Ron Paul Places 3rd in Texas Straw Poll

September 2, 2007

   Ron Paul continues to place in the top 3 in virtually every straw poll conducted.  This one, in his home state of Texas, was only for voters who have either been delegates or alternates to a state or national convention recently. 

Duncan Hunter came in first, with Fred Thompson second.  No candidate outside the top 3 got more than single digits.  Duncan Hunter, famous for his strong Border Security stance did well in the border state, and Fred Thompson, famous for not being a candidate yet, but with strong southern values, also did well.

   Ron Paul’s third in his home state isn’t that surprising as these are strong party advocates, and Ron Paul isn’t a good Republican by any stretch.  Placing third is actually probably a good barometer of his conservative values.  Texan’s aren’t so much conservative, as they are rural, xenophobic, and big business republicans.

   Who am I kidding.  If you can only muck up a weak third in your home state you don’t have issues…you have become an issue.  Time to fold the tent Ron.  You have again deteriorated into a no hoper.

Who is Duncan Hunter?  No, I’m asking…who is he?  this is really kind of funny when you look at it.

The retardation conflagration

August 30, 2007

  I haven’t been here much this week.  It’s been a bear, and we’ll leave that right there.

I’m a little curious as to how it is that the only thing  CNN and FOXNEWS can agree on is that one sad, closeted, gay senior citizen Senator should resign.  I’ll grant that it kind of gives me the willies that he felt a mens room was the place to look for sex, but if blowjobs from an employee (unpaid) in the oval office are ok, I’m not sure I find playing footsie with an undercover cop all that vile. 

   Oh my god.  The U>N> has weapons of mass destruction.  I think that we should perform a preemptive strike against the bastards.  We could call it shock and awe, and everyone could stay up to the wee hours of the morning cheering as we bomb the dogshit out of new york. 

author’s note:  I said that in jest, but the more I think about it the more I like the idea.

Now Silicone Valley has decided that unemployed American workers are so en vogue that they are going to ship manufacturing jobs overseas.  I wonder if these assclowns have stopped to consider that once all our jobs are over there, we won’t have any money to buy the substandard products they are pushing over here.

  A Colorado school has banned tag on its playgrounds because of student complaints of harassment.  About the only kind thing I can say about how we as a society are raising our snotnosed, whineassed,  pussified children is that I’m glad I’ll be dead before they are old enough to become good little muslims.

   Fred thompson has decided to finally show his ass, I meant cards, and enter the fray.  I’m not sure if he is entering because the opposition seems so weak, or if he really thinks he can win, but let’s get real.  The electorate is as smart as a house plant, and you know what that means.  Ron Paul baby…he’s the man.  I’m thinking about coming out with my endorsement of the Ron Paul insanity…er I mean campaign soon.

   What’s with  all the feigned surprise?  The chinese own more of the Democratic party than they do the island of Hawaii.  They’ve been buying the Clinton’s for so long the only question seems to be why don’t they stay bought?  Face it, if it would get her elected Hillary would hit her knees in the middle of Tianamen Square and wouldn’t get up until the last Wang was pleasured.

    Ron Paul had about 1500 people at his come one come all birthday Bar-b-q, incest fest, and Militia sign up.  We get that many at our block parties, and all we promise is free booze.  I guess promising freedom isn’t exactly the same as granting it.

  ok, that’ll do.  I left out the Austrian teen trying long pig, the mother who gave birth at McDonalds and trying to flush the baby down the toilet, the mathematical explanation for Jessica Alba’s sexiness, and the two Corey’s, because I fear actual medical conditions are apparent.

New Rasmusson Poll proves me right; all candidates wildly unpopular

August 22, 2007

  I hate to say it, but I told you so.  I’ve been harping against the two party system because it is far to limiting.  I think this poll proves me right.  Well, of those listed anyway.  For whatever reason Ron Paul isn’t listed but John McCain and Sam Brownback are.  I’m sorry, but in a runoff between Ron and either of those clowns it would be a hands down victory for Ron.

   Not one single top tier candidate has higher positive numbers than negatives.  Thats right…not one.  More people would never consider voting for each than would vote for them.  This proves we don’t like them.  They suck.  Our opinion of them may be better than our opinion of the current president, but by numbers far beyonf the margin of error we do not like any of them.

    What I really like is that a greater percentage of us dislike the front runners than can be imagined.  Both Romney and Clinton are over 40% negatives.  Thats incredible.  It’s really outrageous to think that it very well could come downn to these two, and we already can’t stand them.

   We need more parties.  We need more choices, and we need mopre differences.  The deocrats aren’t crazy about their candidates, and neither are the conservatives.  Both have at least one candidate that can’t even find the beaten path (Kucinich and Paul), and of course neither is in this poll.  Time for a wholesale change in the way we do politics.

