my impending demise

    I wasn’t bored, merely inquisitive.  what a huge mistake that was.  I now know things I have no desire to know.  I just went to what a rousing mistake that was.  I now know i have only 690,000,000 seconds to live.  If you want to know what year that is so you can plan some festivities you can just break out the abacus and figure it out on your own.

   time to make a list of things I can accomplish in 690,000,000 seconds I guess.

5 Responses to my impending demise

  1. mdvp says:

    I checked it out, it gave me two different dates wth the same settings, both mean I’ll die under 60. Maybe cause I said I was a pessimist.

  2. mdvp says:

    Yeah, I could have practically made it to the next century if I were an optimist. Maybe I should try to look at things from an optimistic point of view… Screw that, it’ll never work.

  3. you? a pessimist? perish the thought.

  4. mdvp says:

    Yes, everyone is always surprised when I tell them I’m very pessimistic, I’m so bright and cheery all the time.

  5. well, self assured and pessimistic seem antagonistic, but I suppose not

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