time to schmooze the news (the blog effect)

July 20, 2007

  Well, it has finally come to pass that the largest special interest group in the country has a chance to take a stand against the federal government.  The Fiasco in Florida has again reared its ugly head in the news, and the polydactyl purrers at Hemingway House are again being threatened by that ever popular government Leviathan, the USDA.  Don’t these guys have beef to inspect? Why the hell are they messing with Snowball’s Descendants.  It’s time for the AARP…no, not that special interest group, dummie, the ICHC (i can haz cheeseburger) members to step up to the plate and let the government know where they stand.


 I’ve talked about this whole deal before.  Why is it okay to steal someone else’s work and post it on the net?  Worse, why do mainstream media outlets feel its okay?  I haven’t peeked, because I already know I’m right, but it is reprehensible that what this lady has worked so long on has been stolen by a couple of jerk off bloggers and posted on the web. These two clowns are why the phrase Spare the rod and spoil the child used to hold sway  on parenting methods.  The reviewers should have been fired, not published.  By the way, Harry Potter does not get swallowed by a giant white whale while smuggling hashish out of turkey.


who hasn’t felt like doing that.  I like to think of this story as the criminy effect.  If you’ve never thought of doing this I’ll send you a gift certificate to your favorite restaurant.  I will need affidavits from at least 231 close friends or reletives that can verify your claim.


so lets tax smokers only to pay for childrens health care.  Hey, great Idea, and then we’ll tax fags to pay for M-16s, and women to pay for hooker testing in Vegas, and blacks to pay for slavery reperations.  What a government we have…what annoys me about this one is many of you are saying “let’s do it, I don’t smoke”


  File this one under the internet should not be regulated.  Of course sexual predators give that comment 100% support, but maybe parents won’t after reading this story.  Child exploitation is big business on the web, and actually going after the kids is getting even bigger.


  I bet Fox News hated reporting this one, but the left has to be feeling pretty froggie.   It claims that Hillary and Barack beat every republican candidate.  Sorry pauliacs, if Ron can’t beat Hillary he should go back to texas.


and thats the news from me.    Pakistan is doing what I said it would.  So is Iraq, so is pretty much everything else.  The news continues to be morbid on the domestic violence front.  I leave it alone because I like to joke, and there just isn’t anything funny about it.  We teach children to keep their hands to themselves, but apparently its a lesson to soon forgotten by adults.


steal little, steal big

June 18, 2007

I had a discussion with a friend of mine today. This is a person whose intellect is without question, and her passion for the issues of the day beyond reproach. She is, contrary to her political beliefs, a true believer in absolute freedom on the internet. Her viewpoint, though not all that far removed from my own, diverges when it comes to the wholesale theft of intellectual property on the net.

I feel it necessary to point out here that I have no intellectual property at risk, and therefore no ax to grind. Some will tell you I have no intellect either, but thats another story fraught with tales of late night illegal lobotomies, and tantalizingly sensual electroshock therapy sessions. Further, from an individual position I could care less who rips off hootie and the blowfish as I figure they ripped off someone else anyway. New thoughts are as rare as three legged rabbits that don’t become lunch.

What I care about is government intrusion. I like the fast, free, and fulfilling exchange of ideas that the blogosphere provides, and don’t feel that the 10% or so total whacko’s spewing vitriolic rhetoric against some public figure or another is a threat. However, when you dip into the coffers of large corporations you virtually invite, no demand government interference on the web. The same people that open their wallets to buy power for the menagerie of rapscallions, retards, and rogues populating capital hill are the ones contemplating ways to make inroads on our freedoms in order to protect their little moneymakers.

Have no doubt they will succeed. I was told the people won’t stand for it. I disagree. The population of this fair country has long since proven to be nothing but a collective of semi-aware lemmings being herded toward a cliff by the most mediocre leadership in world history. We haven’t pullled the “i am voter here me roar” card since prohibition, and its doubtful we’ll do it to protect the god given right to steal porn and scatter it across the web.

Now I’ve heard the argument that it would be too difficult to police the web, but I have my doubts that every keystroke isn’t already being logged in the basement of the state department. I don’t think tracking and punishing those that steal intellectual property would be of any real difficulty when those being raided get tired of the attack on their bottom line.

Go ahead. Steal that clip, that pic, and that story. Have fun with it. Post it on your blog to tittilate the masses. When the man comes calling