Ron Paul has more great news

July 16, 2007

Does it ever stop?  Ron Paul is riding the juggernaut, and it just keeps getting better.  I’d be willing to bet that he fears it’s a dream, but isn’t willing to pinch himself to find out.First he gets put on a coin, and then he leads all candidates in donations from the military.  One would think that would be enough, but the news keeps getting better and better.  Here’s a list of things I’ve pulled off the wire in the last 2 hours.

The first Pauliac has graduated from the Libertarian College of Shoe Tying.

A young boy in Piedmont, North Carolina donated an empty soda bottle, a ball of string, and three rubberbands to the Paul Campaign.

Ron’s poll numbers jumped a staggering .00007% amongst undecided voters who might vote if they aren’t to drunk to drive.

A clairvouyant asserts that Ho Chi Minh told her that Ron Paul is right.  The pullout from Vietnam did go better than anyone expected.  He had intended to kill 6 million people, not Just 3 million.

 The Bubba Gump Shrimp Company has agreed to let Ron have free shrimp for life for his efforts to subsidize the shrimp industry.

An International Oil Consortium has bestowed upon Ron the title One Oily Bastard for his efforts to subsidize off shore oil exploration with tax payer dollars.

An old fat lonely lady in biloxi has named her cats ron and paul in honor of her favorite candidate.

Every single muslim in the middle east thinks Ron Paul is a better man than Salman Rushdie.

700 militiamen have sworn affidavits that they did in fact spell Ron Paul’s first name correctly on the gun rack of their trucks.  In the only bad news for Ron this week, only 12 of them got his last name right.

 Mensa has released a study that proves Ron Paul has “at least” a double digit following of people with IQ’s over 73.

   Them are just the important notes folks.  i dredged through 5000 or so that i thought didn’t make the cut as big news.

Authors note:  while this post has a minor degree of humor in it, this is the type of news that keeps Ron Paul fans the world over orgasming in there sleep.  I’ve found 350 blogs about his big win in the military donation arena…and still counting.