I was rummaging around

  and realized I haven’t upset anyone in awhile.  I mean really upset them, and it makes me feel like i’m not doing the one thing I was placed on this planet to do.  That being said….

My best friend growing up was a lesbian.  I didn’t know she was a lesbian, and I’m pretty sure since we slept together a time or 6 she didn’t either.  Once we were grown we were still friends, but we stopped sleeping together.  She told me things about when she was growing up that I had never known.  Her step-dad was one of those sick fucks, and without going into details should’ve been taken out behind the barn and shot.  He had 5 step daughters.  Anyway, I went to hang out with her and all her lesbian chums In Virginia Beach.  Oh, she was in the navy at the time.

   Each of the young ladies in her little don’t ask don’t tell clique seemed to have stories much like hers.  They were all very nice people, and i had a very enjoyable week.  On the last night I was there they took me to dinner at a bar restaurant called Reflections.  It had a bit of a gender bender type crowd.  The best looking gal in the place was this really nice guy named Scott.  I pride myself on being able to be plopped down anywhere and thrive on whatever happens.

   I did.  It was a very good night. I met a lot of freaks.  they met the personification of mentally deranged straght, and a fine time was had by all.  The food, I had shrimp alfredo, was terrific, the booze flowed as it was supposed to, and i think I danced with at least three human genders, and maybe a couple of aliens.

  Afterwards everyone went to their respective homes, and we all got together for the big sendoff the next day.  4 of the young ladies showed up for my departure with black eyes.  It’s quite possible that their upbringings had nothing to do with the sexual orientation choice, but i’m betting it had something to do with the relationships they were in being abusive.

That’s right…i wrote about something personal, and about lesbians.  If you aren’t mad yet, remember.  I have the whole weekend.

oh, I’m not a lesbian

12 Responses to I was rummaging around

  1. mdvp says:

    That’s so inspirational… not to mention completely messed up.

  2. it takes a lot of stories to make up nearly 45 years. i don’t ever have to write fiction…life is quite screwy enough

  3. Conundrum says:

    Ain’t it wonderful to have a whole sh*t load of diversity right here in the good ole US of A? I adore it.

    btw- I absolutely love it that you reply to comments. Max does too…sometimes.. and that is nice too.

    It is so…interpersonal.

    What do you think of the kid on the verizon fios commericals?

  4. hi con…here is your chance to inform. I have no idea what you are talking about. *s*

  5. It’s amazing what our pasts can do to create who we are today. My dad was an abusive alcoholic who used to beat the crap out of me and that’s probably why I’m really not into men. Who knows? If he’d been a sensitive and kinder man, I might have become a homosexual — or, at the very least, a semi-straight choreographer.

  6. i give my parents no blame and lots of credit. Where I’m a mess its my fault.

  7. Sounds like you had some good parents. Congrats. I hear you about the “mess” part being all ours. That’s what growing up is all about — accepting responsibility for the jerks we are.

  8. my dad was kinda like the one you described when i was young. He kicked the habit, and quit kicking my as so it was all good. He’s my best friend these days, and his counsel is a guiding light in a world full of dim bulb shitheads.

  9. My dad was on the downward spiral of stopping the abuse but his heart gave out before he could turn into a human being. He had moments, though, and that’s more than some people get. Besides, he was on the receiving end of a mentally deranged father himself so I guess he just followed the family path.

  10. I’m sorry about your pops. We all have free will, and choose what to do and not as per our parents teachings…thank god

  11. Conundrum says:

    ….hi con…here is your chance to inform. I have no idea what you are talking about.

    Oh, sorry. It is a series of commericals on tv about a million times a day here in DC and I kind of assumed they were running it nationwide since Verizon is pretty much nationwide. This 5 year old boy talks with the technician installing fiber optics for service in the home and the tech tells the kid techno-geek stuff that the kid then repeats to his bemused/befuddled father. The commericals are amusing in a way.

    I’m one of those guys that thinks commerical are some of the best stuff on tv…I know – that is a fairly low threshold.

  12. hi con…they likely are nationwide. I’m one of those folks that seldom even turns the tv on. I’ll try and view one of these though. I always like a befuddled dad chuckle

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