God you suck

September 5, 2007

  Well, Whoopi Goldberg took the chair on The View today, and immediately defended Mike Vick.  Wonder how long it took the producers to come up with this.  Whoopi never struck me as stupid, but her Uncle Tom credentials are a mile long and growing.

Britney and K Fed.  This is the best reason I can find to explain why some parents strangle their children.  With any luck the lawyers will get all their money, and they can live out behind Goodwill in a dumpster.

    This just keeps on being funny as hell, and I intend to wear it out.  The Wolverines suck, and fall out of the poll.

Chinese toy manufacturers, American toy distributors, and everyone involved in the product safety arena suck.  More lead infested toys.  The Chinese are well aware lead makes kids stupid.  So is Mattel, and iunless they’ve been avoiding the news they also know chinese manufacturers have used leaded paints for decades. 

The Gay (fag) and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation sucks.   Now Jerry Lewis has to apologize for a joke?  Fags are obviously to fucking sensitive.  You’re gay.  So what.  You’re fags.  so what.  Get over your oversensitive dick sucking selves.  Most people really don’t care.  I’m not Jerry Lewis, but I am joking a little.  I’m not apologising though, so go find something to lick.

Theo Shaw sucks.  sure we beat whitey down and stomped him while he was unconscious.  Just drop all the charges and let us go on with our lives so we can do it again.v  Asshole

   James Seale and the justice system in the south suck. Sure we killed those young black fellers.  Let us live out our lives, then try us when we’re old and need the free healthcare.  I hate to say it, but I can’t read about the south without snickering.  what a warped pack of  animals  these are.  I’m thinking we should build a fence just north of kentucky, not on the Rio Grande.

  I barely scratched the surface.  Genocide looks really good from over here.