Some Observations on The Political Front

   Well, Mitt Romney has thrown in the towel.  This probably proves that on the right he was the best candidate for the job.  He knew enough to depart without pissing good money after bad, and that’s a lesson all our politicians would be well advised to partake of.  You kind of had to feel for the guy after West Virginia.  I mean, what was done there was a do over.   Put in football terms, after the Huckabee Patriots got their asses handed to them by the Romney Giant’s, They called the McClain scumsucking lying geriatric fuckwits (kind of lost my football motif their, but you get the idea) and borrowed a couple of linebackers and a running back.  The refs allowed this, and with more men on the field Huckabee beats Romney.  What kind of a halfwitted system is that?  I know in-breeding is common in Appalachia, but I had no idea the incest ran into their politics.

   The biggest problem for conservatives with Romney getting out of the race is simply he had the only chance left of beating McCain.  Romney at least won in states where a Republican could be expected to win.  I’m all but certain McCain isn’t going to win the presidency if he is counting on New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, and California to get him there.  I’d Have to say based on his moribund track record as a conservative a lot of Republicans won’t be wasting much time come November 4th.  They’re already showing this with a poll count tht is less than half that of the democrats.

   Speaking of which.  After years of trying to get out the black vote they have finally accomplished it.  Not only are they voting in droves, they are voting almost in lock step for Obama.  I think this is cool.  Everyone should participate, and all we had to do was make it color coded.  Shoot, an oreo cookie could’ve beat George Bush had we only known.  Scrape off the cream baby, if it ain’t all brown they won’t vote.  Pardon my obvious racism here, but is it unseemly to note that only guys like Hitler, Stalin,  Hussein, and Ahmadinejad enjoy an 88% popularity at the polls with people of their own race?  Before you climb that podium fuckwit, I’m not comparing him to any of them.  He is far less prepared to lead than any of them we’re upon seeking the highest office in their prospective countries.  If you’d like a comparison I’d go with Jimmy Carter.  Nice guy, incredibly intelligent, and so far out of his league that he well might have been the worst president in the 20th century.

   While it may have been her last good night in awhile, Super Tuesday was fun for a couple of reason for Hillary.  Can you imagine the joy at campaign hillary when they won Massachusetts in dare I say it….a landslide?  Apparently Ted’s powerful endorsement wasn’t exactly that.  It’s nice to see him out and about, and so pale he can’t be on the planet much longer.  I don’t mean to walk on his grave or anything, but what a grand day it will be when his expiration date is realized.

   A couple of other notes…wasn’t Missouri awfully close considering again that Barack had all the endorsements that matter their?  Is there any state left that Huckabee can win?  The answer there is decidely and resoundingly no.

   All the rancor and vitriol aside, the democratic race is shaping up to be a real slugfest.  I can’t picture Hillary Going quietly into that good night, and Barack has proven to be an astoundingly successful candidate considering he doesn’t have any experience, and his platform is still incredibly scant on detail.

  I left out Ron Paul.  Reason being is his irrelevence.  Which hasn’t changed since day one, as previously stated to many times to ocunt here.

8 Responses to Some Observations on The Political Front

  1. I think you’re my brother from another mother, because I JUST compared Barack with Georgia Jimmy the other day in conversation.

    I really don’t get Barack’s appeal. That said, I think he’ll make a great VP…but don’t get a boy in to do what is obviously a woman’s job.

    Go Hil.

  2. And when I say “boy” – I don’t mean it in that racist way…just the inexperienced way…

    Had to clarify…

  3. conundrum says:

    >>>What kind of a halfwitted system is that? I know in-breeding is common in Appalachia, but I had no idea the incest ran into their politics.

    It is that absurd caucus concept that is such a ridiculous waste of time and has made people give a crap about what the Iowans think.

    btw – please note: it was not the geriatric West Virginians who masterminded this machination – it was the crooked politicos who invaded WV that day.

    I’m just saying don’t blame the naive or stupid victims for being manipulated. Huckabee probably told them he prayed for an answer and that is what God told him to do.

  4. when you allow robert byrd to hornswoggle you for 50 years con, my sympathy tends to dry up.

  5. conundrum says:

    Oh contraire Crimmy.

    Senator Byrd’s hornswoggling is against everyone but the West Virginians. He brings home the bacon like none other.

    When you live in the heart of poverty-stricken Appalachia, someone who brings in tons, and I mean TONS, of federal dollars and well-paying jobs, that my friend is absolutely not hornswoggling the hometown folks.

    If you haven’t guessed, I did grow up in the beautiful state of WV and no, no, no I did not marry my sister or my cousin and neither did anyone else in my family nor did we live in trailers with enormous satellite TV dishes out front.

    Hate Senator Byrd for his excesses in the Best Congress Money Can Buy but don’t ridcule the people who knew they had a good thing going.

    On this perhaps we will agree to disagree.

    And no, I never voted for the man.

    God I love your thought provoking blog messages. Thank you.

  6. i understand his appeal ms.mix…what I wonder is if that trainwreck to the nomination he has headed downhill will slow enough to see his downside. It never happened with Carter, and we saw 4 years of utter incompetence.

    con…yeah, the hilljacks did ok with that race baiting, jew hating, homophobic cocksucker I must admit….doesn’t really excuse the prostitution though

  7. conundrum says:

    >>>race baiting, jew hating, homophobic cocksucker

    It is so hard to find legitimate (by that I mean legal) targets of bigotry these days.

    It seems the homo’s are the only legal targets left – well except for the illegal aliens but they are illegal so that really doesn’t count, does it?

    Those damn diversity loving liberals have just about ruined the country….I’m sure you know that is screaming sarcasm.

  8. uberfrau says:

    I love B.O but I have made the Jimmy Carter comparison more than once-I voted for him, and would vote for him-but yeah….Carter. On the other hand, so much of being a good president is surrounding yourself with really smart people-which I think he would be good at. There have been equally inexperienced people elected who did a fine job.
    Who knows with Hilary? I have yet to see any evidence that she would be any better.
    And McCain? Could he go through an entire year without saying something completely insane?
    Whoever is elected is going to be a one term president-Recession/war they cannot end/inflation

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