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September 18, 2007

   Well, my Jena6 perspective isn’t so popular.  I’m not surprised.  Thinking for ones self, and reacting to your environment in a sane and civil way are almost never popular.  I’ll venture one step further now.  Overturning the conviction was a typical judiciary response to a few knee jerk radicals.  Rather than charge the other individuals they will let these 6 slide as well.  Exactly the opposite of what decency would dictate should be done.  It isn’t hard to figure out how society has become so adrift when the structures set in place to manage it are failing so monumentally at every conceivable level of government.

You’d think Hillary would understand that she of all candidates really needs to run a squeaky clean campaign.  Ethics have never been in large supply in Clintonian politics, and the voters should maybe question her integrity on the Hsu mess.  You have to give the Clintons credit…they stay bought as long as you keep paying.  I suppose since they are chinese toys they should be painted with lead based paint.

The Packers are now 2-0.  The only important thing that happened this week with the exception of the Badgers are now 3-0.  Of course they’ve only beaten those two NFC East dynamos, the Giants and the Eagles.  So could most good high school teams.

  5 republican representatives and 3 republican senators are resigning at the end of their terms.  This doesn’t include the restroom retard Larry Craig.  i think it is safe to make a prediction for the ’08 elections now.  I’m thinking both houses of congress go veto proof to the Democrats, and the White house goes democrat as well.  That’s right folks, the Republicans are diving off a sinking ship, and you are about to experience the worst case government imagineable.  One controlled completely by one party.  I’m checking out foundries in Canada as we speak.

Nope.  I’m not going to talk about OJ.

   I will mention Ron Paul though.  We are one month closer than the last time I checked his numbers, and there has been no movement.  The blog furor seems to be dying down as well.  The Pauliacs must be starting to realize that they are beating a dead horse this election season.  Don’t feel bad though.  Ge never had a chance, and we know this because?

I said so


Green Green and More Green…news

August 26, 2007

     How can you not like this?  A lawn on the roof.  Whose for strip croquet at 3 a.m.?  Not only does it look good, its a great place to keep your recuperating sheep.  Yes,  I was at Yahoo green and no i am not a tree hugger, thanks for asking.

  Global warming, world hunger, politics, and the muslim scourge aren’t news.  Donald Driver of the Green Bay Packers hurting his foot is news.  Thats called “prioritizing” Packers fan style.

  In keeping with my green theme, here’s a link to Green Party of the United States headquarters.  I have to say it read kind of like a Ron Paul blog home page.

It’s the giving of the green that makes a campaign run. Ron Paul has been pretty popular on google, but not so with google contributors.  He raised $3350 in a capaign stop at Google Headquarters, 1/10th what Hillary received, and  1/20th what was dished to Barack Obama. 

 This is what I call the essence of chutzpah.  Haggard’s grasping for green from his following is sort of funny when you consider that he’s recieved nearly 400k in pay and remittances from the new life church, and has book royalties, and a house on the market valued at 715k.

  How about a little green around the gills for AT&T?  Hacking the Iphone is all the rage, and they got nailed three times in am atter of hours.  Can’t wait to see how this shakes out legally