not really newsworthy

   Lets start with tonights debate.  The spin machine is pumping out what a new and different thing the You Tube debate will be.  Ok, tell me how?  Because “you” are asking the questions.  Lets look at that.  Over 2000 clips have been submitted according to CNN.  Obviously, they don’t have time in two hours to ask 2000 questions.  How do we pare it down?  Well, lets have CNN’s editors do it.  Out of 2000 maybe 30 will be used.  It’s not much of a stretch to imagine that the 30 will be those that CNN wants asked.  The only input you have is whether you wear a silly hat, or hold your stupid fleabitten cat while you ask it.  This is the first debate sanctioned by The Democratic National Committee this election cycle.  What to expect?  I think John Edwards and Barack Obama have to be more aggressive.  Edwards because if he doesn’t he is dead, and Barack just to show that he is capable of it.

   I wonder which $2000 suit wearing reject allowed the Republican debate to be held in September?  Seems to me something real serious is going down in terms of Iraq that month, and it is likely to turn the Republican debate into a free for all.  Which is good for the viewers, and for Ron Paul, but it sandbags the hell out of the hawks on stage.  If I we’re Giuliani, McCain, and Romney I’d be mad as hell.  Why?  Well, do you think much is going to change in the next month and a half in Iraq?  Yeah, me either.  The Republican governors say its no big deal that their isn’t a front runner.  They may be right.  Conservatives are notoriously tight with their campaign funding until it shakes out, meaning they’ll be lots of money for the stretch run, and the geneal election.;_ylt=Ag.2ypj8XxumGruFLpERpQgL1vAI

   Have you paid your “support dead farmers” tax?  In a 7 year period over $1.1 billion in subsidies was paid to dead farmers.  The U.S. Department of Agriculture pays out over 40% of claims without any review process at all.  In most cases they rely on the farm corporations to inform them of a death.  They say staff shortages and competing priorities are to blame.  Another government agency tossing your money out the window, and generally to people one hell of a lot richer than you.   Don’t believe me? Read the article.  They’re spending money you could be putting away for your childs tuition to subsidize giant farm companies worth millions.

I was reading this and started doing the math.  .09 cents is 3%.  That means you now pay roughly $3.00 for a cup of coffee?  Oh man, you deserve to be bent over and rammed by Starbucks.  That’s pretty much the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard.

Obama, Osama, and Chelsea’s Momma?  Well isn’t that clever.  I can understand Mitt’s argument.  He isn’t responsible for his followers, and during photo ops you can’t really stop and check every sign.  Further, this is kinda funny.  Still, if you’re Mitt Romney, you might not want to give anyone any more reason to wonder about you.  I know the Mitt fans are going to hate that comment, but he’s on decidedly thin ice anyway, and I see no reason to hand the guy with the gun some bullets.  The Mormon vote can’t get him elected, so he might want to make sure and not alienate “others” with stupid photo op tricks.

Lil Wayne and Ja Rule got arrested Sunday night on weapons charges.  Lil Wayne also got zapped with drug charges.  I really have to know.  What is with hip hop stars these days? Do they think they’re in the NFL?

You may not like him, But nobody packs a punch in publishing like Harry Potter.  The latest book “harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows sold 8.3 million hardcover copies in the U.S. in the first 24 hours.  That shatters the old record of 6.9 copies of…yep, The Half Blood Prince.,2933,290346,00.html

The worst flooding in 60 years in Great Britain.  I’m not surprised.  Al Gore has not done enough to stop Global Wetting, and now you see the consequences.  Had he not spent so much time inventing the internet this tragedy could easily have been prevented.

whoops…i bet this guy supports gay marriage now. This is pretty funny stuff. His wife got licked, and he got stuck.

9 Responses to not really newsworthy

  1. Anita Marie says:

    The one thing you can count on is that people ask the same questions over and over again.

    The Candidates know it and they can count on it.
    So why jump through the hoop?

    This is just a ‘sexy’ way to get people involved…and donating money and blah, blah blah. Plus there’s always the good chance someone COULD botch it so bad they’ll take themselves out of the race.

    With that in mind…

  2. oh, i’m about to go watch…it beats some slatterns idea of a sitcom

    thanks for coming by aneeeeeeetaaaaaahhhhh

  3. “The Mormon vote can’t get him elected, so he might want to make sure and not alienate “others” with stupid photo op tricks.”

    Want to bet? You don’t know how deep our secret Mormon Conspiracy goes!

    Besides, I can see how the sign might actually appeal to many – especially those right-wingers that Romney needs to win over.

  4. hi prac…this tickled me…and i learned on the debate tonight that marginally funny is more effective that sound, serious, and intelligent

    thanks for coming by

  5. whazzup says:

    I’m beginning to think you don’t like some people.

    I’m not sure why that occurs to me.

  6. hi whazzup….not so. I like almost everybody. If for no other reason than they entertain the hell out of me.

    thanks for stopping in

  7. whazzup says:

    Watching TV this evening (I know, it is mindless drivel but I can’t pleasure myself 24/7, now can I?)

    Anyway, I’m left with the question, is W smarter than a 5th grader?

    On a separate note, there was a nifty editorial in major newspapers on Sunday about the abolishment of the draft changing military service from something that affects all Americans regardless of wealth into one that overwhelmingly affects the lower income groups.

    Based on the Vietnam era and the military service of Mr. Bush (43) and Mr. Cheney, it seems like the well-to-do were effectively exempt even then.

    What say ye?

  8. whazzup says:

    What is the time zone of your blog? I am curious because there is almost no way that it is 1:36 AM in any part of the United States at this point in time.

    I’m just wondering.

  9. I agree whazzup, but in point of fact its been this way since the civil war. While many in the higher tax brackets went to world war I, II, and Korea, the last war where it was the elite leading men into battle for America was the civil war.

    all the dems decided women should hace to register for the draft, but none of them think a draft should be utilized….wonder why?

    eastern time zone, btw

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