Questions on Barack

   I’m not going to make this long because othr than the hyperbolic excellence I’ve been witnessing lately Barack really doesn’t incite my interest.  A question though for all of you that say there isn’t a race issue

Would Barack be where he is if he were White?

If you said yes you are stupid or a liar, which do you prefer?

5 Responses to Questions on Barack

  1. max says:

    Would McCain be where he is if he were black?

    Silly Criminy. It is impossible to separate a person from his or her ethnicity and gender. This does not mean a person is comprised only of his or her ethnicity and gender or that either must overshadow a person’s accomplishments. Merely that ethnicity and gender is, for better or worse, part and parcel of who a person is. Trying to take it away and say, See, take a part of this person away and that person will no longer be who or what he or she is is so obvious it fails to really have meaning as an argument.

  2. hi Max

    that was sort of my point. The press and mainstream media talking heads are so afraid to touch the topic if the question comes up you can literally watch the fear overcome them. The fact is he’s black, Hillary is a woman, and McCain is a very old white fella. These facts affect the decisions they make. You can’t seperate them from it.

    good to see you

  3. max says:

    Well, it is a historic event this is the first time in recorded history the press has implied being a black man in America could be beneficial to a candidate in an American presidential election.

  4. hismuse says:

    None have piqued my interest. Fake smiles, unoriginal thoughts, every idea probably has been test marketed before they ever utter a word. Each kind of like a formulary summer blockbuster, if you get my drift.

    Sorry to hear about your fingers Criminy-hope they are getting better.

  5. Fine..fine, but if you ask me – Barack doesn’t have the goods…

    He’s like the 21st century version of Jimmy Carter – and we all know how well that presidency turned out.

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