Because you asked

  I’ve been told Its hard to figure out where I stand politically.  A lot.  I’m not that hard to figure out.  what you do is take a basic amount of common sense, a strong desire to leave other people to hell alone, and an even stronger desire to be left alone, and you have my political viewpoint.

I should end this post right there, but then I’d have people praying for roscoe to chew my nads off , and we can’t have that.  So what I’m going to do is list some things I feel strongly about, why I feel that way, and maybe even ad lib a little..just for a change of pace.

Abortion.  I think this is the issue rolled out every four years to incite the masses so that we can get a whopping half the people in this country to vote.  I am neither for nor against.  I do not have ovaries.  what I am for is letting a woman choose what to do with her body.

Gun control.  very important.  If you don’t have control you may not hit what you’re aiming at, and I’m very anti-miss on that.  I think guns are inanimate objects, and therefore should not be legislated against. I do however believe that because people are so incredibly messed in the head that it should be a very difficult process to get a gun.  There should be medical and criminal background checks, including fingerprinting.  there should be at least a 30 day waiting period, and each state should have a “gun board” that deals in nothing but approving or disapproving gun purchases.

Healthcare:  I believe there should be a safety net for those who are not able to work, and I believe that if you have the wherewithal to hire people you should have the wherewithal to insure them.  If this means controlling the cost of insurance I’m ok with that.  Lets face it, demanding that we carry auto insurance causes car insurance to go up.  If the government is willing to force prices upward they should also force prices downward.

foreign policy.  Its hard to negotiate when you’re the toughest dog on the block.  you’d rather just bite the bastard that’s pissing you off and get it over with.  I think the use of our military globally should be a last resort, and when diplomacy fails and it is used we should use it without mercy.  If it’s worth going to war over it is worth doing the “terrible swift sword” thing, and annihilating the opposition.

Immigration.  Unlawful immigrants should be detained and removed without prejudice.  they should be able to have a hearing to seek political asylum and then should be sent home.  Legal immigration should be open to anyone without regard to need,  ability or ethnicity.  A lottery would work fine as far as i’m concerned.  We make issues like this harder than they are.  has anyone sought to grant amnesty to the millions of americans who went to prison for crimes against property (versus crimes against a person)? Nope.  They let them carry that label for life. So why give amnesty to people that come from elsewhere illegally?

Voters rights.  This one is the cause of all our problems.  I don’t think just anyone should be allowed to vote.  I think you should be required to pass a test.  Voting should never be a right, but rather a privilege for those who take the time to understand what is going on.  Don’t hand me crap about to expensive and to time consuming.  The Bureau of Motor Vehicles could administer the test along with your driving test.

Gay Rights.  I’ve known a lot of gay people.  they act just like hetero people…except for the whole sex thing.  This one is simple.  they should have the same rights as anyone else, including marriage.  What do I care if rosie wants to marry Paula Abdul? or If Ron Paul wants to marry Henry Gibson?  I don’t care if you marry a panda as long as you keep your hand off my ass without my consent

political corruption.  This should be treated like a cop who commits  murder.  They have been put in a position of trust, and if found guilty the punishment should be fair firm and impartial.  Loss of all benefits should be part of the punishment, and the sentence should reflect the feelings of society at large…in other words if they embezzle tax payer money the sentence should be the same as if they embezzled funds from a company. If a congressman wants to go there and do nothing ala Ron Paul then the voters have the choice to get rid of him…thats not a crime.

sex crimes.  I love the registry, but I think we need to go further.  I think the deth penalty should be an option on the second offense, and no less than 20 years in prison on the first. I know its a disease they say, but a lot of this type of diseases can be cured with a bullet through the medulla oblongata.  No mercy for these sicko’s that destroy others lives, and to be honest they should start by imprisoning the judges who make light of sex crimes…and there are a lot of them.

Diet soda.  It should be outlawed.   No questions asked, and the people who produce it should be taken into the town square and be flogged until they are unconscious.  All diet soda’s taste worse than …well…anything else.

Corporal punishment.  I am for.  If you get caught stealing a good asswhipping in front of the townspeople will  probably discourage that behaviour in yourself and those who view it.  We spend to much money on incarceration when flogging would be inexpensive, and quite likely more effective.

capital punishment.  I’m okay with it if the case is a prima facie case.  No other case should even have it as an option.  Certainly not a circumstantial case.  Here again though it should be public.  Let everyone see exactly what happens when you kill your wife, or nanuk at the convenience store.  Deterrance hidden behind walls is not deterrance.

this isn’t everything, but it makes a nice starting point.

21 Responses to Because you asked

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  2. Anita Marie says:

    Criminy for President.

  3. woohoo…another member for the grape party

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  5. mdvp says:

    Get ready.

    1: Okay. But other people’s bodies? The fetus is not part of her. It is only attached to her and this is usually her fault to begin with. She has the responsibility to at least bring it into the world. And by no means should she or a physician harm it.

    6: Surprising myself, I disagree. I thinlo you should have an IQ above, say, 80 if you’re going to vote, but really, I don’t want anything like that. There are too many complications. Maybe a basic American government test, but you can’t expect even most people to really know much about anything. I think Republicans would win though, because they’re the current party that the Average Joe loves to hate, so I’m spiting myself by standing up for rights. God, I feel all noble and crappy now.

