campaign 2008 begins today

September 4, 2007

   Who knew.  You mean all this politicking was the pre-race race?  Nice to know we’re finally going to get down to business.  So how did your favorite candidate spend the first day of the race?

    Hillary did what any smart politician would do.  She broke out the big gun.  She took Bill to Iowa with her, and if anyone out there doesn’t think Bill Clinton could beat every assclown currently in the race, your dull normal credentials must be outstanding.

   John Edwards received the endorsement of two labor unions…the united mine workers and the united steel workers.  I’m a member of the United Steel Workers, and will end my political contribution to the union tomorrow. I will do everything I can to ensure that as few USW employees vote for this braindead piece of human waste as possible.

Ron Paul capped his big 3rd place finish in his home state with an announcement that his fans ruled the meeting, that he raised $100,000, and that as always Ron Paul was the only popular person there.  Sometimes making the stroking gesture with your hand is enough, but at times like this you just need to say…what the hell ever.  You have to love the spin control that this no hoper campaign has going on.  It is rumored that at this time he is laying in a fetal position with his own fecal matter smeared all over his dessicated ancient carcass, sucking his thumb and moaning.

Duncan Hunter  won in Texas.  According to the Ron Paul crybabies he cheated by campaigning there, and actually beating his holiness Pope Ron Pius the I.  Naturally Duncan will use this as an excuse to remain in a race he clearly has no hope of finishing better than 23rd in.

    Barack Obama spent the day attacking Hillary for being experienced.  I suppose if your experience level is still in the Lego’s phase, thats what you do.  I’m not trying to make it racial or anything, but isn’t there a black democrat with a brain that he doesn’t take out and play with available?

I’m not sure what the rest of them did, but one can hope they hung out with their families and acted like normal people for the last time in what could be 9 years.

The Democratic Debate on ABC (obfuscation central)

August 19, 2007

  If I held up an apple, and said “what is this?” would you say apple, or would you answer with a discussion on the origins of the apple, the evilness of the individual that created the apple, and what you’re going to do about the apple?  See, all I want to know is what it is, but if you add enough dross to the conversation I may be confused enough to not realize that you don’t know what an apple is.

    While the Republicans express their desire to make sure all American’s speak English, the Democrats are trying to prove that English comprehension is unnecessary in the leader of the “free world.”  I think it’s quite possible that they are drunk on the heady wine that is victory 14 months early, and don’t feel a need to respond to the questions that are asked.  I know if my children answered questions the way this pack of over-educated nitwits do they’d be grounded until the second coming.

   Thats probably a good standard to set while watching these things.  “Would I accept that sort of answer from my child.” I’m a fairly gentle fellow, but I think if John Edwards talked over me the way he did Stephanopolous I’d take him out behind the barn, and see if he really remembers his roots in the textile mill.

   Faux Bonhomie does not an informative debate make, and the inability to directly challenge the viewpoints of their fellow nominees is becoming bothersome.  While they all do resemble each other on the issues, the fact is their are differences and it is cowardly not to stand up and describe your opponent as erroneous if you think they are.  Cowardice…write that down…it may well be a new standard for being elected to the presidency.

John Edwards failed to answer any questions that were asked of him without additional prompting, and it’s probably best that he didn’t.  I think his coffee this morning was of the Irish variety, and he appeared decidedly unpresidential.  I know that his campaign is struggling, but the Eddie Haskell oiliness isn’t going to help resuscitate it.  If this were baseball, he was wiffing at bad pitches.

    Whoa, how’d Hillary lose ten years?  It wasn’t just the beige pantsuit, she had a whole lot of lines missing from that mug of hers.  She looked, dare I say it…radiant.  Probably botox.  If it was makeup her face would have resembled a pancake being cooked on a horizontal surface by the end.  Her smoke and mirrors act worked very well when confronted by her high negative numbers, and all things considered she’s still the cream of this objectionably average crop.

Mike Gravel:  something has happened to this guy.  I think it could be alzheimers.  He used to be funnily relevant, now he’s just sad.

Dennis Kucinich:  He’s the genuine article.  He confronts each issue head on, and in this field that makes him unique.  Apparent;y he’s also mildly retarded, and would advance his cause best by not telling people to much about what he is thinking.

Bill Richardson:  He tries to play Washington outsider, but the fact is you don’t become a senior diplomat without riding a lot of jock , and owing a lot of favors.  Nothing in his agenda sounds reasonable or feasible.  It is fun to watch that big fat neck waddle sway as he talks though.

Chris Dodd:  The high point of his debate was when the fly walked on his starched hair at the end.  I’m being serious.  Another no hoper looking for a worthy exit.

