the debate (the criminy perspective)

  Well, that was fun.  It wasn’t a debate.  It was a forum, but thats a semantic thing.  I have a few observations.  Some of them might even come off as intelligent.  We’ll see.

The I look presidential, I sound presidential, and I will be the next president award goes to (someone just shoot me now) Hillary Clinton.  She did look presidential…except for the female and we’ve never had a female president thing  I was pretty impressed by her.  I still don’t like her, but you have to admit the pantyline made her seem more human.  I would bet against anyone that underestimates her. 

Universal healthcare may be the hammer that destroys the democratic party.  How about limiting it to health care for the indigent, children, elderly and handicapped?

The I don’t really know how this works award goes to Barack Obama for saying he would directly meet with Chavez,Castro, Kim Jong Il, Assad, and Ahmadinejad.  Hillary and Edwards we’re quick to jump on the diplomatic faux pas.  It worries me a little that I knew all their names…my memory should be shot by now.

Who I could vote for award goes to – Joe Biden.  He makes sense.  He’s been around the block, he isn’t some rich fat cat looking to pad his fortune, and he’s been serving this country through a ton of personal strife.  I like the idea of partitioning Iraq, since there is no other idea that has any chance of working.  If it wasn’t for his voting record in congress he’d be the man.  I loved “If thats your baby, you need help” and the followup “I hope he doesn’t come looking for me.”  I also like his position on troops to Darfur

The “surprise criminy” award goes to Bill Richardson for not reciting his diplomatic resume no matter what the question was about.

The I not only look crazy I am crazy award goes to Dennis Kucinich for suggesting that people alive today deserve reperations for something that ended 142 years ago.

The I’m in control (anyone remember Alexander Haig) award goes to Anderson Cooper.  This is no Wolf Blitzer.  He handled things as moderator impeccably.  This guy really never looks bad no matter what he is doing, and I can think of a gazillion journalists(sycophants) that need to watch him and try to emulate him.  If you don’t believe me go over to you tube and get a copy of Sean Hannity’s interview with Huffington.  He is the only idiot on the planet that could make her look intellectual.

The whineass award goes to Mike Gravel…even though i really like this guy.  The reason you are not asked a lot of questions is because you are a marginal candidate.  I liked his firm stance on the died in vain controversy.  I know it’s hard to take, but if you die fighting for a cause, and have no affect on future events…then you probably from that perspective died in vain.

I’m not giving chris dodd an award.  I’m just going to say that I was wrong to judge this guy by his behaviour in senate hearings.  He’s lucid, earnest, and has a reasonable vision for the future if you remove all the stupid I have to say this to please my base rhetoric.  Nice job Chris.

minor notes:

I think it’s cute how they all rail against special interests and corporations.  I particularly liked the corporate carbon penalty idea.  What I think a lot of people don’t realize is that the more we regulate our industries, and force them to pay the costs…the less able they are to compete in the global market that these same public officials created.  I know it sounds good, but we are flat getting our asses kicked in global trade, and it’s because the countries that are eating our lunch are not being regulated the way we are.

Bill Richardsons 40K minimum wage for teachers.  That sounds nice don’t it…ok…i have a confession…I’ve been working at my current job since January.  I will make substantially more than 40K this year.  Here comes the good part.  I’m a painter.  I don’t know about you, but I think a society that pays its teachers less than it pays its painters deserves whatever fate hell can dream up for it.

I want to find fault with healthcare for illegal aliens but i can’t.everyone should receive medical attention if they need it, and under current law, believe it or not…you do.  Hospitals can not refuse to treat you.  They can transfer you to another facility, but you have to be treated.  Insured or not.  In theory.

   The gay marriage issue I’m going to do a flip flop on.  It’s not governments business.  I think what Obama said was right.  If churches wish to honor gay marriage thats fine.  It is a civil matter.  I do think that they should have all the same rights and privileges as married couples, but think they should have all the same costs.  Once entered into a civil union they should have to get a divorce to break it, and pay all the appropriate alimonies child support etc that the court deems appropriate .  Thats what I call getting kissed before you get f%$ked.