Ron Paul wins Alabama and New Hampshire straw polls

August 19, 2007

  And he won them huge with 81% and 73% percent of the vote.  Mitt Romney came in second, and everyone else pretty much failed to show.  It looks like Ron Paul is starting to flex that vaunted internet grassrooots muscle his supporters have been talking about.

   Sure, get real.  The two polls between them had less than 500 voters, and at least one of them was a taxpayers organization picnic. I can’t seem to find what the event was in Alabama so I’ll surmise it was the annual incest, beer, and bar b q get together at the Hog Waller saloon.

   These tiny straw polls work well for a grassroots organization.  It’s easy for the average militia or right to life group to overpower the vote tally just by getting blood reletives involved.  I’m not trying to denigrate the victories, but I’m curious as to why the awesome change in direction the campaign has taken since Iowa.  If numbers are to be believed Ron Paul is now enjoying a surprising polularity cushion over second place also ran Mitt.

The contestants had this to say:

   It’s rumored that Mitt, while in his  cups down at the leather room in Mistress Trina’s House of Worship was heard to

exclaim ruefully “all it takes is free food to get Ron Paul’s bloggers to vote.”

  A representative for the Tancredo camp, appearing to suffer from shock stated “To hell with Iran.  We should nuke Alabama. I’ve never seen more house shoes and mumu’s, and less teeth in my entire life.”

Fred Thompson:  In what appears to be a Christian Coalition inspired hypnotic trance “Straw polls are bad law and bad medicine.”

Mike Huckabee:  while sucking his thumb “but god’s supposed to be on my side, what a gyp.”

Rudy Giuliani:  “you mean I kissed all these dirty smelly little peasants for nothing”

so there you have it.  Todays straw poll with just the hint of reality they deserve.

The illinois straw poll; Ron Paul and Mitt Romney win again

August 17, 2007

They rolled out the carpet at the Illinois state fair.  They had none of the pomp and ceremony that was in Iowa, so it’s probably a more accurate measure of polularity if nothing else.  No matter what the numbers mean, I’d rather have Illinois votes than Iowa.  Nothing personal, but Illinois makes election noise based on population.  Iowa does it based on tradition.

Mitt Romney: 373 votes (40.35 percent)

Fred Thompson: 184 votes (19.96 percent)

Ron Paul: 174 votes (18.87 percent)

Rudy Giuliani: 107 votes (11.61 percent)

John McCain: 38 votes (4.12 percent)

Mike Huckabee: 28 votes (3.04 percent)

Sam Brownback: 10 votes (1.08 percent)

Duncan Hunter: 6 votes (0.65 percent)

Tom Tancredo: 2 votes (0.33 percent

I don’t count Fred because he isn’t a candidate yet, but even if I did I’d still say Ron Paul beat him.   18.1% shows that people are starting to grasp who he is, and the competition mano a mano isn’t all that important to him.  Fred Thompson on the other hand has to beat Mitt.  Not right now, but he has it to do.  Ron Paul has to beat public opinion and obscurity.  He is starting to do that, but may well run out of time.

   Mitt’s 40% shows he is the leading candidate.  It doesn’t look like anyone put any national level work in here, and the vote was only about 1000 people.   He took 40% of that, and more than the two closest competitors combined.

  The bottom 5 should just throw in the towel.  Including Huckabee.  He doesn’t have the cash to work like he did in Iowa, so that was maybe his last good showing.  McCain on down drew less than 40 out of 1000 and Tancredo and Hunter  didn’t manage 1 percent.

vote counts credit goes to

The dust settling on Iowa

August 12, 2007

  As the dust settles on  Ames, Iowa, Mitt Romney began making excuses, and embellishing on the impact his win would have.  Yes, it was hot, but heat never stopped a true believer from exercising his right to vote.  Yes, a few of the top contenders weren’t their, but that also was an irrelevent point.   I think what the perfectly capped, coiffed and smiling Mitt Romney was actually thinking was “why did I spend so much money here?  I’m still in fourth, and one of the guys ahead of me isn’t even running yet.”

   The turnout was atrocious.  8,000 less attendees than 8 years ago, and almost 10,000 less voters.  Mitt Romney, in search of good things to say came up with I received more votes than George Bush did last time he was here.  Yes, Mitt…good move…compare yourself to George Bush.   Get that visual working in peoples minds.  The fact remains if republicans stay mired in the malaise created by angst over the Bush administration, the democrats are going to experience a landslide not seen since Tricky dick kicked the crap out of George McGovern. 