    7. Marriage is a right but voting isn’t? I’m all for equal rights civil unions. But marriage as we know it is really a religious tradition. If a gay couple demands a religious marriage because of a gay rights law, I’m going to kill someone.

    10. WOOT! I agree 100% It’s all screwed up, the whole thing, diet Pepsi tastes better than diet Coke, it’s like McDonald’s tasting better than burger King, not that I’ve ever eaten at either of them.

    11. Flogging and incarceration sounds good, or an entertaining mix of both.

    12. I’m with the Pope on this one, surprisingly enough.

    There. Now you’ve had a very unneccessary look at my views.

  6. ok, “usually her fault” might get the nasty ball rolling…we disagree here.

    voting is far more important than marriage you screw up a family…when you vote you screw up a nation

    gays are just people..i can’t see discriminating against them as a matter of government policy..if the church wan’ts to be bigotted then let them.. I believe the LA diocese paid out 660 million to cover for pedophile priests, but they have a problem with gay marriage..that was absolutely unnecessary, but still kinda funny to think about your expression.
    this is interesting. I went to a little hamburger shop that opened up..thought it wass a local guys have mcdonalds to? Does it have a big yellow M?

    i am surprised. about 12…

  7. mdvp says:

    Bigoted… Millennia of tradition down the drain because S-P’s decide to come up with their own new culture where moral values and nature are bigoted. You enjoy being a pain in the arse, do you?

    Please, please tell me you’re not serious about McDonald’s…

  8. tradition: something that we continue to do no matter how wrong it is. I don’t care what you want to call it…they should have all the same rights as a married couple.. Hey, why not call it same sex marriage?

    about which part of the mcdonalds question? the big yellow M? I’m serious…its huge

  9. mdvp says:

    Wrong in your secular progressive moral relativity drug induced opinion. 🙂 J/K But seriously… Man+woman, it’s only nature. Think about when society needs the bare essentials to survive. No gay people then. It’s our permissive morally relative sub-culture of liberals and S-P’s and grape party members (that’s right, I’m starting to suspect them, all five of them.) screwing stuff we’ve been doing and believing since God knows when because of their fweelings. Go ahead, right it up, just don’t impede our religious tradition because you want to be married, have a civil union with equal rights…

    Sorry for the rant. No I’m not on second thought, you’re probably very amused now, aren’t you.

    And you know what I meant about McDonald’s. How could the food suck so much if it weren’t a chain resturaunt?

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  11. max says:

    Back away from the diet soda, Criminy.

  12. sobiop says:

    The government is not competent to assess sentience so I’d have to vote no on that but for more reasons as well.

    My womb, my choice. I don’t even entertain arguments about how I should handle its contents including occasions where I impregnated myself.

    Diet soda should not be banned, it should be made to test better!

    ….you’re funny sometimes.

  13. whoa…an attack on the grape party…isn’t that how the mainstream people are..j/k

    mornin MD

  14. and yeah…amused all to hell…its 6 a.m.

  15. no way Max. Its the antichrist of taste and it has to go


    sobi: thank you..i agree…funny strange maybe

  16. Conundrum says:

    hey crimmy

    I’m pretty much with you here.

    Not about the diet coke though – I love my caffeine sugar-free, cold and with bubbles.

    I’m with you on the gay marriage issue. How does it harm or diminish the straight couple’s marriage if the gay couple next door gets married? Seems that the divorce rate has disproved the “sanctity” issue. Oh, and the not intended by nature argument – nature intended the survival of the fittest but we provide wheel chairs for people who can’t walk to make it to the food store so they can survive. Nature intended diseases to kill us off but we provide medicines and surgeries to save those lives and defy nature.

    I’m a bit mixed on the capital punishment – I think rotting away the rest of my life in a prison cell would be worse than death. But that costs so much taxpayer money to support them. Maybe they should have to pedal stationary bikes all day to generate electricity that the prison can sell to offset the expenses…not sure if that is cost effective.

    The bitterly anti-abortion people drive me nuts. I think it would be unacceptably cruel to force a woman to complete a pregnancy caused by rape and/or incest. Who would want to endure that? Plus when politicos of that ilk are asked what would they do if they found their dear daughter had an unwanted pregnancy? They would leave the decision to the daughter…the same choice they wish to deny to all other women…wait…that’s called a hypocrite isn’t it?

    Thanks for the post. I guess I am one of those ignorant slobs who is provoked into thinking by what you write and I like that result.

  17. hi con…you don’t seem ignorant, but i get some of those as well

    except the diet soda issue. *s*

  18. max says:

    Politics comes down to two things.

    1. Leave my diet soda alone.

    2. Did you vote for Bush.

  19. nope….3…are you voting grape party ticket this go round

    hi max

  20. Conundrum says:

    Well, thanks crimmy. I prefer not to be thought of as an idiot but we are all ignorant of one thing or another.

    Ya know, much like the authorization to drive a car and vote, another thing that should require a license is becoming a parent. Too many fools have children and inflict them on the rest of us. I’m just saying…


  21. I agree, but I’m not sure how to legislate procreation…how would we enforce it?

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