I thought it was nice of all these wonderful religious people to think it’s okay for people not to be religious, and to think they should still have a voice in our society.  It was very inclusive of them. *smack*

All in all it was entertaining.  Some of it was funny, some of it was sad, some of it was just plain stupid.  A typical presidential candidate forum.

37 Responses to the debate (the criminy perspective)

  1. Harold Snodgrass says:

    I think it is a disgrace that the people who shape our national future through education are often the most poorly paid in our society…even more odd that it takes so much investment in educational degrees to even get the job.

  2. our public education system is our national disgrace. Nearly 40% of the children at my sons high school will never earn a degree. It’s not in a ghetto, or an impoverished appalachian state. It is a run of the mill, suburban school.

    No child left behind gets a lot of crap, but accountability is necessary, and I don’t see anyone else venturing a better plan.

  3. Conundrum says:

    >>>Universal healthcare may be the hammer

    I was reading earlier today about a theory to provide preventative care to all Americans as a way to decrease the abuse of emergency room care when routine problems reach critical proportions.

    I must say the idea makes sense.

    As is so often the case with good ideas, there was no proposal on how to pay for it. I wish there had been so I could jump on that bandwagon.

  4. Harold Snodgrass says:

    Hey – I grew up in an impoverished Appalachian state and I managed to get a college education.

    I’ve read that Washington DC has the highest per pupil cost in their public schools of any school system in the country. It is neither poor appalachain nor otherwise fiscally deprived.

    I think you are onto the crux of the issue with a requirment for accountability.

  5. Hi Con so bounce this around for me. Why not, since so much of education can be funded with grants and such, require new doctors to spend two years serving the public good? They are going to have a wonderful life, which they’ve earned, btw. A little public service time is not a bad thing. In exchange for that two years of service…wipe out their student loans. It wouldn’t have to even be two yeears…make it 2 days a week spread over 5 years…same with nursing…public service has to come back in this country…i agree with chris dodd on this…it would cure a lot of ills

  6. along with accountability comes renumeration though. I know the best teachers are the ones that do it because they love it, but thats no reason for a painter (me) making more than they are. Our fiscal priorities are way out of whack when it comes to education. Administrations are bloated organizations of overpaid bureaucrats, while teachers are on the edge of poverty. I wasn’t knocking appalachia…i was merely making the point that the problem is everywhere in our society.

  7. Conundrum says:

    public service to compensate for education?

    Yeah. that works for me. My father’s nephew went through medical school on a program that required him to spend 3 years as a navy doctor.

    He did so. Then he went on to have an excellent career as a oncological surgeon. The point being the navy had an excellent doctor for 3 years in the process.

  8. The military hospital where my first child was born was an excellent facility, and many of the medical people there were trading the service for an education. There is no reason the same program couldn’t apply to society as a whole

    you make a lot of sense, but i’m still accepting my rejection by you with aplomb and dignity

  9. Conundrum says:

    >>>you make a lot of sense, but i’m still accepting my rejection by you with aplomb and dignity

    Sorry but how have I rejected you? I’m missing something evidently.

    I thoroughly enjoy what you write and even when I may fail to grasp the irony or cynicism, I still learn something.

  10. you’ve already forgotten your refusal to marry me when i hadn’t asked? *L*
    now i find myself praying it was you and not some other conundrum because then i would feel stupid…course its my blog i can be stupid if i want to

  11. Conundrum says:

    Oh, that rejection.

    You never really loved me and I’m shallow so I’ve moved on.

    I might reconsider if you tell me about your paintings. Frescos like the last supper? Portaits like the mona lisa? Walls like the side of my house?

  12. nope

    plenums, and baghouses, and smoke stacks and bridges anddraft lines…

    i’m an industrial painter, but i can draw a mean stick figure if you spot me the head

  13. Harold Snodgrass says:

    Do you think we could persuade Hugo Chavez to immigrate to the US and run for president as a member of the “ME” party?


