6 a.m. hateful

While I sit here with thoughts of tied up tuesday tickling the back of my brain, I find it surprisingly difficult to be hateful

 one of you speak.  I just know if someone speaks I’ll get it back.

I just remembered what I’m doing today

thou shalt not kill….wanna bet

thou shalt not kill….wanna bet

thou shalt not kill….wanna bet

the voice in my head is being a pussy today

5 Responses to 6 a.m. hateful

  1. My understanding is that the proper translation is closer to “thou shall not murder”.
    Jehovah is hardly the cuddly God many wish to believe he is.
    Kill Kill Kill!
    The bible is more violent than Black Hawk Down.

    I often think of the scene in Boondock Saints (I’m a violent movie fan, can you tell?) where DeFoe says “They aren’t angels! Angels don’t kill people!”

    The hell!

  2. I wish that Dave Z, who just placed a comment beneath my latest post over there at the antisocialist, found it so difficult to be hateful. You will find that exchange amusing, dawg, I guarangoddamnteeit.

  3. hello bagel…at 6 a.m. as long as there is death involved I’m good with it. I just watcched boondock saints the other day…its not a favorite, but its always worth a look. I like the way they manage to get you thinking Irish folk drink. Talk about a mindbender

    hi anti- you were correct…your response was absolutely delightful

  4. JanieBelle says:

    Heh. She may have been tickling your brain, but she had tickling duties of quite another sort for me this morning.

    I hope she helped your day begin with a little sunshine…



  5. hi janie…yes she did….s..y’all are quite a pair

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