Ron Paul (robbed) again

August 15, 2007

Apparently the vote at the Iowa Straw poll was rigged after all.  The vote in the sunshine crowd has Ron paul winning in their exit poll .  This was very scientifically done.  What they did was wrote down the votes of people that walked up and told them who they voted for.  They also did a clicker count, which even though one of their stations was shut down for awhile came out in the range of the officially alleged vote count. 

Then this guy comes up with another scientific study called I think this happened.  He comes to a lot of inconclusive conclusions, and fails to make any sense at all when he isn’t doing that.

This is where Ron Paul’s followers hurt him.  Take a win, and turn it into a loss.  Everybody thought Ron’s turnout and finsih was  teriffic, except his followers.  They always manage to turn a win into a conspiracy.  Why would anyone cheay.  The tickets were primarily prebought by the campaigns, and nobody finds this straw poll to be conclusive proof of anything.  So why break out the “we’re pauliacs, and we know you cheated us crap?” 

   Because they can’t stop themselves.  It’s the most bizarre thing I’ve ever seen.  Apparently they think tht the further off kilter they look the greater their inroads into the mainstream electorste.  I have news.  You just look stupid, and you’re hurting the only decent human in the field.  Nice job.

Iowa Straw Poll: Winners and Losers

August 12, 2007

  Well, the numbers are in, and it was an underwhelming event for a lot of people.  I’m going to make everyone happy, and everyone mad with this one. 

winner: Mitt Romney.  He took over 31% of the vote in an 11 horse race. Obviously the front runner.

Loser:    Mitt Romney…right…Giuliani and McCain had withdrawn,  and Fred Thompson isn’t in yet.  He took 31% against a field thinner than last Years Preakness.

Winner:  Ron Paul took 9.1% of the vote.  This wasn’t a New Hampshire picnic poll.  This was the IOWA STRAW POLL. This is a campaign that is probably running somewhere between stoked And euphoric right now.  His wife is going to be ok, so Dr. Ron ad a real good day.  Congrats Pauliacs.

Loser: Ron Paul.  Holy cripes, what are you thinking.  He finished behind “I’m one nut shy of being a fruitcake Tom Tancredo,” two jokers bucking for televangelist status,  and Mormon Mitt, “friend to big business, politics as usual, but I look great in this suit” Mitt.  This isn’t half as impressive as a three legged cow that can jump rope.This was about as damning a shot across the bow of the Ron Paul no organizational skills whatever campaign juggernaut.  To many buffoons talking about stealing bus rides, and diebold voting machines, and not staying on message.

Winner:  Mike Huckabee pulled over 18 percent with a serious conservative christian platform.  He can obviously inspire the base, and he beat Brownback.  This was a two horse race for Mike, and he beat the horse he had to beat.  He’ll be around for awhile.

Loser:  Mike Huckabee.  He can convince the base, but the far right base is smaller than squirrel testicles.  This guy couldn’t beat larry Flynt in a race for the white House.

Winner: Sam Brownback  His wife loves him, jesus loves him, and he probably has a dog that loves him.

Loser: Sam brownback.  This is horror story stuff.  Turn out the lights when you follow the rest of ’em out the door.

Winner: Tom Tancredo 4th…you’re kidding right.  Great job getting out the vote Tom.

Loser:  Tom Tancredo took 13.1% of the vote.  There are a lot of whacko’s in Iowa.    The guy belongs in a straitjacket and should seriously consider some electroshock therapy.  13.1?  thats just incredible.  Are there really that many deaf, mute blind people in Iowa?  Who knew.

The Field:  By guys…go home, have sex, get fat and contemplate how it feels to be beaten in the most mediocre field of candidates the Republican Party has ever fielded.

Republican party:  Wow, did you get a poor turnout.  you wanted 38,000, claim 30,000, and had about 14,000 vote.  Niiiiiiiiice.  Would you like to concede now or should we have the Democratic candidates tie their frontal lobes behind their backs for the rest of this  trouncing?

Helping Ron Paul in Iowa

August 11, 2007

 Here is something I like.  A Ron Paul supporter, or group of them, that realize talking to each other about the greatness of Ron Paul probably won’t get him elected.  Listed on this site are several things you can do to Help Ron Paul, and none of them involve running around ranting like a liberal at anyone that doesn’t agree with your message.  Have a look, and take a stand.  Put your money where your overactivated, undereducated mouths are pauliacs.