    The big winner here was probably Mike Huckabee.  He attracted over 18% of the vote, and 3% more than Brownback.  Sam has to be contemplating quitting even though he says he won’t.  Mike on the other hand has the only real “mo” coming out of Iowa.  He looks more electable to the christian coalition, and he is likely to attract Brownback supporters even before Brownback cries “nuff.”

   Another huge winner has to be Fred Thompson.  The field has never looked weaker and he will announce in September.  All he needs is a common sense approach to the war on terror and the mission in Iraq and I believe you’ll have your future nominee.  The fact is McCain and Giuliani didn’t attend as Mitt correctly stated, because they were going to lose.  Where he was wrong is that it was because he is so strong.  The fact is he is incredibly weak.  Just like everyone else.  Again, look at the turnout.  Don’t spin it like Mitt has, look at it.  thats what is really going on for the right.  They act like they’ve already lost.

   Who can actually sway those voters not already firmly entrenched in the muck that is the Republican base?  wait for it….Ron Paul.  He at least espouses common sense values in regards to everyday life, and hasn’t come off as an extreme Republican retard.  As the other dogs pick over the meat remaining on the bone of ultraconservatism he has a golden opportunity to soften his message, and attract the center.  He already knows those parts of his agenda that he has no chance of forwarding if elected, so he needs to trim his already meager message down even further. 

    By the time the caucases are held in Iowa in late december or extremely early January, it will have all sorted out.  The Republicans have 5 basic options right now.  I’ve added what I think honest campaign slogans would be

Mitt Romney:  If I’m not a Mormon Running for president, what am I?  George Bush Light?

Rudy Giuliani:   I’ll be whatever you want me to be.  As long as you don’t forget I’m the real hero of 9/11.

Mike Huckabee:  Genghis Khan was a left wing nutjob, and I’m living proof of that.

Fred Thompson:  I’ll get in as soon as they are done teaching me how to be Ronald Reagan.

Ron Paul:  There is no way I should lose to these idiots.

    I could live with a Fred Thompson /Ron Paul ticket.  Nothing else up there is one degree of change from what we already have. 

Ron Paul (dissed) by Christian Science Monitor

August 10, 2007

  No, I’m not jealous.  From time to time I may lay into Ron Paul a bit I confess.  It’s usually aimed more at the backers, and not the bright ones, which there are a host…..a plethora, a veritable cornucopia of.  This isn’t even a frontal assault, but rather a little bit of clever denigration.

    In their article Iowa GOP Straw Poll all things seem normal enough.  They talk about the absence of two of the big three, the importance to the second tier candidates mentioning several.  They say how important it is for Mitt Romney to win big, and they talk about Fred Thompson who isn’t even a candidate yet. but not Ron Paul, by name. This is all normal.

then they run down the list of those who need to do well or they will be droppping out.  Tommy Thompson, Mike Huckabee, et al.  No mention of Ron Paul. 

wait here he is…last two paragraphs of the article…AFTER the guys that are already being eulogized.

Seems a bit catty to me.

Ron Pauls base revisitied

August 9, 2007

    I keep reading these articles that tell me how many groups with how many members Ron Paul’s Grassroots campaign has.  They are fairly formidable when you think about it.  Trying to get from 20,000 to 30,000 people to voluntarily get together to do anything usually requires a major sporting event or an attack on a third world country.  The problem is, that no matter how you slice it, they are running out of time.

    6 months.  In 6 months who vs. who will be decided.  By the middle of February it will all be over but the crying for the rest of the candidates, and I fear, Dr. Paul.  He has a rabid online fan base, but they aren’t reaching beyonf their own inner circle.  Bottom line, if you don’t want to read about Ron you don’t have to because his base isn’t making any concerted effort to change the hearts and minds so to speak.  They talk to each other a lot, and they go slam ant-paulers, but they aren’t doing anything to reach that 98% of the voters that just are not interested in the Ron Paul movement.

   Whether this is a part of the natural individualist nature of people who would support a small government libertarian, or simply because the internet isn’t a great way to create political change isn’t apparent to me. What is apparent is that Ron is simply going to run out of time.  His ideals are to big for most people to wrap their minds around.  Small government sounds good until you see a bridge collapse in Minnesota, or until you have to decide that being a loser in a war we should win isn’t so bad.  American’s do not like to lose, and while their is a vocal minority screaming to get out of Iraq, far more people would like to see us win and get out of Iraq.

