Ron Paul; by the numbers

August 25, 2007

   I have come to the conclusion that people really don’t wish to support a candidate without understanding what effect the candidates platform will have on them economically.  That being the case, I thought I’d share with you The fiscal impact Ron Paul’s vision will have on you.  First, I’ll give it to you scientifically.

1.   uh, I dunno.

That takes care of the scientifically derived at numbers for Ron Paul’s issues.  Now we shall move on to the rhetorical.

1.  uh, I dunno.

   You see, Ron Paul isn’t giving us any numbers.  There is nothing substantive in what he says.  He will save us money by ending the war, but then he will spend it defending our borders.  There is no economic model designed to tell us what his constitutional form of government will cost/benefit us, but rather merely the assurances of the good Dr. and his merry men.  I suppose a Robin Hood analogy is inappropriate, because from what I can tell the one thing that is certain is that the poor will be screwed severely by a Ron Paul presidency.  That hardly matters of course, because poor people vote democrat, don’t they?  Hardly, but they aren’t going to be voting for Ron Paul.  They know he hates them, as do any liberals that have paid attention over the last two decades of Ron Paul in office.

    The crossover vote isn’t going to happen.  The vast left wing media armada will put the boots to Ron the minute he appears to be a viable candidate.  The left wing blog world already has, and if you read the daily kos you know what I mean.  Basically, Ron Paul’s only supporters are those who dream of a mythological kingdom where honesty and fairplay conquers reality, and a small time doctor can live his dream of  colonial domination.

   Show me some numbers.  Anybody.  Give me something tangible that would make me think Ron Paul would make my life better.  Don’t offer me his dream of freedom, because freedom in todays society is something you have to take.  Don’t give me more rhetoric about the free market making everything right.  The free market has long been fraught with fraud and corruption, and in no way benefits the vast majority of American people.

   It’s smoke and mirrors gang, until he proves otherwise, and thats why the mainstream media doesn’t cover his campaign.  There is virtually nothing to cover.


oh man this is hilarious

August 12, 2007

  Sub-prime mortgages.  What a great idea.  HAHAHA.  There is no way this idea can tank.  No risk here.  I’m serious.  Every time I see this I start laughing.  So far, the stock market has gone nuts, foreclosures are through the moon, and the global economy is starting to feel the pinch.  How can you not laugh at mortgage brokers that sold homes to people they knew couldn’t afford them?  Or at those people that bought knowing damn well they couldn’t afford the mortgage payment?  It’s like not laughing at someone crying about credit card debt.  You spent beyond your means and you lost.  Tough shit.

George Bush doesn’t think the government should bail out the subprime market, but I don’t see how he’ll avoid it.  I agree though.  Let them swim in the cesspool they created.  Besides, it’s incredibly funny reading  Here are some links;_ylt=AoUFvPlGoS_r0dx7e.k7eSJv24cA;_ylt=AgoepOOTVZlDrhIT5M4c9oOb.HQA

here’s a tip….buy precious metals..this isn’t the end of the world, but I’m thinking it could get real ugly