monkey business

July 29, 2007

  Being a native of Wisconsin I would first like to say that Russ Feingold the spooge monkey is not representative of the people there.    His pandering to his superiors in the House with this abjectly stupid censure resolution is a simple matter of an overlooked congressman spending to much time in the shadowy halls of congress without recognition.  Everybody on the planet knows that the Bush administration has done an 8 year hatchet job on life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness,  and wasting millions of dollars to push through a reesolution that does nothing isn’t going to make that more clear.  I don’t know about everybody else, but it’s just going to piss me off that you took my beer, babes, and poker money and spent it on that.  Why not just pass nasty notes back and forth?  Or doens’t fraulein Pelosi allow that in class?

73% of high school students in Detroit do not graduate on time.  Thats I think around 40% here in Indianapolis.  I could do a bunch of research and give you more numbers, but I think those two suffice.  I have a bunch of ideas on how we can fix this, but the problem is it isn’t broken.  This is that vast left/right wing conspiracy in action.  It goes something like this.

Leftie:  we seriously need the poor, uneducated vote or we have no base.

rightie: hmmm, and since we are converting our society from an industrial nation to a service oriented nation, we really don’t need a whole bunch of smart people running around pissed off at us because we shipped all the high paying jobs off to third world countries.

leftie:  You said it, and who really needs good service at starbucks? as long as the machine tells them what my change is were good to go.

Rightie:  true, and just to ensure we have a voting base we’ll send our dummies to church, and make every issue about religion.  Intolernce is wonderful societal control.

Leftie: cool, so we’ll keep em dumb.  what about the technology jobs, and medical, and…

rightie:  who cares…you haven’t noticed we’re old? good god man, i have an artery harden as often as I vote on anything.  We’ll be dead way before they know we fucked them.

leftie:  (big ol conspiratorial smile…you christians are devious)

rightie: yeah and you secular progressives are some real cocksuckers, but we needed a coconspirator.

 or something like that.

Chavez, the new grape ape of Socialism in the Western Hemisphere is already driving the Venezuelan oil industry into the ground.  this comes as no surprise, since socialism tends to make even the shysters apathetic about productivity.  You have to love a guy who can take a failed system, and convince a nation full of no hopers that its good for them.  Especially with an Island just to the north that used to be the pearl of the caribbean now a decidedly impoverished craphole.  I really like his efforts to stifle the intelligentsia.  Nothing makes the poor happier than seeing those actually giving a damn about their plight being beaten with truncheons. For those of you going to school in Detroit that means club.

Just like Solomon, the supreme court decided to split the desegregation baby.  A policy that doesn’t take into account many other factors is not allowed, but race as a factor should be permitted.  Or some such.  I think most parents would say they wish to send kids to school either close to home, or have free choice on where they go, not this government enforced idiocy.   Further, what do parents in Lousiana do? Bus their kids to Connecticut?  We spend time on this when the above school article is true.  Maybe if we spend some time working on what works, rather than what historically has not we would see some progress.

 And in my favorite monkey story of the day….one of my pauliac readers was offended by my article about Fred Thompson beating his spank monkey candidate in a totally inconsequential straw poll.  I didn’t hear him ranting at other Paul bloggers for going over the top when Ron Paul won the picnic poll, but that’s neither here nor there.  In the future, when those of you who peel your bananas with your feet wish to read a post here, you might wish to see if the tags would advise against it.  Funny means funny to me, turd chaser,  not to you.

 Chango’s de revolucion

Indiana news…god we suck sometimes

July 6, 2007

just a few, because its way to dempressing.

A driver was killed today while fleeing from a wrecker that was chasing him in an effort to repossess his car.  Now, sure the schmo should pay his bills, and he shouldn’t consider a possession so dear that he would lose his life over it.  Isn’t it wrong on some level though for a corporation to send out mercenaries to chase people on oour roads in an effort to regain “stuff?”   The report did not say charges would be filed against the wrecker driver.  Apparently repo men now have police authority.

   a man is going to trial for the beating death of his two year old daughter.  Thats it.  Lots of blah blah blah, but how do you beat to death a two year? what in the world goes on in your head to kill something that helpless for crying?  If you have a comment that begins with i can see how….please don’t post it.

   a 30 year old woman was sentenced to 2 years confinement for having sex with two teen boys.  It’s apparently not sexual predation when the yourth is a boy and the predator is a woman.

a chow attacked a 7 year old girl.  She apparently lost part of her arm and suffered head injuries.  The owner agreed to let the dog be euthanized.  What a sport.  They should euthanize his ass.  If you can’t control your pets you shouldn’t have them, and if they harm someone you should pay the price.

property taxes went up an average of 24%.  This after a promise that the stadium and consolidation of city services would not cause an increase.   Oh yeah, elect Ron Paul so these asswits have more power.

thats the local news.  I’d source it out but i got it off the radio.  you can check out wthr-13.  They may have more on these wonderfully uplifting human interest stories