Fred Thompson Smokes Ron Paul

July 28, 2007

  No word yet on whether he also likes a big fat stoagy time to time.   Another straw poll has been taken, and this time Ron Paul was not the victor…In fact he and the rest of the field barely showed up.  Fred of course is a southern boy and the poll was taken in the south.  Wait, Ron’s from Texas..that’s pretty much south.   Well, Fred has gone both ways on the abortion issue….oh wait.  Ron Paul has done that to.  I guess maybe He just got beat because everyone isn’t so easily swayed to his way of thinking.  The deeper we get into this thing the less wins he is going to have.  This will probably result in a premature effort by his pauliacs to overthrow the government.  I’m thinking if he succeeds Fred would like it if he made imports from cuba legal.  Nothing like a cigar rolled between thelthighs of a virgin.

oh, here’s a link so that you pauliacs don’t find it necessary to come tell me what an idiot I am.