability to exhibit even a modicum of motor control.  I get into this work zone where you have to slow down or they fine you 7 gazillion bucks.  they have those concrete barriers set up narrowing the road down to a lane you’d play hell driving a bicycle through, and there in the middle of the road is this honking big block and tackle with about 40 foot of logging chain attached.  It had apparently fallen off a truck.  This didn’t interest me.  It must have weighed 200 pounds.  This didn’t either.  It somehow tangled itself around the front left suspension of my car.  Again, no interest.  My car went from 45 to 0 in 8 feet.  Ok, now my attention was sort of riveted to the incident.

    I have just become the lead car in what would be a 10 mile long traffic jam before they finally managed to drag the thoroughly shot carcass of my entirely to low slung piece of shit out of the way.  I called my boss.  He was still laughing when I got to work, which I accomplished by catching a cab, hopping in the eclipse, and checking out the view of indy at mach 2 on I-70 west.  Indy is much prettier if you blur it just a touch.

   We’ll not talk about work.  Thats over for the day.

   So I’m heading home at what could only be considered a reasonably sane speed when this truck hauling some sort of aluminum shafts, we’ll call them spears,  suddenly loses part of its load.; to wit, one 12 foot long piece of perfectly balanced aluminum rod that took one absolutely beautiful to behold hop off the concrete prior to ramming itself through the fiberglass fender, the rubber tire, and the metal passenger door of the eclipse.  I should not have poked fun of the gold standard yesterday, metals seem out to get me.

   car, cab, car, that’s three.  I’m not leaving the house tonight.  Except to go either rent or buy a car.  I’ve yet to decide.

I’m thinking something in an armored truck.

no work for you

July 14, 2007

  Today was supposed to be a workday, but I blew it off.  Well, not really.  I got in my car, and you know how your car will do that rrr rrr rr thing when it’s cranking over, but has no real intention of starting?  Mine didn’t do that.  When I turned the key mine did nothing.  I was confused by this, because if there is one thing I’m good at it’s keeping a piece of crap car running.

   I’m not your typical male when it comes to cars.  I don’t much care for them.  To me they are like any tool.  they serve a purpose, and they aren’t worth investing yourself in them.  You use a hammer to drive a nail, a woman to have an argument, and a car to get from point A to point B.  I don’t tend to spend a lot of money on them, and I don’t mind that they usually require more maintenance than a Harley Davidson.  It gives me something to do with all the time on my hands. 3 kids, a rabbit, a dog, a job, this stupid blog, and more damn safety classes than I even knew existed fail to use up all 20 waking hours of the day, and the car is utilized for that left over time.

   I popped the hood, and lo and behold, something was amiss. To wit, my battery was missing.  Apparently someone needed a battetry in the middle of the night, and being thoughtful decided it would be impolite to wake me and ask for it. I don’t lock my car.  Theory being if I do they will just break the window if they want something.  So far that insidious “they” have stolen the floor mats, the stereo, and now the battery.  That still doesn’t equal the cost of one window, so my theory is winnning the +/- expenditure battle.  Pain in the ass though.

    I confess this didn’t cause me to miss work.  I have a battery in the basement, and they take about 5 minutes to install.  I would have been late though, and whether 5 minutes or 2 hours late, you lose a half a point.  I decided I might as well use the whole two hours, and went back inside to crash for an hour.

   That’s one of my talents.  I can sleep standing up, laying down, sitting on a cactus, you name it, i can sleep there.  Almost instantly too.  When I woke from my nap it occurred to me, since I’m losing a half a point, why not make a day of it, and lose a whole point.  What a fantastic idea my innner sloth said, and so I called in.

My boss is a wonderfully funny human, who took some delight in my tale of the absent battery.  He then said something along the lines of “you are so full of shit.  you just don’t want to work today.”  My reply was along the lines of “damn, you’re good, but the battery thing was true.”  So we made a deal that I would work tomorrow, and i would lose no points.

works for me. I like working on sunday because it gives me a good excuse for not attending church.  Like I need something better than I don’t wish to.

I’ve nothing to write about

July 4, 2007

  well, i was going to write, but it just isn’t there.  Big surprise.   My mind is on the coming bar-b-q, drinkathon, fireworks extravaganza, and keeps being invaded by random dumbness.  I have maybe 20 good ideas a day on what to write about, but I only have them when I’m not in the vicinity of anything to write with.  If a tool for communication is present i have all the creative ability of an oyster.  Which is I why I keep dropping all these pearls on the three of you.

    Does Great Britain get pissy and plot revenge on the fourth of July?

    Do liberal females support islamic radicals because Burkha’s look so comfortable?

    I know its not commonly known, but freedom of speech goes hand in hand with the freedom to STFU.

    Do personal attacks bother you?  When someone attacks my person I generally go clip my toenails. 

    Have you ever been in a bar, half drunk and thought “there is no one in this whole place that I’m going to sleep with tonight?”  

    me neither

    when your phone rings do you find yourself sneaking up on it hoping the call isn’t from you know who?

    when you get in your car do you feel sexier, or does that just happen to bald fat middleaged men driving vettes?

    How mad would you be if you found out that vegetables being healthy was just a government disinformation    campaign designed to help out farmers?

    Have you ever been talking to someone, and out of the blue you think “i’ve finally found my soulmate?

    Have you ever been right?   again, me either

     If it wasn’t for my children I would likely be rich, incredibly adventurous, and very unhappy.

     there are exactly 7,436,519 reasons why men and women should not live in the same house.  Yet they still persist in this insanity.

     they keep making gadgets that will make my life easier.  All I want is something that will bend over for me.  that I could use.  Nope, its not a feature on the Iphone so I will never own one.

     If being poor isn’t fun why are so many people poor?

     to my liberal fan base:  If George Bush is so stupid, how did he beat Al Gore and John Kerry?  I mean, if they’re the best and the brightest the liberals have to offer, how did a dumbie get the job meant for them?

      If you ever have a few minutes to kill, and your ignorant about what the fight against islamic fundamentalism is all about…type the words “sharia law” in your browser window.  No, don’t bother.  you’re funner when you don’t know what the hell you are talking about.

      I have ribs marinating, rum and tequila cooling, and my neighbors expecting our attendance at the usual 4th of july get together.  

    Thank god i have rum and tequila cooling.  Inebriation is the only thing that makes neighbors tolerable.

     My son just woke up.  Had I ever slept past noon my father would have…well…it’s why I call him father, and not dad.

    Happy fourth of july.  May the freedom we cherish be recognized as something others fought and died for.