Taser….it does a body good

September 19, 2007

   I think weve found the saviour of our society.

    So a loud mouth stands up and disrupts an event.  When assmuffin is appproached by the police, rather than do what any sane person would do under the circumstances (the circumstance being several armed officers approaching an unarmed human equivalent of a three toed sloth), and obey instructions, dimwit decides to play frisky.  Loudly asking what he has done he resists arrest for what seems an interminably long time.

Then it changes to a bitched up plea of “don’t taser me, as he continues to resist.


all over but the cuffing.

I have to say this was a delightful advertisement for the taser.  A bunch of wussyish squealing like a pig, and no permanent damage.  They should do this to virtually all college students.  In fact, I think everyone should be given a taser at birth and be mandated to use it liberally and injudiciously.

It just occurred to me how useful this would be against bad poets.

Your Tax Dollars at Work

July 27, 2007

   I’m curious as to whether this would happen under the constitutional government envisioned by Ron Paul.  I’d also like to know where all of the candidates stand on this issue, and would seriously hope that all of them would state there views publically and for the record.  I know Ron Paul is for smaller government, but is he also for smaller members? I also know that the federal government sends millions of our tax dollars to the states every year for law enforcement.  With good reason.  Heinous crimes like the one in this link are perpetrated every day in our society, and I don’t think we have even scratched the surface of this problem.

   If we can afford to spend Billions on the war in Iraq, The war on poverty, the war on drugs, the war on whatever the hell we want, then I think we should start a new war.  The war on masturbation.  I think this fine officer could be the New Whack-off Czar, in the newly formed Chicken-chokers Enforcement Agency.

   I’m serious.  All you spank monkeys better watch your ass.  We’re coming for you.  Ron Paul is going to nip this shit in the bud when he becomes president.  I envision a new constitutional amendment just for you self-lusting pervoids.   We’re going to put you in the newspaper and let your poor old grandma read about you in between her self-love sessions, and when we catch her she’s going in a cell with you.

I’m ashamed of this article, but I just couldn’t help myself.  You  bone beaters better organize.

I didn’t mention women in this article because women don’t masturbate.