    Without a concerted effort by his base to change their approach to the issue of spreading the word about Ron Paul he has no chance.  You can spam every internet poll from now until doomsday, and he will still be a minor congressman from Texas.   Use your voice.  I’m not a supporter, but just by talking to people I see how easy it is to get them to at least contemplate the idea of small government.  To ponder the idea of an America that doesn’t spread its message through gunboat diplomacy.  Change is not unwelcome, but with the media steadfastly sticking to it’s “he’s not a legitimate candidate” rhetoric, his followers need to make the adjustment.  They aren’t, and by the time they do, Fred Thompson, Mitt Romney, or Rudy will be challenging Hillary for the presidency of the United States.  Wake up Pauliacs.  You are running out of time.  Quit waiting for that big win to change things, when what is needed is hard work and communication.

monkey business

July 29, 2007

  Being a native of Wisconsin I would first like to say that Russ Feingold the spooge monkey is not representative of the people there.    His pandering to his superiors in the House with this abjectly stupid censure resolution is a simple matter of an overlooked congressman spending to much time in the shadowy halls of congress without recognition.  Everybody on the planet knows that the Bush administration has done an 8 year hatchet job on life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness,  and wasting millions of dollars to push through a reesolution that does nothing isn’t going to make that more clear.  I don’t know about everybody else, but it’s just going to piss me off that you took my beer, babes, and poker money and spent it on that.  Why not just pass nasty notes back and forth?  Or doens’t fraulein Pelosi allow that in class?

73% of high school students in Detroit do not graduate on time.  Thats I think around 40% here in Indianapolis.  I could do a bunch of research and give you more numbers, but I think those two suffice.  I have a bunch of ideas on how we can fix this, but the problem is it isn’t broken.  This is that vast left/right wing conspiracy in action.  It goes something like this.

Leftie:  we seriously need the poor, uneducated vote or we have no base.

rightie: hmmm, and since we are converting our society from an industrial nation to a service oriented nation, we really don’t need a whole bunch of smart people running around pissed off at us because we shipped all the high paying jobs off to third world countries.

leftie:  You said it, and who really needs good service at starbucks? as long as the machine tells them what my change is were good to go.

Rightie:  true, and just to ensure we have a voting base we’ll send our dummies to church, and make every issue about religion.  Intolernce is wonderful societal control.

Leftie: cool, so we’ll keep em dumb.  what about the technology jobs, and medical, and…

rightie:  who cares…you haven’t noticed we’re old? good god man, i have an artery harden as often as I vote on anything.  We’ll be dead way before they know we fucked them.

leftie:  (big ol conspiratorial smile…you christians are devious)

rightie: yeah and you secular progressives are some real cocksuckers, but we needed a coconspirator.

 or something like that.

Chavez, the new grape ape of Socialism in the Western Hemisphere is already driving the Venezuelan oil industry into the ground.  this comes as no surprise, since socialism tends to make even the shysters apathetic about productivity.  You have to love a guy who can take a failed system, and convince a nation full of no hopers that its good for them.  Especially with an Island just to the north that used to be the pearl of the caribbean now a decidedly impoverished craphole.  I really like his efforts to stifle the intelligentsia.  Nothing makes the poor happier than seeing those actually giving a damn about their plight being beaten with truncheons. For those of you going to school in Detroit that means club.

Just like Solomon, the supreme court decided to split the desegregation baby.  A policy that doesn’t take into account many other factors is not allowed, but race as a factor should be permitted.  Or some such.  I think most parents would say they wish to send kids to school either close to home, or have free choice on where they go, not this government enforced idiocy.   Further, what do parents in Lousiana do? Bus their kids to Connecticut?  We spend time on this when the above school article is true.  Maybe if we spend some time working on what works, rather than what historically has not we would see some progress.

 And in my favorite monkey story of the day….one of my pauliac readers was offended by my article about Fred Thompson beating his spank monkey candidate in a totally inconsequential straw poll.  I didn’t hear him ranting at other Paul bloggers for going over the top when Ron Paul won the picnic poll, but that’s neither here nor there.  In the future, when those of you who peel your bananas with your feet wish to read a post here, you might wish to see if the tags would advise against it.  Funny means funny to me, turd chaser,  not to you.

 Chango’s de revolucion

Fred Thompson Smokes Ron Paul

July 28, 2007

  No word yet on whether he also likes a big fat stoagy time to time.   Another straw poll has been taken, and this time Ron Paul was not the victor…In fact he and the rest of the field barely showed up.  Fred of course is a southern boy and the poll was taken in the south.  Wait, Ron’s from Texas..that’s pretty much south.   Well, Fred has gone both ways on the abortion issue….oh wait.  Ron Paul has done that to.  I guess maybe He just got beat because everyone isn’t so easily swayed to his way of thinking.  The deeper we get into this thing the less wins he is going to have.  This will probably result in a premature effort by his pauliacs to overthrow the government.  I’m thinking if he succeeds Fred would like it if he made imports from cuba legal.  Nothing like a cigar rolled between thelthighs of a virgin.

oh, here’s a link so that you pauliacs don’t find it necessary to come tell me what an idiot I am.