another conspiracy theory

August 9, 2007

   It must just be a hard habit to break.  When what Ron Paul’s campaign needs is to look reasoned and steadfast, what his followers are doing is advancing another “they are out to get us” theory.  The new foofaraw is about the diebold voting machines.  Keep in mind now that not one single ballot has been cast.  They already believe it is being done to cheat Ron Paul.

      While I’m for fair elections, I think the outrage being spun by the pauliacs is a little eccentric.  Do they really think the other candidates got together, and planned to use machines that would allow them to cheat Ron Paul?  Not Ron Paul master of the universe, but Ron Paul, the winner of no more than 2% of any mainstream poll?  Yes, I know he won the picnic in New Hampshire, and he placed second to Fred Thompson in South Carolina.  Neither of those had more than 300 voters involved, and there was no scream of fraud from the other candidates.

   I personally believe Ron will do better than his 2% average.  I think he will net in the 3.5% range.  I also think that what is bothering so many pauliacs is that his campaign isn’t growing faster.  He has decent ideas, but his grassroots movement is bereft of any organizational skills, and its showing in his lackluster numbers.  Why not quit pre-whining, and  start calling likely voters in Iowa?  That sounds like a better use of your time