The illinois straw poll; Ron Paul and Mitt Romney win again

August 17, 2007

They rolled out the carpet at the Illinois state fair.  They had none of the pomp and ceremony that was in Iowa, so it’s probably a more accurate measure of polularity if nothing else.  No matter what the numbers mean, I’d rather have Illinois votes than Iowa.  Nothing personal, but Illinois makes election noise based on population.  Iowa does it based on tradition.

Mitt Romney: 373 votes (40.35 percent)

Fred Thompson: 184 votes (19.96 percent)

Ron Paul: 174 votes (18.87 percent)

Rudy Giuliani: 107 votes (11.61 percent)

John McCain: 38 votes (4.12 percent)

Mike Huckabee: 28 votes (3.04 percent)

Sam Brownback: 10 votes (1.08 percent)

Duncan Hunter: 6 votes (0.65 percent)

Tom Tancredo: 2 votes (0.33 percent

I don’t count Fred because he isn’t a candidate yet, but even if I did I’d still say Ron Paul beat him.   18.1% shows that people are starting to grasp who he is, and the competition mano a mano isn’t all that important to him.  Fred Thompson on the other hand has to beat Mitt.  Not right now, but he has it to do.  Ron Paul has to beat public opinion and obscurity.  He is starting to do that, but may well run out of time.

   Mitt’s 40% shows he is the leading candidate.  It doesn’t look like anyone put any national level work in here, and the vote was only about 1000 people.   He took 40% of that, and more than the two closest competitors combined.

  The bottom 5 should just throw in the towel.  Including Huckabee.  He doesn’t have the cash to work like he did in Iowa, so that was maybe his last good showing.  McCain on down drew less than 40 out of 1000 and Tancredo and Hunter  didn’t manage 1 percent.

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