Just shut up…I know you can read

July 5, 2007

Has it really escaped you folks that Kieth Olbermann, Neil Cavuto, Bill O’reilly,  Lou Dobbs,  Sean Hannity and all the others like them are just reading?  Thats what they do.  You can idolize them all you want, but your time would be better spent cheering on a 7 year old that is having trouble with this endeavor.  these people don’t write what they say.  they just read it.  I’ll grant that this helps employ several undertalented individuals that would be out of work if not for each little demagogues 1 hour a day of scatalogical vitriol, but other than that their contribution to society is an ability to read.

    Of course for the millions of people that can’t think for themselves, that oversimplify every issue in the exact same way that the major news organizations do, these pontificators are the true leaders of our nation.  They are the ones who determine what will be on the agenda.  Lou Dobbs singlehandedly managed to keep the illegal immigration issue front and center day after day on CNN.  You may think ths is ok, but harken back to my original premise.  His only real ability is to read.  He should shape our social agenda?  Kieth Olbermann went on a rant against “24.”  A fictional show that involves some fairly controversial issues, but none the less a fiction show.  Thats the equivalent of you screaming at Homer Simpson.  Yet this man is in the vanguard of the legions that consider the commuting of Scooter Libby’s sentence to be a travesty of justice.  Again, this is ok, but it leaves out the fact that commuting sentences and even pardoning convicted federal felons is the purview of the president, and is nothing more nor less than use of executive privilege.  It’s a minor issue at best, and certainly not one to divert attention from all the major issues facing our nation.  Fortunately, we have that well known dramatic prose reader Kieth to sway the masses off a sensible course.

    Sean Hannity, that paragon of enunciating virtue had built a veritable empire as a result of his ability to avoid the dangling participle.  Even his look screams cookie cutter conservative wonk.  When he reads though people stop and listen.  They then wander out amongst the unaware, and repeat whatever pathological right wing fringe allegation that Sean has whispered in there ear.  He’s not an expert on anything.  He has the same basic knowledge of human events as anyone else has.  The difference is he puts on a suit, has a makeup girl, and reads with a snide little “I’m smarter than you” look on his face.  This may be so, but he is still just reading for a living.

   Think.  Immigration reform, social security and medicare, the war on terror and islamic fundamentalism, are all extremely complex issues.  You could spend years studying economics and still not be able to get this country on a good economic track, yet you so willingly give up your autonomy in the free thought department to people who have never proven to be anything.   Well, they’ve proven they can read.  Outwit them.  Think

on writing

June 30, 2007

I once told a room full of writers that what they did was no big deal. I know several three year olds that can write, I continued, and you don’t hear them bragging about it. Thats a reality. Almost everyone can write. The trick is to write something that people wish to read. Or if you suffer from delusions of grandeur write something that will be considered a classic. That I’m sure would be enough for any writer, but to me the apex is to change the way a society sees itself with what you write.

I once had far more time on my hands than anyone ought to have, and spent much of it perusing volume after unmitigatedly pretentious volume of the great works of western civilization. I will grant you that many of them contained knowledge that no intellectual should be without. They covered Newton, and Kant, Shakespeare, and Twain. From Socrates to Descartes, and so on ad damn near infinitum. I are not an intellectual, and while I know some things about a lot of things, many of these volumes went the way of 9th grade french.

My point. I’m sure I have one. Give me a sec. If you’re a young reader this is where I normally post the warning against marijuana use. Oh yes. Writing. The reason I mention the great works is that so many are missing. I’m sorry, but a few scholarly types at Mercer University shouldn’t get to decide what is great, and what is not. You might be great, but I’m betting the good folks at Mercer have never heard of you. They say Hemingway is great, and while I agree Hemingway wrote great things; I must also point out that he wrote some real crap.

I’m not a great writer. I have read some though. I have a favorites list 12 miles long and expanding on a nearly daily basis. What I think All my favorites have in common is they have the ability to reach inside themselves, and put down on paper that which is only known by their soul. I can give oodles of examples, but the only one I wish to point out at this time is Harlan Ellison.

Ellison was once read on virtually every college campus in America. Now he’s probably known more for having his name at the end of the Star Trek credits. Harlan is not a classic writer. His sentence structure is worse than mine, (god forbid), and his casual acquaintance with the theory of punctuation can be maddening as hell. What he does do well though is feel. He has more anger in his little finger than most people have in their extended family, and it rolls across the paper in great crashing waves of chaotic vitriol. Reading his stories is like stepping into quicksand, and the life or death struggle to climb back out again. I have caught myself literally not breathing as I read, and come to the end with my lungs gasping for air. I have sat and considered what I read for longer than it took to read, and still found myself troubled to the very core of my cynical, misanthropic being. That is a great work.

My point is don’t over-think everything. Sometimes if you just open up the closet full of skeletons that is the soul you will find a treasure trove of beauty, rage, love, hate, angst, and all the other wonderful things that make up a great story.

But what the hell do i know. Keep writing. Luck is probably a factor, too.

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