    Maybe we could get Anderson Cooper to run as a member of the “Assumed to be gay party”. At least he is visually appealing on television – and he seems to be intelligent.

  14. I”m not sure Harold. I’m not willing to just accept Hugo though. I’m willing to trade Wolf Blitzer, Sean Hannity, and two draft choices for him though.

    Anderson I haven’t really paid a lot of attention to. So many of CNN’s storylines for his show are sensationalized to much for me. I thought he did well tonight though

  15. Conundrum says:

    “Oh baby – you can paint my plenum anytime” she said to the hunky painter at the end of the bar just before she fell face-first into her industrial sized mojito.

  16. naw..if you were wasted you would want to think of me as The hunky industrial coatings specialist…so that i would seem larger than life…

    you’re quite funny….glad I didn’t have a mouthful when i read that

  17. Conundrum says:

    >>so that i would seem larger than life…

    I’m not good with larger than life – I suffer from “prerennially undersized affection-ism”.

    If I really wanted larger than life I would go for Drew Carey now that he has been named as the new Bob Barker for the stupid price i$ right

  18. they took Drew? I had no idea. I’m not into larger than life either. I do like ” has own address”

  19. Conundrum says:

    According to Dave Letterman, they took Drew.

    Personally I was hoping for Rosie – now that would be special. I can’t really put my finger on it but somehow I think she could have brought excitement and controversy to Plunko that the country has never seen.

  20. I don’t think rosie was really considered. If she was I think she was smart enough to know that wasn’t her forum. I want her to get Alan Colmes job on the hannity and colmes show…that would be special

  21. Conundrum says:

    I would really like to see Rosie paired with Ann Coulter in a wet t-shirt contest or maybe mud-wrestling…oh hell – a jello shooters contest.

    Now we’re talking a fun saturday night in beautiful downtown Butt Scratch Montana. Yee Ha!

  22. thats funny…and wierd…i posted that i wanted to see them married and having a love was in one of my not news pieces

  23. Conundrum says:

    It is no wonder to me that you hate 6 am if you are carrying on with this silly blog stuff about Rosie at 4:05 am.

    When do you pretend to sleep? while you are hanging from your ankle on the side of a baghouse at the top of a 500 foot smoke stack?

  24. thats greenwich mean time…its about midnight

  25. Conundrum says:

    Oops. sorry. I thought someone asked you about the time zone and you said eastern. I didn’t realize that isn’t the time as shown on the posted comments

    Duh moment here.

  26. i hare eastern time…i live in the midwest. It’s wierd being on the same time as east coasters.

  27. Harold Snodgrass says:

    >>>The gay marriage issue I’m going to do a flip flop on

    Be very careful with this flip flopping or those MD&VP people will associate you with Senator Kerry and the swifty boaters.

  28. chuckle…i’ve been doing some soul searching and some reading, and i happen to believe changing your mid about things is called using your intellect…plus, MDVP drinks latte, so were even

  29. Harold Snodgrass says:

    >>>i happen to believe changing your mid about things is called using your intellect…

    oh for the love of god. another damn intellualista.

    If god meant for us to “think” and change our minds he would have made all of us women.

    And then where would we be?

  30. i almost expectorated my coke…nice harold…I’m telling your wife, and if you don’t have one when you do I’m telling her.

    that was just funny…mind if i steal intellualista?

  31. Harold Snodgrass says:

    >>>mind if i steal intellualista?

    opps – maybe intellectualista

    consider it a birthday gift to Roscoe.

  32. Conundrum says:

    >>>The hunky industrial coatings specialist

    Crimmy – If I might impose on you for one more question in this thread, I’ve never known a specialist in your field of hunky industrial coatings. Would you indulge me with a bit of education so I could recognize your work product or your peers at work?

    Here’s the thing – When you are engaged with your medium, would the result be scenic like a waterfall cascading down a smokestack or an engaging Paris sidewalk-cafe street scene on the side of a gasoline storage building at a tank farm versus something more along the lines of a clean minimalist monochromatic approach using basic colors like grey or puce, maybe a festive aubergine?