Joe Biden:  I like Joe, but his ire doesn’t get up before noon, and it put him at a decided disadvantage.  He’s just not as inviting when he isn’t railing against the machine.   He’s still the guy for me, but he has no hope.

On the issues:

Health care…I’m not sure what they are thinking, but it’s certainly not how can we pay for this.

education…  No support for setting standards for teaching.  This hearkens back to the no accountability Democratic party of yesteryear, and all that stood for crumbled into dust in less than half a century.   We hold dishwashers accountable for making clean dishes, we should hold teachers accountable for creating students that can at least read and write.  We’re not asking for astrophysicists, just peole who can count change and balance a damn checkbook.  pathetic stance by all.

Iraq War:  there was so much equivocation on this issue that I’m beginning to think someone set these people down and explained to them the global ramifications of the current conflict.  For the most part, they intend to withdraw slowly….verrrrrrrrrrry slowly.  The only thing I’m absolutely certain of is  that if liberal voters use Iraq as a benchmark they are going to be sorely disappointed in our next president, regardless of party affiliation.   One more thing, a quick quiz…who was the last democratic president to get us out of a war?  Who was the last to get us into one? chuckle…I love that…liberal warmongers.

I left out Barack above because I wanted my feelings on his position to be seperate from the rest.  Do not make a back of the bus analogy.  I think he is onto something, that though the others toy with incessantly, they never put it all the way into play.  Barack appears to be the one who understands just how incredibly ignorant the voting public is concerning world events.  He gets that they don’t understand why he is wrong, so he can feel free to continue being wrong to his hearts content.  He’s planning on skipping most debates and forums between now and the primaries, which will sorely limit peoples ability to question his message.  Smart move barack.  When you seek the dummy vote, promise anything, and explain nothing.  Kudos to your campaign planners.

   As a group they look very confident, and why not?  They are so far out in front they’ve practically slipped into pep rally mode. 

Unless it happened in the first few minutes I heard nothing about immigration reform.

Ron Paul or Hillary Clinton…the change candidate

August 15, 2007

  This political season it would be nice if everyone would just sit back, take a deep breath, and think about the election logically.  As things now stand we have eight what I would call viable candidacies.  Hillary Clinton, John Edwards, Barack Obama, and Bill Richardson on the left, and Mitt Romney, Rudy Giuliani, Mike Huckabee, and Ron Paul on the right.  That’s as far as I can pare it down for now, though I really think at least three more of these could be written off right now (Richardson, Edwards, Huckabee).  The only thing that keeps me from doing that is  people elected George Bush twice in a row, so we shouldn’t cut out the whacko’s and perpetual losers to quickly.

so, everyone keeps talking about change.  Everyone wants change.    So now, with just one word for each I’ll list the only change each of these candidates brings to the table.  The reason I say only is because with the exception of Ron Paul, everyone of them has the same business as usual credentials

 Hillary Clinton:  Breasts

Barack Obama:  ignorance  (you thought I’d say black, but I’m not really sure he is.  I’ll wait until the black folk let me know.)

Bill Richardson:  corpulence

John Edwards:  wife  (you can’t tell me that little attack monkey isn’t different)

Rudy Giuliani: accent (how does he talk like that?  Does he insert something in his anus to get that pent up sound?)

Mitt Romney: twohundredandfiftymilliondollars  ( I cheated…if you say it real fast though i’ll get away with it.)

Mike Huckabee:   nothing

Ron Paul:  integrity

One of those folks doesn’t really belong on the list.   Of all these folks Ron Paul offers the only change.  I don’t believe he’s capable of getting it, but we won’t really know unless he gets elected.  As for me.  I’m down to breasts or integrity.  It’s going to be a long 6 months trying to figure out which is more important.

The democrats had a forum

August 8, 2007

  Soldier field was never so dreary.  15,000 union members, well aware that the sun is setting on their way of life, hunkered down in Soldier Field to once again try to determine which candidate would screw them least.  There were no Republicans on the gridiron this hot August Day as the unions know that their “great white hype” will not have  “screw America’s middle class” conservative values.  Instead the table was set with a meager fare of left wingers and centrist liberals.  Like potatoes with no gravy this ass ugly crew of never done wells came to denigrate the intelligence of the American Worker, and deservedly so.

    Hearken back several years, and you will find that it was a Democrat (Bill Clinton) who signed into law one of the worst defeats ever for union labor.  We also joined the WTO under his administration, and Union membership and jobs have been declining drastically ever since.  Interestingly, the wife of that president was on this stage, and nearly half of her fellow candidates had voted for NAFTA and the WTO.

    So these downtrodden masses came to see if there was hope for an afterlife for American labor.  They left with T-shirts, and promises.  Promises that will be broken as soon as it becomes politically expedient.  Promises of Pension protection, universal health care, a rebuilding of American Industry; the list goes on and on, but the reality is it was a night for Snow White and the Seven Dorks to play dress up and hand out treats to the children.  Nobody present could possibly believe the lies they were told,  having been marginalized so often in the past by the party claiming to be for the working man.

