November 13, 2007

   Yep…still here…been busier than an altar boy servicing priests on good friday, and the net is always the first to go when life gets that way.   I just got over my “get Greg Ballard elected because that cocksucker bart peterson won’t get his fingers outta my pocket” hangover.  Kids are great, roscoe rocks, and mollie mooches…all is good in the world.

I’ll write something worth reading in 2036, but i’ll post something sooner here for those who have displayed curiosity.

6 a.m. hateful

August 28, 2007

heard the phrase once in a blue moon?  well,  it’s fucking blue.

and you slept through it.  dipshit

6 a. m. hateful

July 11, 2007

I have an eye swollen shut, I tripped on the gotdam dog, stubbed my toe on the bathrooom door which some idiot hung to swing outward, and I am for damn sure drinking breakfast.

oh, it’s raining.  I want to know which of you is responsible for that?

6a.m. hateful #2

July 10, 2007

  even people I like piss me off this time of the morning.

i have just grounded my sleeping children for two weeks

the rest of you are also grounded.

and no tv, fuckers

6a.m hateful

July 9, 2007

  i wake up fine, but talking about anything before 10 a. m. is a great way to make people despise me.

anyone who is currently sleeping is my mortal enemy.

have great days you sleeping bastards