we hold these truths to be self evident

   I’ve been wandering into Ration Reality  playing pissoff the assclown for the last couple of days.  For those of you who have never been, ‘they’re an eclectic bunch of turtle herders that aren’t real gentle on sacred cows.  When they’re done picking on fat people they start in on whatever else is within striking distance.  If it is likely to offend it is probably there, but the site is more than that.  It’s also gauranteed to make you laugh, cringe, or lose IQ points.  I personally enjoy the hell out of it.

     Pissing off the ass clown was really quite simple on this occassion.   Basically I started with a comment about bitchslapping that garrulous old fuck McCain, and moved on to a quite simple claim that we are making a mistake in the middle east, and a short, basic explanation as to why.  My mirth knew no bounds as this troglodytic miscreant started spewing the bush party line.

   Are there really people left out there that think the war in Iraq serves a valid purpose?  That it makes us stronger freer or safer?  Apparently one, but if there are more of you I’d like to hear what you have to say.  I think you’re a fucking idiot, but I love hearing what people opposed to my opinion are thinking.

while you’re at it, I mentioned about 8 months ago that inflation waso ut of control, recession was just around the bend, and Pakistan was the most important powder keg on the planet when it comes to our security.  Your opposing viewpoint on these issues is also welcome.


7 Responses to we hold these truths to be self evident

  1. micky posted a comment but it was stupid and irrelevent so I didn’t put it up

    feel free to try again..stick to the subjects

  2. micky2 says:

    I’ll bet the guys you left behind feel the same way I do. The majority believe in what there doing.
    Some think its worth getting shot at.
    So you dont have to act like your pissy little views are the cornerstone of reality.
    But of course any blogger with any dignity would let his readers determine if what I said was irrelevent or not.

  3. i was over in 83…many of them possibly do. I differ with you mainly in that i don’t see a good ending…win lose or draw

  4. they are the cornerstone of my reality. Just as yours are for you.

    this was a better comment by the way

  5. “gauranteed to make you (…) lose IQ points”
    I love that you spelled that wrong.

    And we love fat people! When the world ends, we’re going to need all that cozy warmth their hollowed out bodies can provide.

  6. micky2 says:

    My whole point was that I dont think it has made us safer “yet”
    And that we were not there to do anything but set up shop and watch these monkeys.
    Iraq must be stable, Afghanistan needs to be the same. This is the procedure in process.
    What you are saying is like asking the dentist if hes done yet while you’ve still got a mouth full of shit.

  7. hi bagel…to say nothing of the fact that you can make more meals out of a fat thigh than a skinny one

    micky…where we differ is that I don’t believe we can force stability. I also think we’re squandering assets that are likely to be needed in the future

    on the plus side, medical advances in prosthetics are likely to leap forward

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