   I said Seven Dorks because it was Kieth Olbermann who played moderator, and they couldn’t have found a wimpier guy for the task.  His actual cartoon character should be puss in boots, because he let the candidates walk all over him.

Dennis Kucinich sadly believes he has a chance.  He actually has a solid voting record in relation to union issues, and is possibly the most decent guy on that stage.

Bill Richardson went back to his style of reciting his resume, but he failed to mention his vote for NAFTA

John Edwards has done the legwork, but he comes off as so insincere that voting for him would be the equivalent of playing russian roulette.

Christopher Dodd was forceful, but has lost whatever charisma he had found over the last several weeks, and was all in all utterly boring.

Barack Obama is the George Bush of the left.  He can’t admit when he is wrong, even if the average 10 year old knows it.

Joe Biden was terrific.  When Kieth olbermann asked him if he would end no bid contracts and gave him 30 seconds to answer he said “yes.”  At least if he’s lying he kept it short.  Again, I could vote for this guy.

Hillary is going to be the Democratic nominee for president, but I think Joe Biden is a wiser choice for VP than Barack.  Barack needs weathering, and a better understanding of what it takes to be a player on a global stage.  The union folks for the most part didn’t seem to appreciate her all that much, but they no longer hold sway as they once did.

the debate (the criminy perspective)

July 24, 2007

  Well, that was fun.  It wasn’t a debate.  It was a forum, but thats a semantic thing.  I have a few observations.  Some of them might even come off as intelligent.  We’ll see.

The I look presidential, I sound presidential, and I will be the next president award goes to (someone just shoot me now) Hillary Clinton.  She did look presidential…except for the female and we’ve never had a female president thing  I was pretty impressed by her.  I still don’t like her, but you have to admit the pantyline made her seem more human.  I would bet against anyone that underestimates her. 

Universal healthcare may be the hammer that destroys the democratic party.  How about limiting it to health care for the indigent, children, elderly and handicapped?

The I don’t really know how this works award goes to Barack Obama for saying he would directly meet with Chavez,Castro, Kim Jong Il, Assad, and Ahmadinejad.  Hillary and Edwards we’re quick to jump on the diplomatic faux pas.  It worries me a little that I knew all their names…my memory should be shot by now.

Who I could vote for award goes to – Joe Biden.  He makes sense.  He’s been around the block, he isn’t some rich fat cat looking to pad his fortune, and he’s been serving this country through a ton of personal strife.  I like the idea of partitioning Iraq, since there is no other idea that has any chance of working.  If it wasn’t for his voting record in congress he’d be the man.  I loved “If thats your baby, you need help” and the followup “I hope he doesn’t come looking for me.”  I also like his position on troops to Darfur

The “surprise criminy” award goes to Bill Richardson for not reciting his diplomatic resume no matter what the question was about.

The I not only look crazy I am crazy award goes to Dennis Kucinich for suggesting that people alive today deserve reperations for something that ended 142 years ago.

The I’m in control (anyone remember Alexander Haig) award goes to Anderson Cooper.  This is no Wolf Blitzer.  He handled things as moderator impeccably.  This guy really never looks bad no matter what he is doing, and I can think of a gazillion journalists(sycophants) that need to watch him and try to emulate him.  If you don’t believe me go over to you tube and get a copy of Sean Hannity’s interview with Huffington.  He is the only idiot on the planet that could make her look intellectual.

The whineass award goes to Mike Gravel…even though i really like this guy.  The reason you are not asked a lot of questions is because you are a marginal candidate.  I liked his firm stance on the died in vain controversy.  I know it’s hard to take, but if you die fighting for a cause, and have no affect on future events…then you probably from that perspective died in vain.

I’m not giving chris dodd an award.  I’m just going to say that I was wrong to judge this guy by his behaviour in senate hearings.  He’s lucid, earnest, and has a reasonable vision for the future if you remove all the stupid I have to say this to please my base rhetoric.  Nice job Chris.

minor notes:

I think it’s cute how they all rail against special interests and corporations.  I particularly liked the corporate carbon penalty idea.  What I think a lot of people don’t realize is that the more we regulate our industries, and force them to pay the costs…the less able they are to compete in the global market that these same public officials created.  I know it sounds good, but we are flat getting our asses kicked in global trade, and it’s because the countries that are eating our lunch are not being regulated the way we are.

Bill Richardsons 40K minimum wage for teachers.  That sounds nice don’t it…ok…i have a confession…I’ve been working at my current job since January.  I will make substantially more than 40K this year.  Here comes the good part.  I’m a painter.  I don’t know about you, but I think a society that pays its teachers less than it pays its painters deserves whatever fate hell can dream up for it.