Ron Paul (dissed) by Christian Science Monitor

August 10, 2007

  No, I’m not jealous.  From time to time I may lay into Ron Paul a bit I confess.  It’s usually aimed more at the backers, and not the bright ones, which there are a host…..a plethora, a veritable cornucopia of.  This isn’t even a frontal assault, but rather a little bit of clever denigration.

    In their article Iowa GOP Straw Poll all things seem normal enough.  They talk about the absence of two of the big three, the importance to the second tier candidates mentioning several.  They say how important it is for Mitt Romney to win big, and they talk about Fred Thompson who isn’t even a candidate yet. but not Ron Paul, by name. This is all normal.

then they run down the list of those who need to do well or they will be droppping out.  Tommy Thompson, Mike Huckabee, et al.  No mention of Ron Paul. 

wait here he is…last two paragraphs of the article…AFTER the guys that are already being eulogized.

Seems a bit catty to me.

another conspiracy theory

August 9, 2007

   It must just be a hard habit to break.  When what Ron Paul’s campaign needs is to look reasoned and steadfast, what his followers are doing is advancing another “they are out to get us” theory.  The new foofaraw is about the diebold voting machines.  Keep in mind now that not one single ballot has been cast.  They already believe it is being done to cheat Ron Paul.

      While I’m for fair elections, I think the outrage being spun by the pauliacs is a little eccentric.  Do they really think the other candidates got together, and planned to use machines that would allow them to cheat Ron Paul?  Not Ron Paul master of the universe, but Ron Paul, the winner of no more than 2% of any mainstream poll?  Yes, I know he won the picnic in New Hampshire, and he placed second to Fred Thompson in South Carolina.  Neither of those had more than 300 voters involved, and there was no scream of fraud from the other candidates.

   I personally believe Ron will do better than his 2% average.  I think he will net in the 3.5% range.  I also think that what is bothering so many pauliacs is that his campaign isn’t growing faster.  He has decent ideas, but his grassroots movement is bereft of any organizational skills, and its showing in his lackluster numbers.  Why not quit pre-whining, and  start calling likely voters in Iowa?  That sounds like a better use of your time

Ron Paul expanding his base

August 7, 2007

   I’m not totally surprised by what I see happening on the right.  It should be a warning for all the candidates that Ron Paul is fast gathering the disgruntled voters to his horde.  While he was just a blog sensation they had nothing to fear, but it seems on the surface as if all that is changing.  The impending straw poll in Iowa will help sort out just how much of an inroad he has made into the mainstream electorate.

   A few things I have noticed already

1.  Google hits at my blog, or I should say server hits relating to Ron Paul have increased by a factor of 10 since sunday mornings debate.  I’m not sure the two are related, but reading about Ron Paul from outside the blogosphere has begun to increase.  These are likely as not everyday people who happen to have computers, as the numbers were consistent for the 2.5 months I’ve been blogging.

2.  The hits seem to be directed at issues which may make this even a little more sinister for the rest of the candidates.  People don’t seem to be looking at for/against articles so much as they are looking at issue related articles.  Marque and reprisal, earmarks, Nafta Superhighway, and immigration reform articles have received a genuine old fashioned monkey stomp from the search engines.

3.  His face is showing up closer to the front page on the main news sources (FOX, MSNBC, CNN), and all you have to do is click the politics tab, and he is present now on a regular basis.

   The natural question is why?  It would appear that people are tired of the same old song and dance.  If you really look at them, what do Giuliani and Romney offer that we haven’t already seen?  McCain will almost certainly go down in history as one of the most decent men ever to play the politics game, but he is on the wrong side of some issues that Americans seem to feel very strongly about.  Immigration and the war in Iraq are likely as not going to decide this election, and as I said weeks ago, if they let the immigration issue lie dormant it is going to kill the members of congress that are running.  Incidentally, Ron Paul is on the right side of both of these issues.

   Another reason quite simply is they like what he has to say about foreign policy.  The one thing people aren’t looking for here is his foreign policy stance.  That would probably be because they already understand it, and they already agree with it.

    I’m not sold on Ron Paul, and I won’t be.  My vote is hardly the deciding factor.  What is apparent, and important, is that people are taking a closer look.  Only time will tell if it maters or not.