    You are so thoughtfully intelligent and creative with your blog, does this flow from your professional life or vice versa?

  33. JanieBelle says:

    i’m an industrial painter, but i can draw a mean stick figure if you spot me the head

    I’m always willing to spot a guy a little….



    Seriously though, I have a boatload of family stuff goin’ on, and couldn’t catch the debate.

    Thanks for the recap. You didn’t mention Edwards much, how did he come off? Any major plusses or minuses?


  34. hi janie. I’m sorry to hear about your aunt, and hope the situation is improving.

    Edwards. He came off very strongly against special interests and lobbyists. That always gets a good reaction. He had a little trouble with the gay matrriage issue, but when you legislate civil issues, and are a devout christian you are bound to. He did state that he is for civil unions. I thought he came off well. I just don’t buy into it when people start talking down the people that have bought and paid for them in the past.

    He did have a great moment. He told the audience that if anyone wasn’t going to vote for hillary because she was a woman, or barack because he was black….then “I don’t want you to vote for me.”

    very funny on the spot a guy a little…. comment..

    sincerely, hope things are ok with you.

  35. hi con…no problem, and i’ll shoot for brevity, but fail miserably.

    I have tried to be a minimalist. I use only coatings that are approved by the EPA and configuring to local VOC guidelines. As for hue, I’m in the process of eliminating all colors that are not part of the OSHA arsenal of safety colors. Meaning safety red yellow orange blue white black and green. I have found that I also require Hemp for the baghouses, and barbie pink for the toolbox of whichever millwright entices my ire. The toolboxes are normally red, but I feel that is only a guideline, and pink works well too.

    My professional life flows from a desire 6 years ago to remove the shackle that was holding me to a desk in my managerial career. It’s worked wonderfully. I like heights, don’t mind hard work, and I can spend the whole day doing my work while wandering aimlessly about in my under utilized brain.

  36. JanieBelle says:

    Thanks for your kind words and for your take on Edwards.

    I’m a little iffy on Edwards because he’s a little iffy on the equal marriage rights thing, but he was very forthcoming about that in an interview not too long ago. He admitted his personal bias, and seemed to acknowledge that his bias was a flaw and came across as open to the idea that he was wrong about it. His wife has publicly stated that she disagrees with him on the issue and I think over time she’ll bring him ’round.

    I blogged about it a while back, but don’t have the link handy just now. My mind isn’t really operating on all cylinders at the moment.

    In this one case, it’s not a deal breaker for me, surprisingly enough.

    My personal view goes something like this:

    Marriage has its roots in religion, mostly true enough for this discussion. But when it comes with civil benefits we have to make a choice – either it reverts to a religious exercise without any legal or civil ramifications, or it retains its civil status as well, but is equally open to all Americans. The minute we say (as we as a nation have) that we are granting civil benefits to some but not all Americans on a religious basis, we are violating the establishment clause of the First Amendment.

    It’s either religious and has no civil weight, or it’s civil and religion gets no say-so.

    While I have in the past given the benefit of the doubt and supported “civil unions” as long as they carried the exact same benefits/ responsibilities/ consequences as marriage, the recent news out of New Jersey with insurance carriers and employers refusing to grant equal status to civil unions despite the law of the state proves that separate is most definitely not equal. I was terribly disheartened to hear that, and I will no longer support the separate but equal civil union laws.

    Just my tuppence, worth what you just paid for it, I guess.

    Kisses, and thank you again for your kind words about Aunt Helen. Unfortunately, the bad news keeps rolling in like waves on the ocean. On the good side, she actually seems to be feeling better, despite the fact that the medical outlook gets bleaker by the day.

  37. there is something that seems almost cruel about the feels better, but getting worse thing. My mother passed from cancer, and toward the end we learned to just appreciate the times when she felt better…i wish you all the best.

    I hadn’t heard about the situation in New Jersey, but I will find it and see whats going on. Seperate but equal just doesn’t even really sound right when you reference it vs. american history, though, does it?

    thanks for coming by Janie…rest

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