I want to find fault with healthcare for illegal aliens but i can’t.everyone should receive medical attention if they need it, and under current law, believe it or not…you do.  Hospitals can not refuse to treat you.  They can transfer you to another facility, but you have to be treated.  Insured or not.  In theory.

   The gay marriage issue I’m going to do a flip flop on.  It’s not governments business.  I think what Obama said was right.  If churches wish to honor gay marriage thats fine.  It is a civil matter.  I do think that they should have all the same rights and privileges as married couples, but think they should have all the same costs.  Once entered into a civil union they should have to get a divorce to break it, and pay all the appropriate alimonies child support etc that the court deems appropriate .  Thats what I call getting kissed before you get f%$ked.

I thought it was nice of all these wonderful religious people to think it’s okay for people not to be religious, and to think they should still have a voice in our society.  It was very inclusive of them. *smack*

All in all it was entertaining.  Some of it was funny, some of it was sad, some of it was just plain stupid.  A typical presidential candidate forum.

Queen Witch and the Jester

July 14, 2007

  A blog pal just brought me this link, and I thought you folks would enjoy it

   Now I know that Ms. Clinton and Mr. Edwards were only trying to make sure the people got to hear what was important.  Them.  It’s not often you can see two people in that arena with inflated ego’s, especially liberals who are known for their inclusiveness and civility.  Especially at an NAACP event, an organization that opens its arms to all races colors and creeds.

   What rankles a little is that they said it while they thought nobody could hear.  What they should have done is approached the lectern together, and without any introduction plainly stated that they thought having the rest of the candidates speak was a waste of time, and that they would feel better about if the other voices were stifled so that their agenda could be expounded on in greater detail.

  That would have at least showed integrity.  Insteasd they look like a couple of conspiratorial, backstabbing whineasses, which incidentally they have both proven themselves to be.

   If there was ever a more elitist conversation overheard between two more elitist thinking conservative candidates I would love to hear about it.  I hope the voters understand exactly how important the insight this gives them on these two candidares is.  The patriot act is no where near as invasive a violation of our rights as citizens, as their desire to silence their oopponents would be if it were carried out.

 Besides, these two just plain suck.  this is like lesson learned #687 on both of them.


just news stuff….my way

June 27, 2007

so In New Hampshire, you can register to vote as an independent, but only Republicans and Democrats are allowed to run in the state primary.  44% of New Hampshire’s voters are registered independent, making them one of the most independent in the country.  Now if a third party can’t get a fair shake in New Hampshire…?

One more heave for the immigration bill.  They vote again tomorrow on exactly the same bill that was shot down a couple of weeks ago.  We the people have actually exerted enough force to scare the hell out of our representatives up for re-election.  I think this one will go in the win column for the people.  If not…may anarchy rule supreme, and may we all riot in the streets.

Ah yes more gun control.  The issue is releasing gun purchaser data.  Now interestingly enough this would be an invasion of our privacy not unlike the ones in the Patriot act.  Not many liberals are screaming about this one though.  They are the most wishy-washy bunch of turd eaters I’ve ever seen…all they want is to have it both ways.  Looks like it will be shot down….to many rural democrats elected last time that are concerned for their seats.  The democratic party isn’t all that liberal friendly anymore.

Ann Coulter and John Edwards old lady had a cat fight on MSNBC last night.  Ann coulter wishes John Edwards would be killed by terrorists (it was said in a different form, which really didn’t imply she wanted the guy killed at all, but thats the media, and bloggers like me for you…never get it quite right.  I wish Ann Coulter would make her living giving handjobs, and wish Mrs. Edwards would just come out and say if it wasn’t for Ann Coulter her jackass richboy husband couldn’t raise enough money for a cup of coffee.  Every time Ann Speaks they put it in a newsletter and on the web, and beg for funds.

Ron Paul is going to hold a soiree in the same Building as the debate he wasn’t invited to in Iowa.  On the same day.  He is a fiesty little dickens, and like his people say, he’s against raising taxes, and against abortion so its unreasonable for him not to have been invited.

the ultraliberals in charge of the Senate (in this case Patrick “I should’ve been dead 10 years ago” Leahy have subpoena’d more crap from the white house and Dick.  Seems they want to know how much infighting there was in the executive branch over the search warrant free wire tapping rules.  I say….who cares.  My phone isn’t tapped because I’m not a friggin whacko.  I think the liberals just hate the pathetic administration and will try to make a case out of any moronic issue they can.

Rosie O’donnell will be back on Nip/Tuck…good plan…a little real life nip tuck is recommended…also about 18 stitches across her mouth.