The Ron Pauliacs revenge

July 11, 2007

   Boy, I’ll never point out another chink in the armor of the American messiah again.  Was I ever laid waste.  They smote me from the left, and then they smited me from the left, and then I was even smitten by…wait.  thats a different post.  The Pauliacs reared there verbose heads at my challenge to explain the NAFTA Superhighway flip flop.  They were in full glory as the pointed out the following

 “he voted against his earmarks in the final bill”

“doesn’t I-69 already exist in Texas”

ouch.  Those hurt.  Bad.  Most of them failed to get past the first link because it was probably obvious that their fair haired boy had done an oopsie on this one.

    It’s ok though.  With the exception of a rare minority, they can’t accept that he can be wrong too.  They didn’t want to accept that he voted public funds to subsidize offshore oil exploration.  They didn’t want to accept that he votes both ways on abortion.  They didn’t want to accept that he tries to subsidize the shrimp industry, and that he uses earmarks to purchase votes.  They’d rather say something incredibly bright like “so does the other guy.”

Can we say NAFTA flip flop to gain support from rich Texans boys and girls?

   Let’s go with I’m right, you all are wrong on this one.

news, the troops, Ron Paul, and money

July 2, 2007

   Hey scooter…no walls for you, brother.  George came through in a pinch, and despite the political ramifications.  you have to love the gnashing of teeth from the liberal side.  Can’t wait for a trip by white noise insanity.   For a little reality check…whens the last time some washington hotshot was guilty of perjury and obstructing justice?  was it Bill Clinton?  I think it might have been.  Further, what sort of vendetta did the judge have against scooter?  When’s the last time a washington D. C. type white collar criminal get ordered to jail before the appeal?  Scooter still has a lot of punishment for the next year or so, but just to spread joy to my liberal fans, remember, the last month George will do what Bill did, and the commuting will become the pardoning.

   Ever look around at work and see all the people that are whining?  What percentage do you think have an honest ill will about the way things are done?  So Isn’t it incredibly impressive the very low number of G.I.’s who come home from Iraq, and complain about their lot in life?  What a courageous bunch these people are.  A bunch of kids who probably didn’t know what they were getting into, and a pack of middle aged reservists that probably thought they’d never do anything tougher again than a round of golf.  I was a marine, and I’m not easily impressed.  These folks get my undying respect.  For those  that want to hide behind “I’m against this war so I’m going to run.”  You knew that you didn’t get to choose when you signed the contract.  The word is coward.  At least own it.

    8 people arrested already in the London/Glasgow terrorist attacks.  Its nice to actually catch them alive.  How do you suppose MI5 got the answers out of these guys so quick?  Bad tea?  Loud music?  I’m betting it was a hell of a lot more coercive than that, and while its hard to support torture, In a case like this I think its right to do whatever you have to do to get the information that may save lives.

Wow is Barack having a great week.  Not only did he receive the most funds, but 1/3 of them came through online donations..thats likely voters folks.  I’m pretty sure everyone but Hillary and Barack are all but dead in that horse race.  Watch for at least 3 of them to fold within 10 days.  Barack is looking good right now, but they’ll hit him hard on issues he may not be equipped to deal with.  His experience is meager, but then George Bush has a lot of experience with illegal immigration being from texas, and look at the hatchet job he’s done with that.

On the conservative side, McCain and Brownback are dead.  I think Ron Paul will hang in because his support base is online and it isn’t expensive to reach them.  The problem is they can’t get him elected.  Like I said yesterday, only one vote apiece when it counts. So you’ll have Ron Paul, Rudy Giuliani, Mitt Romney, and Fred Thompson duking it out on the right.  Who orgasms at the thought of a Ron Paul/Barack Obama slugfest?